Monday, December 11, 2017

Wrapping Presents......

Bows and Tassels...

One of the Tasks on the List of things to do in order to complete the Mother's Bedroom in the Secret Christmas House, Dear Readers, is Wrapping Presents! There is supposed to be a stack of them tucked into the corner under the eaves behind the beautifully upholstered Wing Chair! I am sure you will think it silly that I was Surprised at how slow a process this was! The kit comes with a series of wooden "boxes" to wrap and includes a selection of tiny printed wrapping paper.

Here you can see the papers and a couple of the "boxes" in various stages of wrapping. 
(The gold foil is my own addition... I wanted a "shiny" paper as well!)

I started with the largest boxes.... 
assuming they would be easier to master 
the techniques of wrapping teeny tiny gifts!

And then I started on a smaller one.... 
you can see it here glued to the corner of one of the papers.
I decided not to wrap the bottoms of the "boxes" 
to save paper and trouble!

Here it is "wrapped"!
And then I decided I wanted to see 
how it would look tied with ribbon.....

I am using the same "gold-lamme" threads that I showed you last week.... 
I discovered that I could make them curl like real ribbons 
by running them carefully across my fingernail!

Which makes it easier to glue the "loops" to make a bow!

And while I was waiting for the glue to dry....
I also added a tassel to the Dining Room cupboard doorknob....
 because it just looked too bare without it!
(This is just a raveled end of knotted thread...) 

And testing it in the Dining Room....

And then I glued both it and the sideboard in place!
(I know, this is a shocking amount of progress!)

And when the "tiny" present was finally done gluing....

I put it on the chair in the Sitting Room..... 
and suddenly it doesn't look quite so tiny!
But I think it adds a lovely spot of color to this room!

And then, Dear Readers, 
I decided I needed to make a (large) small basket...

Using the wire edge of some gold mesh ribbon...
 glued to some card and then cut apart....

And painted a dark brown burnt umber.

Here I am testing it in the Mother's Bedroom.... 
it will nestle under the eaves in the back corner.

Of course, it will have spare blankets in it... 
because these Old Houses never have enough storage closets!

 I am very pleased with how it turned out, 
even though it will not be very visible 
when the chair and gifts are placed in front of it.....
(But I will know it is there!)

Here the stack of gifts has been added....
I put a gold foil wrapped one on top for added sparkle!

Then I glued the chair and footstool in place!
I only managed to get a few presents wrapped, Dear Readers,
 And only tied one with a Ribbon Bow....
But I do think those Bows and Tassels 
 are worth the trouble!


  1. Your neat and tidy gift wrapping and ribboning of those microscopic gifts earns you a Well Deserved- 1O out of 10!!! :D


  2. Betsy, you wrote that you made a "shocking" amount of progress, but it really is alot of progression! Oh my, wrapping those teeny tiny gifts will have taken all of your patience, you've even made a ribbon bow on one of them and you've done it excellent. Regarding the gifts under the eaves, I think the same way: you can't see it, but I know it's there ;O! Excellent work again, I can't wait to see more of the inside of this tiny Christmas House, it's so exciting!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. I am always admiring in front of these little things!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    The gifts are beautiful. you did a really great job wrapping those tiny boxes. I think adding the gold paper was a nice touch. The cupboard looks lovely in the dining room and the basket is just beautiful. This project is just so charming and so full of Christmas cheer. I love it!
    Big hug

  5. Dear Betsy, A miniaturists - in your case that title is truly earned - indication of true commitment - glueing something into place!
    Waiting for the next mini madness.
    Regards Janine

  6. Oh, the gifts are lovely!!! The project is wonderful :-)

  7. Me encanta el progreso de tu pequeña casa, los regalos fantásticos.Besos:-)

  8. Hooray... a post coming along with my most favourite Betsy-saying of all: "But I will know it is there!" Yippiieee... *doing-the-happy-dance* And I really was in need of this most happy moment because the beginning of your post frightened me. Yes, I was afraid you were not feeling well, being in trouble... I mean... no paper at the bottoms of these boxes??? Huh??? *buahaaaahaaa* But without any more fooling around (eh... I'll try my best...) - once more you've made awesome progress. We all can imagine how time consuming this is... but the result is totally worth it: Special stunning Betsy-touch everywhere! And adding the gold foil was a brilliant idea... ;O)

    Birgit (who hopes the card is getting along very well... and wonders if we are going to see the cupboard's tassel on the drawing of the Christmas house... *teehee*)

  9. Wow they sure are tiny and beautiful presents, especially the one with the bow! You are right, the effort is worth it as ‘the devil is in the detail’!

  10. Gluing things in! That means you're getting close on this lovely and delightfully detailed project! It's all looking so cute I can hardly stand to look at it without letting out a little squeal!

  11. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! My jaw dropped to the floor! I'm shocked by your work !!!! Betsey is SUPER! Everything looks great.

  12. Wow! I need a better word, I suppose, but WOW! Those tiny gifts are perfection. :D

  13. So cheerful and pretty for the season!

  14. Hello, Betsy - Whenever I see the words "and then I decided" on one of your posts, I know that I'm in for a creative treat of one kind or another! This time there are so many treats: the tiny, beautifully wrapped gifts - (and a bow!) - the ingenious blanket basket - but my very favorite is that teeny-tiny tassel on the dining room cupboard doorknob! That is perfection - so elegant and unexpected. I love it! This house is so far beyond any expectations that I had; what an absolutely wonderful project!

  15. You must love torture! LOL! I already have trouble with 1/12 scale gift bows. You did it! The gifts look great. And the house is superb!
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Just WOW! At that scale? Wrapping gifts? So amazing!