Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Nativity.....

A Last Minute Thing....

I Hope you will not mind, Dear Readers, that the Nativity was not set up in the Lovely Old Dollhouse until nearly the Last minute. Pollyanna has been very preoccupied with her mini projects and was almost forgetting what day it was. Charles reminded her that it was Time to get the figures set up... tomorrow being Christmas Eve. But really, if we think about it.... this is as it should be! The Holy Family were traveling and when night began to fall, they stopped and searched for a place to sleep.  But the Town was crowded and there were no beds to be found at the Inn, so they had to sleep in the Stables with the Beasts. They could not know or predict when the Holy Child would arrive... and Suddenly it was Time...!

Pollyanna enjoys the ritual of setting up the figures... 
so well known... each with it's story and place...
Although by now you probably remember
 that it is difficult to recall on which side the Camel belongs...!
This year it is resting on the Left...

Perhaps you can see it way back there behind the Kings?
The Shepherds were the First to arrive after all...

And even over at The Folly, Will has set up the little Creche in the Window....
Although it is harder to see now that there are such Sumptuous Drapes....
Perhaps we will be able to see better in the Morn
When Christmas Day has come!

And though it is not related to the Nativity, Dear Readers,
 I wanted to show you another gift I received from Birgit... 
although she might have forgotten it by now!

Blue the Blue Fairy Bearey has set up the Silver Tinsel Tree
 in its usual place in the Cloud Palace Parlor...
And she has called all the rest of the Fairy Bearey Gang to come see the Tree.

"I have a surprise for you ..." said Blue The Blue Fairy Bearey.

"I don't see anything different..." said Brother Beorn....
 "It looks like the Same old tree to me!"
"Well, just wait a moment said Blue...."
And she waved her magic wand...

"Ta Da!" she said!
"We have lights!"

Everybearey gasped in surprise....!
"Oooh...." said Sweet pea.... "That is Brilliant!"

So the Bearey Gang all enjoyed cake and tea
 in the light of the Brilliant Silver Tinsel Tree....
 lit with a string of lights sent to me Last Year by Birgit!!!
(And yes, I remembered at the Last Minute and went to find them...!)

And lest you think I have been doing Nothing but the Christmas Card....
Here is blossom number Thirty-eight...!

And with it's buddies in the box....

My my.... we are running out of room...
Soon there will be No room to put them in....!
Well, Dear Readers, I hope you all
 have a Wonderful Christmas Holiday...
With plenty of room and plenty of Love...
Even if it is a Last Minute Thing!

(And yes... I am still working on the Christmas Card!)


  1. Que pases unas felices fiestas!!!

  2. The Nativity scene is lovely as well as the Christmas tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  3. What wonderful miniature scenes and stories, Betsy.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Magnifique scénette! Joyeux Noel Betsy

  5. Now all is ready for Christmas - the most important question is answered: This year it's the left side for the camel! Hooray! ;O) Thank you for the lovely pictures… and of course an extra thanks for showing the Christmas festivities in the Cloud Palace, I can't deny it, it's always great for me to see the beary gang having fun. And what a great addition to the silver tree the lights are, it's shining even brighter now. This light chain of mine could not have found a better place than this special tree! ;O) And welcome to No. 38... bravo for keeping up. Let's hope Santa will bring you a bigger or at least a second box for the growing lilac family! Oh, and keep on painting happily! *grin* Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  6. And a very merry Christmas, happy Holidays, whatever fills your cup to you and all your blog friends. We are having a marvelous time, and Sean & Zach (& Jonathan - they have only one car) will be staying all the way till Thursday! Good thing, too, we may get snow on Wednesday.
    Love to you & all,

  7. Happy Christmas! It looks as if everyone is going to have a joyous Holiday.

  8. Hello, Betsy - I've loved seeing the beautiful figures of the Nativity in your Lovely Old Dollhouse - proving that even the last minute isn't too late. The Silver Tinsel Tree is as lovely as ever, but Birgit's lights add that extra bit of festive sparkle. I'm sure that #38 is feeling very happy to take its place in the lilac-blossom box in the midst of such busyness! I hope you'll have a Wonderful, Blessed, and Merry Christmas!

  9. Let all wishes come true! Merry Christmas!

  10. Thank you for your beautiful re-telling the original Christmas story Betsy and for allowing us to enjoy the nativity scene in the Lovely Old Dollhouse and the newly lit Christmas tree in the Cloud Palace.
    Your projects always evoke a sense of magic and never fail to enchant us!
    Keep your nose to the grindstone re: finishing the Christmas card, but thank you too, for taking the time to send a reminder to Pollyanna! :D


  11. Merry Christmas Dear Betsy! I just love the blue room, silver tree and white lights! Last minute only means we care enough to try and fit every last wonderful thing into this special time of year!

  12. Beautiful Christmas displays. The lighted silver tree is gorgeous!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi Betsy, I seem to be successful at present in leaving comments so just swung by to greet you and wish you all the best for 2019!
    I always enjoy visiting your blog and do so admire your determination and artistry. You are many-talented! I am always impressed also to get a view sometimes in your blog of the collection of doll houses.
    I am overwhelmed with just having two!
    Take care. Warm regards Janine

  14. Happy New Year Betsy!
    Hugs, piikko