Monday, December 18, 2017

Another Teeny-Tiny Tree.....

Lost In The Details Again...

Some of you, Dear Readers, might be aware that this is the time of the year that I am trying to draw my Annual Christmas Card, a process that always takes me longer than I think it should, and that I have been doing for more years than I care to mention! It is a tradition that I can't bring myself to ignore because the drawing always includes images of my life during the past year, and has become a bit of a Journal of the Family through the years. (If you wish to see previous years' versions, they are listed in my side bar under "Christmas Card"!) So It is currently on my drawing table, being carefully worked on in all my spare moments... or almost all of them! I will admit that it will be Late again this year, in spite of my early start and my best intentions! Part of the problem might have to do with the Incomplete nature of The Secret Christmas House kit which I have been working on much of this year! One might suppose that this House would be included in this year's card..... if it were only finished enough to draw it correctly...! So which should I do first.... draw the card with an unfinished "Christmas House" or finish the House and draw the card Later.... possibly much much later? Well, while we ponder that question endlessly, I will confess that On a recent "Snow Day" while I was home from work because of a snowstorm, I decided to see if I could make one of those Tiny little additional pieces for the Secret Christmas House that were not a part of the original kit. I am sure not many people would think there was anything missing from the Dining Room as the kit was designed. In the above picture you can see all the parts in place (temporarily of course) and I have to admit the back right hand corner of the room looks very empty to me! I have been wanting to make a Tiny "carving table" ever since I noticed.... and really ever since I decided that the table needed to have plates and a basket of rolls and possibly a platter with a roast on it.... Where would the roast fit? So I started to build a Tiny carving table.....

From toothpicks and cardboard....
You will have to be patient here... it really looks rough...

And I wanted it to have wheels.... 
so it could be rolled in from the kitchen....

It looks a little better with a coat of paint!

And then we have to test it in place in the Dining Room 
to see how it fits..... with the covered platter too!
(It took me ages to find the piece of trim in my stash that had these
 little metal half moon pieces!)

Then I had to add the table to see if it all would fit and still be visible....
But the carving table was not done yet....

It needed a handle for pushing it and a cloth to catch spills!
And then I Know you will think I am just procrastinating, Dear Readers,
 when I should be just getting on with the Christmas Card... 
on this Snow Day...
But there was another Little something that I thought I needed
 that wasn't part of the kit...
 and might not take me too long to make....

I thought the Library needed a ladder... 
(How else was one supposed to reach the books on the top shelves?)
I made it from cardboard. 
I know, it looks rather crude.

It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be 
to make it appear even and level and well spaced...! 
(Don't look too closely!)

Then I decided it needed to be shorter.... 
so it wouldn't overwhelm the library! 
I trimmed a step off the top.

Here I am testing the arrangement in the Library...
Well, it is a small room!
And then I decided the ladder really needed 
to have some Christmas decoration....

So I made another Teeny Tiny Christmas tree to sit on top!
But by now it was night and the snow was deep outside....
 Had I really spent all day on just these two little pieces? 
(Well, I did make Some progress on the Christmas card... 
but I can't show you that!)

Here I am testing the carving table in the Dining Room again.
But I couldn't even finish gluing these pieces into the House
 because there were still a few missing details...!
(Which I couldn't get to until the weekend.)
I thought there should be a carving knife and fork on the table...
I hope you can see them here....
I know... you can barely see them on the table, 
tucked under the edge of the huge platter.
But yes, I will know they are there!

And finally, it is time to glue the Dining Room furnishings in place!
The carving table goes first at the back of the room.

And then the two chairs on the far side of the table....
This is harder than you would think... 
they only get tiny dots of glue on those tiny chair feet...!

And while I am waiting for the glue to dry thoroughly on each piece,
 I am also adding a couple of books to the Library...
On the steps of the ladder... 
waiting to be re-shelved after the Holidays!

You can see them here.... 
just colored paper with cardboard for the pages.

And I glued it into the back corner of the Library!

And the Globe too... positioned where it can be seen behind the table....

With the glue still visible on the table legs!

And now the desk chair..... glued in place!

And the Dining Room table too....!

No I have not gone Nuts with the gluing... 
This was so I could glue the chandelier to the ceiling!


And the last two chairs in the Dining Room!
Oh my! Can we call this room finished?

And the second chair in the Library! 
Is this room done too?
Which brings us to the Parlor, Dear Readers....

Where there are undoubtedly a few details still to add...

Like a firescreen for the fireplace....
(I would not want embers to roll from the fire!)

And now it too is glued in place!

And is it time to try the Christmas Tree in the room?
I assembled the printed paper tree as the instructions say. 
It has "branches" cut from the cone 
that bend out to make a more three dimensional shape.
The kit instructions suggest embellishing the tree 
with more beads and ribbons and glitter... 
but I am thinking there needs to be more than
 just a little "embellishing" done!
O dear.... I wonder where this Tree will take me?
And with so little Time left before Christmas....?
Well, Dear Readers,
 I may have to make one more Teeny Tiny Tree....
And Doubtless, I will get Lost in the Details!
And as for the Christmas Card....?
I'm working on it!


  1. Cette petite maison devient de plus en plus merveilleuse et incroyable, vivement les journées de neige qui vous permettent, chère Betsy, de continuer les travaux. J'attends patiemment de pouvoir contempler votre cartes de vœux de nouvel an.

  2. Oh such gorgeous work! I love your fireplace with the stockings and the tiny little tree! And that ladder for the library with its trimmings looks wonderful.

    Good luck with your Christmas card!

  3. Hooray... another post with my most favourite Betsy-saying of all times!!! All is well if at least Betsy knows something's there... and we too! *LOL* You've achieved so much on this snowy day - the carving table and the ladder are fantastic additions, only you could come up with these brilliant pieces, they add so much to the realism. And decorating the ladder with a tiny Christmas tree was the right decision, if I had such a ladder I would for sure place a Christmas tree on its top. And chapeau for your courage to use the glue and fixing the next rooms. But now forgive me two things I need to tell you being your blogfriend: You should replace this paper tree - it looks totally odd together with all the fantastic and realistic tiny decorations you've added, I would say it has a cheap look, like someone would like to but can't do it... I guess you know what I mean. And the second one - you need to work on your card! *grin*


  4. What a fantastic idea to add the carving cart! It turned out so great, and again, I am just amazed by how tiny the carving set is! The little ladder was also a stroke of brilliance, as not only can the little residents reach the high books, it offers another display opportunity for amazing little holiday decor! It's so adorable!

    Maybe instead of a Christmas card, you could re-brand it as a New Year's card. That way, you can illustrate the past year and what you look forward to for the coming year. AND, it will give you an extra week to complete!

    With all that gluing, you must be so close now! Looking forward to the BIG Reveal!

  5. And I agree with you (and Birgit ;O) that even if we can't see it, it's important to know that something's there... Oh my, Betsy, you've done it again, making teeny, tiny things :). I think it's best that more snowy days will appear there where you live.
    The carving table, Christmas tree, books and the ladder are fantastic additions, everything looks so life-like. You didn't just making a ladder, no, it had to go with a teeny tiny Christmas tree and booklets on the steps!
    I bet that glueing in all of these teeny tiny pieces of furnture gave you alot of sweat in the palms of your hands ;).
    In a previous blogpost you told us to be honest and I see that Birgit has commented that way, so I will too. I must fully agree with Birgit that you should make another Christmas tree. This paper one (of the kit) looks indeed a bit 'cheap', sorry Betsy, but I so hope you'll understand what I mean...?
    And last but not least, please, don't forget to work at your Christmas card of this year. Ii's always a beautiful work, I hope you'll show it to us here?
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  6. Don’t you feel like you are making a big commitment when you glue stuff in? I sure do! All the new details are amazing, as usual, and have really finished the house off. Can’t wait ti see the Christmas tree or the card!!

  7. Te ha quedado un comedor genial. Feliz Navidad .Besos:-)

  8. I am in awe! As I usually am when visiting your blog. Your carving table is soooooooo tiny and yet so great! And the ladder too. I admire your precision and dedication in this tiny scale.
    Have a Merry Christmas and may 2018 be filled with wonderful minis and love, health and abundance in the real world.


  9. That dining room is just amazing! It looks like my Grandmother's dining room - you can picture the antique plates & sterling knives & forks; wow! Yes, I think you should go ahead and make another Christmas tree - that little house is going to be a jewel!

  10. You are making this house better and better. I may be repeating myself, but your little additions give it so much depth and interest. I love the serving table with all the detail. It is a perfect addition to the dining room. It's amazing how much detail you manage to create in this small scale. The fireplace with the Christmas stockings is just wonderful!

  11. Dear Betsy! All I can say is You're Amazing! The extra details in the dining room i.e. the serving cart with the covered platter is INCREDIBLE! What a perfect addition and it makes perfect sense!
    Love the ladder and the books and tiny tree on it but the stockings on the fireplace are my second favorite thing after the domed serving platter.
    This is a microscopic house with BIG Visual Impact and I'm on pins and needles to see the next TINY BIG THING you'll do! :D


  12. Hello, Betsy - The carving table for your dining room is such a great idea! That corner was crying out for just that piece, and I'm so glad that you could hear the cry, even though perhaps no one else did! Of course, you also added that perfect finishing touch of the domed serving platter and the impossibly small knife and fork set. I still cannot imagine how you made those pieces! I'm definitely partial to the library ladder with its tiny tree and especially the stacks of books - bravo for adding those tiny touches! And a second BRAVO for the addition of the gorgeous fireplace screen and the cozy hanging stockings. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed teeny tiny tree in the parlor - and all the other exciting teeny tiny details! You're creating such a lovely Christmas setting in this Teeny Tiny House.

  13. You have been a great dining room. Merry Christmas .besos :-)

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