Monday, April 30, 2018

And Even More.....

No End In Sight.....

I Am Certain you will get bored, Dear Readers, if all I show you are Teeny Tiny updates of the Petit-point stitching project, and endless updates on the lilac blossoms! I have managed to add a few stitches (maybe as many as 60) to the cream background, and when held in front of a dark surface, you can actually see where they are! There is a long way to go still with this project, but I enjoy working on it in little bits. And I managed to get Almost two blossoms of the lilac finished this week... I was really hoping to manage two... but real life gardening got in the way. At Last I was able to work a little more in the real garden, uncovering the beds after this very long Winter! So the mini projects were fit into the spare minutes this week, and there is not much to show! As I said, I finished one more blossom and florets for the second, but did not get it assembled.

I am gradually getting the "production line" figured out...
making the clusters all at the same time...
But still, the gluing and waiting for it to dry takes time....
 and I have yet to figure out just how much time it takes
 from beginning to end for one blossom!
So rather than Bore you with Blossom production lines....
 I thought I would "revisit" a few more of those Old Unfinished Projects.... 
because Birgit was kind enough to remind me
 that I had not mentioned ALL of them!
Well, one of them that Most of you are familiar with is Hardwick Hall....
 and my Mother mentioned that it is also
the name of an ancient House in Britain.... 
which I was aware of... 
and must say that this House is No Relation
 of That Hardwick Hall....
 or if so, is of such distant and diminished cousinship
 as not to matter at all!
Here it is in its current unfinished state....
But I wanted to show you more of the Kitchen.
My Mother had also recently mentioned the Fridge...
saying it was exactly like the one she remembers
 from her childhood home back in the thirties!

I wasn't sure I would be able to find a fridge
 small enough to fit in this kitchen..... 
and was prepared to try to build one...
But I really think this one is perfect!
I will need to build a small cabinet to fit in the corner beside it.

This is such a wonderfully detailed miniature... 
heavy cast metal... with working door and removable shelves!
And there is still room for a work table too!
(And we won't mention all the unfinished wiring
 that still needs to be done before
 the hearth wall can be fixed in place....)

And you also have recently visited Rose Thorne Cottage.....

Which sits beside my drawing table.....
(For the Winter at least....!)

Where a teeny bit of light has been
 cast into the incomplete kitchen..... 
with the discovery of the perfect hutch...!
(Who knows how long it will take to complete this...!)
And speaking of Kitchens, Dear Readers, 
perhaps the most complete kitchen I have
 is the one belonging to Sally May and Chip...

In "The Shabby Sister House"....
Which is very similar to "The Lovely Old Dollhouse"
only it needs even more work done than 
"The Lovely Old Dollhouse " ever needed!
But don't worry, Sally May's husband Chip is a builder, 
and he assures her it will not be long before it is all fixed up!

And in case you wondered, this house
 has a remarkable ability to live in two different "eras"...
 it also houses Tommy and Beatrice and Caroline's Family
 while their "Town House" (The Cupboard House) is under construction!
They are Living in 1852, in case you wondered!
I am afraid the living conditions are bit primitive....
 there is still no electric lighting and no indoor plumbing!

And let us not forget that the Glass House 
beside The folly is also still unfinished....
No hardware on the doors, no trim on the roof windows...
And I need to run the wiring for the light ....
 which is one of those after-thoughts
 that can cause all sorts of problems!
But we will leave that for another day...
Because that is not all!
Surely you remember the incomplete Gypsy Wagons!

Both still under construction.... 
because the interiors really need to be done
 before you glue them together!
 And the interiors need to be so different...

The Fortune Teller's Wagon....

And The Tinker's Wagon....

The Interiors are only just begun.... 
with the Fortune Teller's having a Night Forest
 painted on the Sleeping compartment walls.....

And The Tinker's Wagon has horses frolicking in a meadow....
Yes, there is a long way to go before these Wagons are complete!
And let us not forget that Pollyanna herself 
has a few unfinished projects....

Piling up in her Not Yet Finished Attic Workroom.....
And there is even a whole Wagon full 
of Teeny Tiny Ladies seeking their Homes....

They were hoping to find something suitable
 amongst Pollyanna's projects....
 but now they are not so sure...
And need I remind you that the two youngest sisters
 of Lady Evelyn de Paradise are still awaiting their gowns?
And as for forgetting (or overlooking)
 a Project or two....
 I sometimes have trouble determining
 where one project ends and the next begins.... 
So the Wizard's Cave under The Castle... 
is or is not part of The Castle Project...?
And yes... the Stories....
They seem to have No End...!
(Will Tiny Bear Ever find the Little Dolls....? 
Will the Little Dreamers Ever find their Home...? 
Will Daphne's Story Ever be finished...?....) 
(Who knows these answers...?.... Not I!)
Ah Dear Readers, I hope I have not bored you
 with this little Tour through Time!
And did you want to see the fourth completed lilac blossom?
These tiny blossoms might be taking up all my Time, Dear Readers,
But I can promise you there will be More and more... and more!
And There's no end in sight!
(Because I wouldn't want you to be Bored!)


  1. wow impresionada con todos tus proyectos inacabados ...!

    1. Thank you Carmen! I am slow... but eventually they will get finished...!

  2. So many projects, no wonder they're not all finished! I like the gypsy wagons, great idea and execution, so far!

    1. Hi Helene! I do have a lot of projects... I let myself get swept into the Creative world.... and the stories I am telling often need certain "settings".... which require more buildings and landscapes....! :):)

  3. Très intéressante rétrospective et quelle surprise de voir près de Rose Thorne Cottage la poupée qui est sur la photo de votre profil.

    1. Hi Jean-Claude! I have now added her story to the next blog post too.... I do have a lot of different projects all going on at the same time... it is the Dreamer in me running away with the ideas....! :)

  4. Hahahahaha, yes, our mutual sweet, but sometimes 'annoying' friend Birgit (she knows I really don't mean this ;O)!! She really has a 'memory of an elephant', as we use to say in Dutch, which means that she has an excellent capacity of memory, so we can't fool her, not even for a bit ;)!
    But she has a good point: now we can see all of your projects, and wow.......there are many more than I expected, Betsy. Oh dear, I guess you'll be busy for more than hundred years for finishing them all ;).
    But although you think we will get, because you've made progress really. Everyone who makes miniatures will know/see how much progress you've made, chapeau, for your patience, dear friend!
    I love the lilac blossoms you've made, they will take alot of time, but it will be worthed. I'm glad to hear that you've done some work in your real garden, so it means that winter is almost over now at you place?
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! Yes, Dear Birgit is very inspirational to me all the time! LOL! She gives me Great ideas and suggestions... and then the Fairy Bears too...! You know how much more fun the World is with Birgit's creations in it! :):) I am glad you have patience with the lilac shrub process.... it will take a long time! :) And yes, Spring has finally arrived here too!

  5. I now see that you've also got a 'visit' of that annoying spammer, I've removed the comment immediately. Why are people doing this...??

  6. Hello Betsy,
    How you can think we could ever get bored watching a miniature genius at work is beyond me! Your projects are so unique and so well made that it is a pleasure to watch your progress...not to mention I think you work faster then many of us.
    In a way it is fun to have unfinished projects, every time we go back to one it is like re-discovering them for the first time. I love the kitchen in the Shabby sister house. It feels like it is right out of an old commercial. I can almost smell baked goods rising in the oven.
    The glass house is already amazing and the finishing touches will just push it way over the top, and the gypsy wagon is a real work of art. I just love the interior you created. And last but not least, Hardwick hall is one of my very favorite projects. If I were to ever purchase a kit house, I think that would be it, but I don't think I could ever come up with such amazing interiors.
    Keep up the amazing work and do not get discouraged... your fans are eagerly awaiting your next post.
    Big hug

    1. Dear Giac, you have said it exactly.... it is Fun to have unfinished projects.... there is always something more to discover or make! I know that I often get "ahead" of my skills with some of my ideas, so the project gets put aside... then eventually I have learned enough that I feel more confident about taking it up again! The lilac blossoms are a great example of this for me! I needed to learn a lot more about the "glue trick" before the blossoms and even the bushes would be right! I am so glad you are enjoying my wandering creativity! I am always so impressed with Your building and the scale of the Manor and the bravery you have to keep making changes until you are happy with the results! Thank you for your wonderful comments.... they always make my day! :):):)

  7. Love your kitchen with the thirties fridge. I don't know that you need a cabinet in the corner, you wouldn't be able to get to much in it. Why not put the mops, bucket and brooms there and build a little shelf over them for more cleaning supplies? Less work and it could make sense in the space.

    1. Hi Sheila! I am still trying to decide about that corner! There is so little storage space in this kitchen. But as my Mom points out.... countertops were not yet in style in the thirties. But then, some of this kitchen would have been updated since then.... so we will see! I have a lot of "playing" to do with it still! :)

  8. I think I need to have a word or two with Ilona!!! *LOL* But I can easily get along with being annoying *grin* if this makes you walk down on memory lane again. It's always a pleasure to see your projects again, it's somehow like meeting old friends you haven't seen for a while. And although they're so familiar it's still possible to discover special details once more - like for example the excellent painting in the tinker's wagon. Not that I had forgotten the beautiful tinker ponies... but it was amazing to find out for the second time how much this stunning painting shines and glows, it seems to illuminate the scene. Thanks for spoiling us with many more highlights of your outstanding work. And until your next post I'm going to wonder how on earth you could ever expect us to get bored with what you're doing... But before I start to do so I still need to say this fridge was a wonderful find, what a terrific piece. And your stitching progress is impressive - especially when having in mind that you've also made progress with your lilacs. Your fans (as Giac so nicely said) know very well how much time these tiny pieces take... ;O)


    1. Dear Birgit, I will never add you to the "annoying" list of blogfriends.... because you are always so helpful with the things you notice and point out! :) I hope you know just how sincerely I appreciate all your fun, witty, perceptive and inspirational comments!!!! :) (Even though there might be a few places where my abilities are too challenged....I am thinking here about a Who-villian sized Fluby by the Strawberry cake in the Secret Christmas House Dining Room....!) *sigh* there are times when I must simply draw the line! LOL! I truly hope you will continue to offer your comments with all genuine freedom and no self-consciousness! :):) And I will continue to try to bring my workmanship up to expectations!!! :):):)

  9. Hi, Betsy - No! Never bored with your projects. In fact, I'm chuckling to myself just thinking about the various work (or play?) habits of various miniaturists. I believe that you're the Champion of Versatility with your many, MANY irons in the fire. And I'm plodding along at the extreme other end of the spectrum with my one-at-a-time-no-matter-how-long-it-takes accomplishments. You literally make me feel dizzy just thinking about keeping track of all your houses, stories, characters, gardens, needlework, etc., etc., etc. It's a special treat to revisit all these projects. I don't think I've seen the "Shabby Sister House" before, but I definitely remember the Gypsy Wagons; I'm very partial to those colorful wagons. The refrigerator and range in Hardwick Hall are also among my favorites - if I can even choose a favorite among your amazing and wide-ranging collection. I enjoy watching your progress on the petite point stitching project and of course on the beautiful lilac bushes. In fact, I'm happy to just follow along wherever your talents lead - with never a moment's boredom.

    1. Thank you Marjorie! I am keenly aware of how much I skip around.... but it is all in a good cause... I just have something else that needs to be done "first"... LOL! I am inspired so much by other's blogs and projects... and your Villa is a shining example! Your process of staying on track no matter what is inspirational to Me! I often underestimate (all the time) how long something will take... but seeing you actually get it done gives me a better sense of the length of the process. If you know what I mean! I love what you are creating with your Villa! I have Faith that I will eventually finish my projects too! :):)

  10. HI Betsy, I never get bored of your posts, you have very interesting projects and write about them in a great way! The petit point, the lilac blossoms, I love seeing your progress. The gypsy wagons project is maybe my favorite I think, but I like them all :-).
    I am into 1/6th and larger scale dolls, but they too need miniatures. I don't make much myself, but am always very impressed that you and your colleague-miniaturists can create such tiny treasures even smaller than in 1/6 scale, that to me is already super small :-D!
    And I just LOVE the tiny 1930s fridge, it looks so real!

    1. Thank you Millicent and Friends! I once spent a few years making larger fashion dolls... partly because it was easier to find accessories and trims in their scale! So I know what you mean about the tinier scales being a challenge! But I think that is partly what I love about them! I am glad you enjoy seeing what I am making... I plan to keep at it for many more years! :):)

  11. Me encanta ver todos tus proyectos, así que de aburrirme nada . Me parece increíble todos los proyectos que tienes , así que ánimo y con paciencia lograrás terminarlos con éxito. Tus flores precisas y el punto cruz:-)

    1. Thank you Contrastes-Rosa! I am confident I will get things done even though it will take time! But that is the fun part! I am so glad you are enjoying my progress! :)

  12. I´m not bored, I am excited to see all these wonderful projects, some of them I did not know anything about. So the future seems exciting as we can expect lots of wonderful updates on your projects, fun! I wish I could work on a few projects at the same time and switch from one to another when stuck or bored, but no my OCD does not allow me to continue with another project until I finish the current one, so it is fun and interesting to being able to follow you on your journey. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thank you Alexandra! I am so glad you are enjoying my progress! I do have a lot of projects... but I love them all... and I know I will keep working on them! It will keep me busy for a long long time!! :):)

  13. You have so many inspired and interesting ideas that it is no surprise you have many wonderful projects in varying degrees of progress! And, it must be wonderful to have them just waiting for when the next creative idea breaks loose. You and your readers will never be bored!

    1. Hi Jodi! That is just it! I do have all these projects begging me for my attention... but it is fun everywhere I look! LOL! There is No shortage of ideas! LOL! I have my marching orders for years to come.... but I love it all so it is an exciting adventure no matter where I go in my Mini Worlds! I am so glad you are here to enjoy it too! :):)

  14. I REALLY love it when your mother gets just as involved with your blog as we do! ❤
    The ever expanding cast of characters that participate in your Miniature Tales which also clamor for your immediate attention is absolutely mind boggling- I don't know HOW you manage to keep the names of your little people straight let alone their various independent time traveling adventures?!!
    You Amazing capacity to weave your stories in and out of each other is as Great A Skill as your Incredible miniature embroidery- You Betsy- are Never Boring but Most Definitely

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! :) I have no trouble with the "characters" in my stories... except when they get their own ideas and start demanding things I hadn't thought of! LOL! I have learned that I need to be VERY careful about adding more "people" to my worlds.... because they each have a story to tell or be told!!! (I don't know where it comes from....!) But it is a part of the whole miniatures process for me.... houses have residents... and landscapes.... and stories...!!! So here I am just trying to keep up with the Tales I tell! LOL! I am so glad you are here to share in the Creative process that is this mini blogland!!! :)

  15. FAR from boring. A recapitulation - love it. Our fridge was also in sort of a closet with no door which led off the kitchen proper. And we had a work table in the middle of the room, a pine table which was kept bleached clean. There were no countertops! Those were a post-war invention, I think.
    I love the gypsy wagons. And the stories...
    Waiting with baited breath,
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! I'm so glad you are not bored! I love hearing that your fridge was in a little closet... probably a former pantry? Like I had in Westminster? And the bleached table too! I am taking notes! :):)