Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Little Light(s).......

Another Gift....

This Will have to be a short post, Dear Readers, because I am running so far behind on my Other Seasonal Obligations...(otherwise known as The Christmas Card).... that it will certainly not get finished by Christmas at the rate I am going! But as we approach the Winter Solstice and the Darkest time of the year, I find myself Needing the beautiful lights of the Christmas Trees! I admit to feeling endlessly behind on my Dreams of Wonderful miniature Holiday scenes all decked out in tiny perfection, and believe that "someday" I will have the Time to make my wishes come true. But meanwhile I simply hurry around at the last minute setting up the little Tree in the Lovely Old Dollhouse... the same old tree in the same old corner of the Living Room! And yet.... when I plug in the lights and that mini tree shines with its own tiny colored lights... I am enchanted all over again!

 There is just something intensely special for me
 in seeing the Little Tree lit with tiny Little Christmas lights!!
I have not added any new ornaments in a while.... 
and all the ones on the tree were purchased years and years ago...
 back when I was still hiding these treasures
 in a closet waiting for "Someday" to arrive!

I know you can't really see them here
 because there is so Little light.... 
I will have to pull the tree out Someday 
and show you the real balls and glass birds
 and snowflakes and the brass pieces too!
And with the passing of the years,
 they somehow grow more and more special to me!
So I wanted to share them with you!

And I also wanted to show you, Dear Readers,
 the Wonderful Gift I received
 from Jodi of "My Miniature Madness" blog....
She sent me one of her Beautiful little chairs....

With all the little Tea Treasures that she made to go with it!
(I Adore Tea... and flowers.... and books and.... and...!)

I haven't decided where it will "end up" in my mini Worlds....
 but meanwhile it is beside me as I work at my Drawing Table!
Thank You Jodi!!! 
It is such a special Treasure and I absolutely Love it!!! 

And Lest you think that I have neglected my Lilac Blossom Program....

Here is Blossom number Thirty-seven completed!

And with the ever growing assortment in the blossom box!
But really, Dear Readers, 
it is those Little Lights.....
In this Season of little Light...
That bring me an endless gift of Joy!


  1. Your Christmas tree with the sentimental ornaments, coloured lights and angelic tree topper, does indeed fill the Lovely Old Dollhouse with Comfort and Joy, Betsy. :D
    It reminds me of the Christmas trees my mother put up each year and it was always with coloured lights. Seeing your mini tree conjures up scenes from my childhood and all the excitement and magic that accompanied it! :D
    I received a gift box from Jodi too Betsy and isn't she INCREDIBLE!???
    I know that you will be finding just the right place for each of your gifts as I will with mine.
    But now you'd better get back to work on your Fabulous Christmas Cards cause there's no time to lose; Christmas is literally- just around the corner!

    Merry Christmas Betsy!!!! :D


  2. So pretty! I love Christmas trees. I need to make one for me to keep! I keep giving them away. Jodi is awesome! I can't wait to see how you use the tea 'set' in a room.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Tu árbol de navidad está precioso! que te ilumine siempre!
    Los regalos de Jodi son una maravilla!
    Tus lilas van aumentando,quedará espectacular.
    Feliz Navidad!

  4. a beautiful Xmas's tree and wonderful Jodi gifts.
    Merry Christmas !

  5. Your little tree, with tiny glittering lights reminds me of trotting off to bed on Christmas eve, when I was little. The candles (yes, we had real candles) had burned down, the smell of wax still hanging in the air, and the tree still had this strange dark glow. I had not thought of that until I saw your little tree.
    Thanks Betsy.
    Have a wonderful Christmas,
    Anna xx

  6. The Christmas tree is beautiful. I can't imagine Christmas without one.
    Wonderful gifts from Jodi. Enjoy all.
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Great Christmas tree - I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
    ~ Troy

  8. Coloured lights in the Christmas tree remind me of when I was little. They were all the rage then. Nowadays you can hardly find them, trees are so colour coordinated and stylized. I think the old lights were more fun, more real. Your little tree has the old magic vibe.
    Lucky you! Jodi makes beautiful minis! I am sure you will find a beautiful place for them.
    And welcome blossom 37!

  9. What a beautiful chair! You are blessed with blog friends.
    And the little tree, packed with beautiful ornaments which you will show us some day, is lovely too. We put up a "tree" in our southwestern home yesterday - a beautifully shaped agave (century plant) which bloomed some years ago and was standing starkly in a mountainside field - friends took me out there to get it. Now it is in the living room, decked with lights & ornaments - a very southwestern Christmas tree - much better than my 10-year-old plastic Wallmart one.
    Lots of love,
    (And our outside huge spruce tree is lit too - we never took down the lights from last year & only 2 strings had to be replaced.

  10. Multicolored lights bring joy! I want your dreams to come true! Merry Christmas, dear Betsy!

  11. What a wonderful, festive post… your little Christmas tree with its beautiful lights whispered "Christmas spirit" to me. But although these lighted pictures have always such a great mood (and are so hard to get… I know what I'm talking about because I'm struggling with pictures of a certain Christmas market when illuminated) I would really like to see the tree's ornaments a bit clearer some day. They look already beautiful in the little light... and I really like that it's a collection from years ago. I don't like this business of decorating Christmas trees after the latest fashion, that's for other people than me... our ornaments have been companions over the years and every now and then a new piece is added. Our tree top has been on our trees since my earliest childhood memories... and as long as there is no serious accident it won't be replaced. It's good to see that Christmas is coming to our dear little people in Betsyville… but I wonder about the camel... left side… right side… it won't be Christmas without this question. And it won't be Christmas without you being busy with your card drawing… but I admire that you did not forget about No. 37. Welcome to the growing lilac family! And not to forget - Jodi has sent you the most wonderful Christmas gift, her work is outstanding. I'm curious to see where and how you're going to use it... btw I'm glad that I don't have to fear that you'd ever get finished with your projects… *LOL*


  12. Seguro que ese árbol estará lleno de pequeños tesoros y el regalo de Jodi una preciosidad. Se ve que tus flores avanzan ,feliz Navidad.Besos:-)

  13. Your gifts from Jodi are beautiful. The Christmas tree is wonderful it looks so festive. I am looking forward to seeing the decorations on it some day.
    Hugs Maria

  14. It's so lovely that our memories become more precious with the passing of time, and that a little tree in a little dollhouse can reconnect our hearts with the most special feelings in our lives! Someday's are wonderful, too, because they keep us dreaming, looking forward and that hope alive!
    I'm so glad that your little gifts arrived safely (Though terribly late) and before we dare to dream again, you'll be working on lilacs in the 40's!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas, Betsy, and Godspeed on this year's incredible card!

  15. Hello, Betsy - Your tiny Christmas tree with its beautiful colored lights and ornaments does indeed add a special, magical glow to the Lovely Old Dollhouse. Seeing the tree makes me nostalgic for the distant days that seemed to hold more than 24 hours - days when I managed to accomplish at least most of the things on my daily "to do" list, including adding Christmas trees and trimmings to dollhouses. Even before I owned a dollhouse, I contrived room settings in an old bookcase - and decorated even that with festive trees, wreaths, gift boxes, and lights. Now my life sometimes seems so busy that I need to dash about even to get my Real Life home ready for this wonderful season. Your beautiful tree in the Lovely Old Dollhouse has definitely inspired me to try to make an early start next year to bring some Christmas Cheer to my current mini houses. I miss those tiny lighted trees! Thank you for sharing yours. Thank you, too, for sharing your lovely gifts from Jodi, our extremely gifted and generous miniaturist friend. Her tiny bits of perfection bring so much joy (and awe) to all who receive them. It was a pleasure to see lilac blossom #37, with its assurance that spring is sure to come again. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and for a timely completion of the Christmas Card!

  16. I have been very tardy of late and not paying much attention to Blogger (work happening in RL house) but I've just been looking through your pics and love every single one! A big pat on the back for you and your blossom progress. They really are beautiful and the little chair is a delightful gift. I'm sure you'll find just the right place for it. Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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