Monday, April 2, 2018

Doing and Undoing.....

Picky Picky......

It was one of Those weekends, Dear Readers, when RL requirements overruled Mini World wishes and very very little was done on any of my many ongoing projects. The one thing I managed to find Time for was some stitching on the petit-point kit I have been working on. I thought I was making great progress, completing the golden blossoms on the lower right and beginning the blue blossom on the lower left. But for some reason, this last blossom was giving me a great deal of trouble! I had to unpick my stitches more than once and kept discovering another place where they were not lining up right! What was the matter, I wondered as I counted my stitches again and again.... how could they be ending up too close to the left hand vine when I had counted so carefully???? Well, I discovered that the starting point for the blossom was off because I had made a mistake in counting the stitches in the vine stem.... it was curled too close to the center and not close enough to the start of the vine!

There was no other option.... 
I was going to have to unpick all the blue stitching
 and a good part of the vine in that corner.

Here you can see the stitching next to the diagram....
This is stitched on 40 count silk gauze... 
the finished stitching area is less than one and 1/2 inches square!
(This is a kit by Janet Granger... I love her kits!)

Here you can see I have started to unpick the blue...
It is slow going because you have to unpick the stitches
 in the reverse order that you stitched them... 
and with the basket-weave stitch they jump around a bit!

The vine section is easier to unpick.... 
but I needed to be sure of where I had miscounted....
and had to leave enough of a tail of thread
 that I could tie it off and start again....!

I had only counted five stitches across
 the top of the swirled vine 
when I should have counted six!
At least I have undone it to where I need to start over.... 
I will leave the Doing over for another day!

The only other mini thing I managed to do
 was to add six more twigged branches to my Lilac shrub.....

Not that it is easy to tell which branches....
And I still think there are a few more branches needed...
but I am waiting for supplies...
And this is only the first "Version" of this bush....
(What was I thinking...???)

And I am pretty sure that few of you, Dear Readers, 
will know that I have been "pondering"
 the kitchen layout for Rose Thorne Cottage 
for hmmmm.... three or four years at least.... 
And I may have finally found the solution to my dilemma!
"What dilemma?" I hear you ask....
The one of "how can I possibly fit
 a kitchen hutch and a sink into this little cottage"?
This Cottage has sat pretty much like this for a long time.... 
so long that everything is dusty and in need of a good Spring Cleaning!
(I know.... it's really dark.....)

Some of you might recall that this is the Aster Cottage kit by Corona.... 
I have modified it a bit...
but it is basically one room in the downstairs, 
and I have tucked the bath into the rear corner.
The kitchen sink will go on the right hand wall
 under the window and next to the back door...
 a tiny amount of space!
But where oh where could a hutch fit?

I bought a tall narrow hutch from Minimum World recently...
 and wondered if it would possibly fit in here.....
It tucks under the ceiling beams with an eighth of an inch to spare.... 
and even though it is wider than the wall next to the bathroom door,
 it allows for access to the stairs which are tucked behind the hearth.... 
can you see them there...?
 (I shined a spotlight in there!)
I think that I could "extend" the bathroom wall out just a bit.... 
and the hutch would be up against that
 and the stairs would be tucked in behind....!
Maybe this will work!!!

So you can see, Dear Readers,
very very little got done
and half of that was undoing...!
But I might have finally picked the right hutch
 for Rose Thorne Cottage!


  1. I can imagine what dilemmas you had, dear Betsy! I think you've done the right thing: unstitching your embroidery is always a nasty work, but now you're ready for going on with embroidering the next colors and stitches. You've also solved your kitchen problem regarding the placing of sink and hutch. So, if you say not done much.....I think that you've done a lot ;O! I always love sseing the pictures of your houses, although they're dark, they're also very atmospherical!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! I am happy that I undid the stitching.... it was not going to look good if I didn't! And the new hutch is such a pleasant surprise.... I was not sure it would fit but i think it will be perfect.... now I just need to make the sink...!

  2. Oh dear, such a fiddly thing to do, the unpicking I mean! But it will be better, so it's for a good cause :-).
    The branches look very good!
    Well, planning and thinking is also doing a lot! Solving dilemma's is a huge thing :-)!

    1. Thank you Millicent! I agree... planning is a lot! LOL! I am glad I fixed the stitches... much better than leaving it wrong!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Claude! It looks even better now it is fixed! :)

  4. Hello Betsy,
    It is a shame you had to undo so many stitches, but it is a beautiful kit and I am glad you noticed the error before you got more done. It will be lovely. I do hope to try needlework one day. The bush is an insane amount of work...but just think how magnificent it will be each season. It already looks so realistic. I love your solution for the kitchen. Talk about maximizing the use of a small space. the hutch is lovely and a perfect solution. I cannot wait to see it come together. I love that cottage.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! I agree, it is an insane amount of work.... but each step I do is easier on the next shrub! LOL! I am hoping the effort will be worth it in the end... I know it will take me along time to get to the "end"! As for the hutch, it is really a pleasant surprise that it fits! I think it will work perfectly... which means now I need to get back to work on the kitchen in that cottage! (Do I have too many projects...?) ! LOL!

  5. I would go crazy having to undo so much work. You're so much more patient than I am.

    1. Hi Sheila! I am still learning my way around the needlepoint... which is why I am using kits with careful instructions! That way I know if there is a mistake! Someday I hope to design my own patterns...! I am glad I undid the mistake... it looks so much better now! Lesson learned!

  6. Gosh that lilac shrub structure is looking amazing! I know it feels so daunting with so many more branches on so many more models still ahead of you, but you WILL be happy that you stuck to it when your vision has been achieved!
    Your patience and skill for tiny stitching is so beyond my understanding and abilities, but I applaud your drive for perfection in every thing you do. It's going to be marvelous!
    I love those skinny hutches, and am excited to see what your creative artistry will turn it in to!
    Hope you find more time to dedicate to the "want to's" rather than the "have to's" this week!

    1. Hi Jodi! The shrub is starting to look like I am envisioning it will... still quite a few steps to figure out... and repeat again and again and again! It does get easier with the repeats because there is less doubt and pondering involved! I am glad I re-did the stitching.... it is so much better looking now! LOL! And the hutch is a wonderful surprise... I had not thought it would fit but it seems to be the perfect piece for what I want with this cottage! Which means now I have to get back to work on this kitchen too....! (It wasn't on my immediate to do list...!) But then I never really know where I am going next..! LOL!

  7. Dear Betsy,
    You have the biblical "patience of JOB", and I take my hat off to you for solving the riddle regarding your needlework project. I know that I wouldn't have been able to figure out what was wrong, as you have done nor would I have been able to UNDO it without also wrecking the canvas.
    Even so, the delicacy of the work you are showing is REALLY LOVELY so please keep moving forward on it.
    By the way, Is it eventually intended for your Rose Cottage?
    I'd forgotten about this sweet little house of yours but I easily recall how impressed I was with your bathroom and especially your custom tub, and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing more of it as you press on to solve your kitchen hutch dilemma,
    As I already KNOW you Can
    and Will! ♥ :D

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I wasn't really planning to do the kitchen for this cottage anytime soon... except that I keep looking at it from where I sit typing away... and I see the space for the sink that is someday going to be an "Elizabeth inspired" country sink..... and then one thing leads to another! When I tested the hutch ... on a whim .... thinking if it didn't fit I could maybe make one like it that did.... but it Fits! And it suits the character of the Cottage perfectly! So maybe this kitchen has been bumped up the List and will get some serious attention again! As for the stitching... I am glad I undid the mistake... it looks so much better now! :)

  8. I know a lot about doing and undoing, have been there *lol* Not nice, but it is always worth it when we finally see the end result. I am sure you will be very happy when you continue your stiching work. It looks promising as well as your plans for the cottage. I am intrigue and want to see what you do.
    Big hugs.

    1. Hi Alexandra! I agree... it was no fun to undo the work... but I am so glad I did! It looks so much better now! :) As for the Cottage, I was part way through building the interior a few years ago... but hit a snag and got side-tracked into my other projects... You will notice that this happens to me! LOL! But I usually find that if I take the time to let it "brew" it ends up better than I had planned because I learn something along the way and can do a better job when I get back to it! So it is worth it to take my time! I hope you will stick around when I jump around my projects! :):)

  9. Well, I did read your blog yesterday, just didn't have time to comment. I note that your perfectionism insisted that you fix that little blue bloom, which looked fine to me! Tiny, tiny needlepoint - lovely!

    1. Hi Mom! It looks so much better now! I am glad I did it over! (I am sure you can relate.... you pull out stitches all the time in your knitting!) :)

  10. How maddening for you, having to unpick all your good work! I would have it at the back of the cupboard by now. I applaude your patience. The new kitchen furniture looks ideal for the job and I'm very impressed with your shrub.

    1. Hi Irene! The shrub is taking over my Life! LOL! But I hope it will be as good as I imagine when I am done! The stitching looks so much better now that it is fixed... I am glad I re-did it! And the hutch is a wonderful surprise.. that it fits! LOL! Now I will have to get back to work on that Cottage too! :):)

  11. Hi, Betsy - I cannot even imagine doing such tiny needle work! (Not that I do full scale needle work either!) But you do have a discerning eye to have detected that mistake; I'm not sure that I know exactly where the mistake took place even after you described it! But I do understand your desire to correct your mistakes and make things right in your own eyes. I'm interested in seeing where you'll use that beautiful petite-point when it's finished. I don't remember having seen Rose Thorne Cottage - I'll go back and look it up. I know that one of your many talents is finding the perfect space for a particular piece - even when there is no space available! So you've done it again - under the window is a great place for the sink, and of course who would have thought that you could fit a hutch in that unlikely spot? But the skinny hutch is going to work beautifully there, with the stairs just behind it. Isn't it strange how certain problems are "suddenly" solved if only we wait long enough? It's a very clever solution, and I can't wait to see the sink and hutch happily in place!

    1. Hi Marjorie! I am glad I undid the stitching mistake.. it looks so much better when done right! LOL! I am still learning my way around Petit-point... so I am very happy for lovely kits with instructions! As for Rose Thorne Cottage... I have not been working on it for several years (gosh they go by fast!) because I ran into snags with the kitchen layout and jumped to a different project... probably something simple like the Park! LOL! I do get myself distracted with the stories.... but that is another Story! So now I have stumbled on the perfect hutch... I may have to get back to work on this Cottage too! Yes, I do love it when "waiting around" provides the perfect solution! And I love how the stairs will become a little more hidden ... but still visible... a surprise in the corner as it were! So stay tuned! :)

  12. Isn't it incredible what difference one stitch can make? What a pity that you had to undo so much of your beautiful work. I know a lot about this business in real cross-stitching but I can't imagine to do this in miniature needlepoint without leaving huge holes in the fabric... and without getting a nervous breakdown. *grin* It's wonderful to see you're getting back to another wonderful project finding a great way to solve your dilemma and enabling you to go ahead. This small hutch will do a very good job, I'm already looking forward to see it decorated and of course also to meet your sink.


    1. Dear Birgit, I now have the proof of the difference one tiny stitch can make! LOL! I am so glad I did it over... it looks so much better now... and as hard as it is to believe, I think one stitch off makes a bigger difference in a tiny piece like this! As for the kitchen hutch.... I was so surprised that it fit! LOL! And I think it is even better that it makes the stairs a little more hidden! The best part is that I will not have to build one from scratch as I was afraid I would need to do! The sink I can do... the hutch was giving me trouble! Of course, this means I probably have to get back to work on this kitchen now...! LOL! :):)

  13. You have my sympathy with all that unpicking. It is maddening until you find the mistake and then it is maddening again because you have to unpick. Unpicking RL needlepoint is difficult enough - 40 count requires the patience of a saint. The design is beautiful though.

    And I know all about being 'stuck' when it comes to what should go where. So again you have my sympathy. But all will come right in the end and I am looking forward to seeing more. AND see the lilac bush in bloom!! Carol

    1. Hi Carol! It's great to see you in blogland again! I hope you have the patience to wait a Loooong time for the Lilac shrub to bloom! LOL! I have so much work to do to get that done! But it will happen! As for this kitchen, I am thrilled to have the right hutch at last! It will make the kitchen "work" right and look enchanting... which is the goal! And yes, I am glad I undid the stitching! It looks so much better done right! :)

  14. What a beautiful hutch! I love the dimensions of it in the space. And I'm so excited to see progress on the tree. I have to try out making one one day! I hope things are going better this week ;)

    1. Hi Kristine! The hutch is from Minimum World in the UK. Someone mentioned on their blog(I don't remember who!) when they had a sale on earlier this year and I went looking... I think it is the perfect hutch for this Cottage... I love it's proportions! As for the lilacs... it will take a Looong time to finish this... but I am making progress! I am a great believer in doing things a little bit at a time.... eventually it is done! :)