Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year

Happy Wishes.....

Well, Dear Readers, Another year has almost gone.... Where Did it Go??? And What did I get done this year? These are questions I have been pondering recently, and I have No answer for Where it went! As for What got done.... the answer is Not Much in the way of building or making minis! But in retrospect, I think I will have to declare it the "Year of The Cloud Palace!" Between the arrival of three new Fairy Bear residents last Winter, necessitating the construction of an additional Tower for the Palace, and then the arrival in the Summer of the Visiting Fairy Bears who were on their way to my sister's Hope Cottage, it seems as though the Fairy Bears and the Cloud Palace Adventures filled nearly all the blog and Mini-making Time! And what Adventures they were! (Let me assure you that this is not a bad thing!) And along the way there were a few delightful creations....

Like the Cloud bed for Sweet Pea which is tucked into the gable of the Cloud Palace....

And the one for Blue in the Lookout Tower.....
(Alas, Lady Lavender's is still not finished...)

And the Kitchen got an additional oven 
so that Hamish Harry could bake delicacies for the Bearys.
As well as being stocked with some essentials!
The Guard Tower itself is still far from finished!
As for Other Projects.....
The Willowcrest saw a burst of effort on the windows 
early in the Summer.....
but still is waiting for a great many details to be done 
before I can even attach the walls!

This picture is from before the windows were glued in....
but the house is "assembled" but not glued together!

And The Castle Great Hall Ceiling 
got a tiny bit of painting added in the Summer...

Starting the border with the everyday people below the Saints....
But that seems to have been the last work done on the Castle Hall!
Still a Long way from finished....
Oh, those Patient, patient Saints!

And Waaayyy back in the Spring there was a flurry of tiny flowers...
Really Really Tiny flowers.... and not many of them either!

Like this Squill that popped up in the cracks beside the Conservatory...

And the snowdrops too!
But I did not get any more work done on the Conservatory foundation.
And Nothing at all got done on Rose Thorne Cottage or The Folly.... 
or the Tree House!
Could it Really be a whole year and more since I worked on the Tree House?
(I am really wanting to continue with the Tree House!)

So, Dear Readers, I Wish to get more Construction done this year!

I don't know how I will accomplish that...
but I am Hoping that I will be a little more organized.... 
and a little less distracted by RL challenges!
Maybe I will even make better progress with the Stories 
that you are so Patiently waiting for...
Daphne and Renee have So much to say!
But Before I leave you, Dear Readers, 
I Wish to show you my Christmas Card for this year.... 
(Mom, don't look if your card has not arrived yet!)

It took a great many hours of painting!
It is watercolor and pen and ink.
The size is 8 and 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
It is a memory of a Christmas from my childhood, 
surrounded by vignettes from the current year 
inside the letter "U" which makes the frame.
Remember to poke the picture to see it larger!
I Wish it was not so Late in being finished....!
So Dear Readers, With that I close another year 
and Wish you All
a Wonderful and Happy and Productive New Year!


  1. Hi Betsy,
    What a wonderful Christmas card. Lucky family and friends to receive such a personalized card.
    Have a great New Year . I look forward to seeing more on your houses.
    Regards and best wishes Janine

  2. Votre année 2015 a été très créative Betsy, je souhaite que cette nouvelle année le soit autant pour notre plaisir à tous.
    Meilleurs vœux!

  3. Beautiful card! (**)
    Happy New Year!!
    May it bring many good things in your way :)
    Hugs, Irina

  4. What a beautiful painting! AS for me you are the person who did most of bloggers last year. :) And I still can't wait for more!
    May this new year bring you happiness and a lot of time to construct even more fab houses!

  5. I wish I would have achieved as much as you last year... What I really admire about you is the ability to run so many projects at the same time and never losing the eye for any detail. You really got a lot done last year... and let's not forget all the many wonderful stories you told giving so much joy to your readers (and I can really tell a story myself how time-consuming this is). Your card is once more beautiful and you won't be surprised to hear it touched my heart to discover my fairy bearies on it... the arrival of the trio... the fairy sister's quest for the Cloud Palace together with the little Dreamers... but above all in the scene where Buttercup and Marmalade are watching you and your sister crafting along... ;O) Happy New Year to you and yours!


  6. So many projects - so little time! I'm amazed that you can get so much done when there are so many things to work on. I can only plod along with one project at a time, ever, so I'm filled with admiration for your versatility. Thank you for posting your beautiful Christmas card. Have a wonderful New Year!

  7. I don't wish you more houses, as did The Old Maid. Her heart is in the right place, but...
    I do wish you more serenity, and quiet time to work on your projects.
    Late tho it was, the card is wonderful. I now understand the whole thing - Pat did, immediately. It pairs with the one you did a couple of years ago, which brought many a tear to the eye.
    Much love, stay warm, stay safe.

  8. To a productive new year indeed Betsy! Maybe you haven't done nearly as much as you would've liked, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (and every step is one that brings you further in the journey). Every step, however small is a step closer to a result. And I've enjoyed the process and progress and stories a lot, so I say a job well done! And wow, what a beautifuly painted Christmascard, that is so amazing and lovely! And with a beautiful thought, the memory of your childhood christmas, I love it!