Monday, April 23, 2018

Blogging Still......

Where Have They Gone.....?

You Might not remember, Dear Readers, the condition of The Lovely Old Dollhouse when I first began to re-build it way back in 2009, before I had even discovered the world of Miniatures on the internet and had no clue about blogs! The above picture shows it shortly after I had begun the rebuilding. I had decided to add a few fireplaces and had begun to rebuild the stairs and then discovered electrical lights at a miniatures store nearby.... and my world was changed! It was not long before I was searching for mini lighting on the internet and stumbled upon the world of blogs.... miniaturists from all over the World at one's fingertips! I was smitten! And only a little while later, with the help of my tech savvy sons, I started this blog... my own contribution to this fascinating international exchange had begun! You might wonder why I am suddenly waxing nostalgic here.... and it is for two reasons. One is that a blogger I admire and who had not posted in a long time, posted again the other day... Helene at Pubdolls.... (please go on over and say Hi to her! ).... and she mentioned that she would have to have a look to see what I had been up to in her absence from blogging! My first reaction was to cringe..... how could Anybody Possibly review all of my... how many years is it now.... Eight years of loooong posts? It would not be possible! And then I realized the eighth Anniversary of this blog had recently passed... Eight years and I am still blogging! Helene had last posted in 2011.... and I was still building.... well... what was I working on in 2011? Oh, the years have been flying by! I think I was working on the Cupboard House.....

Which is literally an old cupboard that I am retrofitting to be a Dollshouse.
I ran into some technical snags with wiring
 and glue and wood shrinkage and have.... um....
 put it on the back burner.... for now.... 
while I figure those things out!
But I have not forgotten it!
And then in 2012.... 
I got all swept up in the Wedding of Pollyanna and Arthur..... 
You might not remember how many costumes
 I had to make to get Everybody ready!

And they barely fit into the Chapel of The Castle Dollhouse.....
And there was a Reception afterwards too!
And before the dust had even settled....
I began to work on the landscape for The Folly Dollhouse... 
and got swept into The Treehouse Project.....
Which as some of you might not know,
 is a Tree that stands on The Folly landscape.... 
that has rooms inside it which are the home of the Rats
 and are built in 1:48 scale....
And I became enchanted with the smaller scale....

Can you see the furniture at Belle's feet? 
And every now and then when the sun is shining on it 
I have a peek inside the Tree House....
 Samuel Whiskers is a bit surprised.....
Do you even remember this Parlor......

With the Gods cavorting in the clouds on the ceiling...?

Or the Library.... 
with all those Treasures and Paintings.... 
I know, it is a Mess and so hard to see....

I will have to get in there and put things to rights...

And the Bedroom too... 
with that Divine Pagoda bed... 
with the embroidered curtains....

And the Tree House Nursery... 
where we got side-tracked.... 
years and years ago....
Well, I think it was because I had to Tell a Few Stories....

I had to build a Conservatory.....

I had to build a Park.... 
that could even be visited on a rainy day......
And years and years go flying by!

I am still working on painting the Castle Ceiling.....
Someday it will be finished!
But for now, every so often when the sun is shining right... 
I can get good pictures....
It is dark in the Castle and you have to
 get down on your knees and look up.....
Those Saints are Very Patient!

Because, as some of you might know... 
I get side-tracked... 
and might have to take a year or two building only in 1:144th scale.....
 starting with the roombox on the shelf in The Folly Parlor!
(Do you see it there...?)
Oh, Dear Readers, I am afraid it is not Possible to review it all!
And did I forget to mention a Project or Two.....

The Cloud Palace is not yet done......

Nor Hardwick Hall.... 
Nor the Castle itself....!
And here I am ..... promising to make more....
Shrubs for The Folly garden.......
 Which I did manage to get mostly painted....
(the first shrub, that is....)

And more tiny Lilac blossoms!
Now there are three!

And here you can see the mostly painted shrub by The Folly.....
Still a Looong way to go, Dear Readers!
Yes, I don't know where the years go....
But I am blogging still!


  1. pues ojalá s ojalá que sigamos muchos años por la blogosfera!

    1. Thank you Carmen! I plan to keep blogging for a long time! I am so glad there are others out there to follow too! Your projects are always so wonderful!

  2. Wow 8 years!! congratulations Betsy , it is such an achievement. I have been a follower for less than a year but I intend to follow you for the next 8 years and more :) I think I will give a look to your past posts and projects, they seem so much fun. I am not going to say that I will see all of them but I believe it is worth going back and take a look. Keep posting!

    1. Hi Alex! I am always so glad there are new bloogers to follow and be followed! So many have stopped blogging... but I find it too much fun to stop! I am so glad you will have a look at some of my projects.... but I know how challenging that can be... I am not very organized about the projects! :)

  3. Congratualtions on your 8th blog anniversary, dear betsy, and I hope you'll stay with us for many more years.......because there are so many abandoned blogs nowadays, it's such a pity!
    I 'fell' a few years later than you into the magical blog world and stayed there for about more than 6 years now. I've seen a lot of tutorials and useful, interesting and wonderful blogs (as yours), thank you for staying with us all those years. And having said that, yes, you still have many projects going on, but that way making miniatures is never dull and nor visiting your blog either ;O!!
    Your lilacs shrub looks gorgeous so far, I know that there's still alot of work to do, but I can't wait to see the first of your miniature blossom on the shrub, as the real life lilacs are blooming now here ;).
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I am always so glad there are still some other "dedicated" bloggers out there! And sharing with you is always fascinating! You contribute so much to the mini world! I am always glad you joined it and are still planning to keep blogging! I will be following along too! :)

  4. nice retrospective! continue to blog for our pleasure

    1. Thank you Claude! I am so glad you are blogging too! You have such fascinating projects!

  5. Hello Betsy,
    It was wonderful to walk down memory lane and re-visit some of your projects. they are all so beautiful and so unique. I looked at each picture and with a great big smile I admire your detail and your many, many talents. I am so happy to follow your blog and will be here for as long as you will keep posting, which I hope will never end.
    Big hug

    1. Dear Giac, I am so glad you are still blogging and commenting on blogs! It makes it so much more fun to have an appreciative audience and inspirational followers! I have plans that will keep me blogging a loooong time! :)

  6. So many projects! But the important thing is if you're enjoying yourself! My husband is always telling me that if its not fun why am I doing it?

    1. Hi Sheila! I do have a lot of projects! But I am enjoying the creative process so much I plan to keep at it for a very long time! (I stayed away from minis for over thirty five years.... so I have some catching up to do!):)

  7. So lovely to have a recapitulation! Of course I have pictures of many of those projects in your Christmas cards. Particularly the tree house, which took up a whole card. And did you know there is a real Hardwick Hall in England ? I read about it in one of Phillipa Gregory's historical novels. I think Queen Elizabeth stayed there...
    I'm off to the monthly garden club meeting in a couple of hours. Lots of love,
    Mom xoxox

    1. Thank you for being here Mom! :) Yes, I know about Hardwick Hall in England.... Bess of Hardwick was an amazing woman ... ahead of her times! :)

  8. Bonjour Betsy, je ne sais pas exactement depuis quand je vous suis, il y a certains de vos projets que je ne connaissais pas, c'est un plaisir de les découvrir. C'est en effet dommage les gens qui ne publient plus sur leur blog, j'espère que ce ne sera pas votre cas et que nous pourrons encore admirer votre travail de nombreuses années.

    1. Hi Jean Claude! I plan to keep on blogging... even if there are no followers! LOL! But wonderful followers make it so much more fun and Inspirational! I Love and admire your work.... and hope You will keep building and blogging as well! :)

  9. What a fantastic trip down Memory Lane. So many wonderful projects... and you did not even mention them all! ;O) And not to forget besides the projects there are also the fascinating and enchanting stories only you can tell! (Btw - please say "hello" to Daphne from me... *grin*) I think I joined your blog right in time to admire your courage to sew festive costumes for all the participants of Pollyanna's wedding... my, and it seems like yesterday when Arthur and Will carried this huge dollhouse upstairs. And how many times the family wondered about the camel's position during Christmas time since then... Not to forget my personal pleasure to see the bearies having a good time up there in the clouds (I can comfort you btw - BiWuBearies are very patient when it comes to the end of the building process. As long as there's enough cake to spend the time with they don't care if their house is still under construction... eh... where was I...) And the yearly highlight of your Halloween posts... ah, I could go on like this for a very long time so I'd better make it short: Finding your blog was one of the best discoveries I've ever made in blogland and I've enjoyed every (and I mean EVERY!) single post of you since then. So thank you for being still here - and don't you dare to go away!!! *wink*


    1. Dear Birgit, I am so glad You blog and decided to follow this blog too! I have been so enriched by Your contributions to my World.... The Fairy Bears and the Cloud Palace in particular... but also your own creative projects and Inspiring challenging and humorous comments too! I can't count the number of times you have caused me to re-think my project and decide I need to add another little something to it! LOL! But that is what the best and most challenging blogfriends are for!!!:):):) And the real reason I did not mention ALL of my projects is because I got exhausted just trying to remember them all! LOL!!! Yes, they are all stacked up around me and clamor for my attention... and I keep trying to tie up a few "ends" in my stories.... but I guess by now you realize That is a hopeless endeavor! LOL! I am afraid I will be telling Tales as long as I can remember what I am talking about...! :):):)

  10. Congratulations on 8 Years of Blogging Betsy!!! :D
    Your dedication to your ART puts many of us to shame but I for one didn't realize the entire scope of your projects until I read this post. WOW there is A LOT!
    Be that as it may, what find I enjoy most and what for me, makes you blog so incredibly interesting to follow, are the various scales you are able to work in AS WELL AS the variety of projects you continue to work on AND not to forget- the AMAZING STORIES you tell, and so my sincere wish is that you'll NEVER Stop Blogging
    and NEVER stop Daydreaming either! :D


    1. Dear Elizabeth, I sincerely hope You will keep building and blogging too! Your contributions to this mini World are some of the most inspiring! I never cease to be amazed at your creativity and boldness and persistence... and you get stunning results! And I know it is impossible for anyone to go back and visit all my unfinished projects.... I plan to keep working on them all... a bit at a time... because it is so much fun, and I hope you will still be following many years down the road! :):):)

  11. Hi Betsy! That is a LOT of work over the years! Your dedication is admirable, especially for us devoted blog followers (Facebook is just not for me). Keep it up! It is great seeing what new ideas you come up with.

    1. Hi Shannon! I am really glad there are still other dedicated bloggers out there too! I do plan to just keep on building and blogging... it is too much fun to ever want to quit! :):)

  12. We are so lucky to have EIGHT YEARS worth of your imaginative, creative, interesting and beautiful content! I am looking forward to the next eight, though I do admit that since I am a relative newcomer to the blog world, I am still catching up on all your marvelous posts! Next time one of your brilliant sons comes for a visit, ask them to pop in the Search This Blog gadget, will you? It will make it easier to search "Hardwick Hall", for example, and find all the posts with labels relating to it. The results will come up in newest-to-oldest order which makes it easy to go back and read the progress chronologically. Otherwise, I have to click the individual labels and they are all out of sync. :*

    1. Dear Jodi, I am so glad you are in the blog world too! And I am even happier that you are patient with the disorder of my blog! :) I will look into the gadget you mentioned... I'm sure I can figure it out when I have a little extra time .... next vacation.... next month.... no I'm not a procrastinator! LOL! I really Really appreciate your suggestions (and your patience too!!)LOL! I have visions of someday getting the blog design updated.... organized.... more visitor friendly! :)

  13. Congratulations on 8 years of blogging I utterly love your blog

    1. Thank you so much Helen! I really am glad you love it! I adore the mini worlds and love to share it too! :):)

  14. OMG!!! Non avevo idea che stava seguendo così tanti mini progetti. Complimenti per la tua ricca collezione. Capisco i tuoi sentimenti. Anche io, grazie alla mia attività di blogger, mi si è dipanato tutto un mini mondo fantastico. Non vorrei abbandonarlo mai! Auguri Betsy!!!!

    1. Thank you Blanche! I am so glad you blog too! I love your minis and love every detail you add! I hope to keep blogging for may years! :)

  15. Hello, Betsy - Congratulations on your Eighth Blogging Year! You've posted some beautiful memories. Some posts were before my blogging time began, but it's so nice to be reminded of others that I've enjoyed. As always, I'm just amazed at the number of projects you've worked on - many simultaneously - and also the wide variety of content and scale. I've learned so many helpful things from you - and there are many more things that I need to know, so I certainly hope you continue blogging for at least another eight years! You're a true artist in so many ways, and your blog posts are always a delight.

    1. Thank you Marjorie! I have enjoyed following your blog too! And I have learned some wonderful things from watching you build your projects! The mini blog world is such an amazing and inspiring place! I plan to keep blogging for many years to come... and hope there will always be followers to follow too! :):)

  16. Hi, Betsy! I congratulate on the 8th anniversary of the blog! You are a wonderful artist! I have always admired your art, imagination and hard work! I would like your blog to prosper for many more years!

    1. Thank you Tatiana! I have always loved what you make on your blog too! It is so inspiring to be able to share techniques and ideas from around the World! I hope you will also keep blogging for many more years! :):)

  17. Congratualtions on your 8th blog anniversary!
    It is always a fantastic adventure to visit your blog. As now I was enjoying on your memory lane. Keep on bloging Betsy! So do I, though a bit rarely lately but still love blogs!
    Hugs, piikko
    P.S. Hares ate my crocuses! Again and as every spring.

    1. Hi Piikko!! I am so glad you plan to keep blogging too! I love your little creatures too! (Darn those Hares... they need to share!LOL!)

  18. Dear Betsy, so very nice of you to mention me in this wonderful post, happy anniversary! It was great fun to see all these snippets of your work, it really has been eight prolific years, but always with the highest standard possible! I don't remember now if you're a professional artist, if not, you should be! Your paintwork is incredible, and your castle and especially it's decorated ceiling is a favourite of mine.
    And I missed a wedding!! I have to check out the post about that later, but I can already tell that the bride's dress is another work of art, the lace is so delicate!
    And the tiny, tiny house projects with still all the details in place! Thanks again for all this!

    1. Hi Helene! I am so glad you decided to dip back into the mini blogs! It really is a wonderful world! I am not really a professional artist... I am untrained and too diverse to be able to market myself well... so I work a day job and take some commissions. Now I am old enough to value my art as "Play therapy"... and the mini world has completely captured me! I have a long way to go with completing the big projects like the Castle.... but I keep adding to it... the more I do the more I learn and the better my work is! I really hope you keep visiting the blog world... so many have given up blogging or only post on facebook and instagram. I am too intent on telling long stories to ever be satisfied by those quick fix platforms! :) I plan to keep building and blogging for a very long time! :):):)