Monday, December 4, 2017

Ribbons, Threads, Yarns......

All Wrapped Up.....

Every Now and Then, Dear Readers, a comment from one of you casts a clearer light upon these tiny creations and makes me look again... and then Revise the item in question! In this case, it was my Dear Mother's question about "what that blue snake-like thing draped on the bed that looks like a misplaced vacuum cleaner hose" was supposed to be, that made me accept that the green sewing thread I had used was Never going to pass for gift wrapping Ribbon no matter how much I wished it would! Alas, it had bothered me too... and eventually I would have maybe decided to change it... but now I knew I really needed to change it! And this was After I had glued the bed into place in the room! So I took my sharpest tiniest scissors and cut the offending blue snake "ribbon" off the bed. Which left me with the question of how to make tiny gift wrapping ribbon? If ordinary sewing thread was not fine enough.... what thread could I find that was finer? Well, I started by unraveling some of the silk threads from the cloth I had used for the curtains in the Dining Room....

 That was definitely finer.... but not the right color.....
Can you even see the tiny thread draped over the bed in this picture?
So I started to look at other fabrics I could unravel.... 
and there was a lovely scrap of "gold-lamme" cloth 
that unraveled beautifully.....

Can you see it here? 
It certainly has a more Gift wrapping character.... 
but can I make it look like ribbon?
Well, I had to try!
The trick was to make it attach to a "spool"....

Can you see the "spool" on the bed?
Believe me, this was Not easy to make! 
The ribbon is still waiting to be "draped" correctly....
I wanted to make sure the spool was completely dry 
before I tried any fancy twisting...!
So while the glue was drying Dear Readers, 
I decided to continue attaching
 the finished furniture into the Sitting Room... 
And then realized there were still a few details
 that needed to be added to these pieces!

Like glowing coals to the fire in the Sitting Room stove!
I glued in one or two or three pieces of red glitter 
to resemble glowing coals!

And then I just Had to glue the stove and the chairs in place!
(You have no idea how hard this is for me....!
What if I want to make changes...? 
or have some genius idea later....? 
It will be too late, the glue has dried!)
So now it is Time to glue in the rest of the furniture.... 
but Wait! I have an idea....!
First I must add another decoration to the tea table....

because I thought the Sitting Room 
had hardly any "seasonal" decor!
So I made a tiny "Christmas Tree" 
to go on the table with the cake and tea....!
(Made from a painted pipe cleaner covered in glitter...)
Can you see it there?
I had to move the teapot and cups from their first positions... 
but I think I like where they are better now!

I know the table seems a little crowded now.... 
But I couldn't resist adding the tiny tree!
But before I can glue it in place Dear Readers, 
I had to try another one of those ideas.....
I know it doesn't look like much..... 
but I had to see if I could make a cat!
Using the Glue trick and some very fine paper covered wire....

And trimmed and painted a grey with white mittens.....

Can you see him here....?

See how small he is?
Even so... he is a large cat for this room!

And he is making mischief with the ball of Yarn!
(I should know better... even if he were enormous,
 I would have to find a home for him!)

And here he is with the tea table in place, 
and the little side chair too!

Here, you can see it in better (maybe too much) light!
And let's hope "Mittens" doesn't unravel that knitting!
Well, Dear Readers, 
I may have found the right Threads for 
Ribbons and Yarn
 and I might have succeeded with making "Mittens"
But I didn't get the presents wrapped!

And rest assured.... 
I LOVE all your comments... 
Especially the ones that make me look twice!!!


  1. I love what you have done. How tiny is this project and yet you have managed to get such a level of detail. I love the cat, it´s perfect!

  2. Betsy, this must be so frustrating for you: looking for wrapping ribbons and after so many trials just not being able to find the right material for it! This shows even more the tiny scale in which you're working and how talented you are to do it, it's so hard to do! I realise very well that you have to think twice (even more), before you'll glue a piece in place in this tiny house, otherwise you can't change it anymore.
    I had to laugh about you, finding yourself sidetracked and making a cat instead of ribbons :D! I'm such a person who often gets side tracked, the nice side of this is that you'll always find out something else, at least in my case ;)! So, I love "Mittens", it seems he feel comfortable in your tiny house, playing around with your precious knitting.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Hello Betsy,
    I honestly don't think I would ever work in such a small scale. The patience you have! I do hope the ribbon works to your liking...why is it mothers are always right! The light fire is such a nice touch...but I must say all I can think about it that amazing cat! I cannot believe hoe great he turned out. You truly are a mini genius.
    Big hug

  4. This little "thread incident" shows so well how tiny all of this is... but as always you never fail to find a solution for any detail. I can really understand your reluctance to glue the pieces... *LOL* But do not fear about the side table to be crowded, Advent is the time for crowded furniture, decoration overload and for shouting "I have for sure too much Christmas stuff!" And bravo for little Mittens... what a cutie... and just the right dose of Betsy genius for this room. Oh, and one last question: How's the Christmas card going on? *shows-a-devilish-grin*


  5. I think that the gold ribbon was a good alternative choice, but I LOVE your tiny cat and the Christmas tree on the tea table and especially the glowing coals in the fireplace!
    Your minuscule changes have made a BIG impact on the various rooms, Betsy but I KNOW that fear of gluing things down when so often your next
    "Genius Idea" is just around the corner. However it is that "just one more thing" or "just one more change" that takes your work UP to the Next Level! :D


  6. ¡Genial! me encanta todo lo que has hecho, la estufa encendida , el gato y la mesa con el árbol increíble en tan poco espacio, mi admiración.Besos:-)

  7. Awww your sweet kitty is fantastic! Well done Betsy! And I don’t think you can have too much detail, especially at Christmas time!

  8. The ribbon, embers, tree and astounding kitty have just enhanced what was already a fantastic display! You are a massive creative genius in this teeny tiny scale!

  9. Well, many people wait 'till Christmas Eve to wrap their presents. Well into the early hours of the morning. I hope that won't be you! I love the kitty. Is he anything like your new kitty? More adventurous, anyway. And your attention to tiny detail is truly mind-boggling! The little house is lovely & very "Adventy."
    Love, Mom

  10. The cat is fantastic! I cannot believe how tiny this house is. All the details are incredible. Wow!

  11. So cute! Very tiny and great work!

  12. so lovely! Tiny cat is fantastic

  13. Hi, Betsy - I'm so impressed with this Tiny Treasure of a Christmas House! All the extra touches that you've given it bring the house to life and add a unique character all its own. You made me smile when you described your hesitation in starting the "gluing down" process - I sympathize. Glue is so permanent! Permanence is so scary! But you've come through the scary part with great success, and with delightful new "permanent" creations - like that AMAZING cat, the glowing fire in the stove, and that pretty tea table, all set for a Christmas tea - and it isn't too crowded at all, The whole house is simply a Christmas Wonder!