Monday, December 10, 2018

'Tis The Season....

Visitors and Gifts....

A Wonderfully familiar looking package arrived on my front porch last week, Dear Readers, this time in a very timely manner! It only took five days to cross the Oceans and travel to this little Town! (Last year it took more like five weeks to arrive on these shores!) It only took me a few more minutes to open the box to see what Birgit had sent! As anybody who has ever received one of Birgit's boxes knows, they are filled with wonderful seasonal treats! And this year's box is no exception!

Here is a beautiful Made-by-Birgit card......

With a Lovely picture inside of the Blog-Bearies Fluby and Rosey
 standing with Birgit's Christmas Cupboard
 that she made last year!
 Now I have my own picture of this Enchanting Mini-mini project!

There was also an envelope filled with tiny Christmas treasures....
all of them showing the trade-mark Birgit magic details!
The (still wrapped!) package is going under the Christmas Tree
 to be opened on Christmas morning....
but the Marzipan which was visible in the second picture
 has already been put to good use!
Thank you Birgit for your Generous Gifts!
And even more, Thank you for your friendship!
And because we are on the subject of gifts...
I also had the gift of a Visit from my Sister, Dear Readers,
 and while it was brief, it was Wonderful!

And look who came along with her.... 
Marmalade and Buttercup!

Riding on their own North Pole Christmas Express Train!

It was already quite late when they finally made it to the Cloud Palace....
 They were so eager to visit with their Fairy Beary cousins!

But they wanted to surprise them.....

"Surprise....!!!" said Buttercup as she jumped into the Palace....
"We're Here....!" said Marmalade as she followed Buttercup.

"And we brought you a gift..." said Buttercup
 as a Silver Mist Pine Tree appeared beside her.

All the Bearys were very excited to have Visitors.....
 and in almost no time, Buttercup and Marmalade
 were drinking Tea with Blue and Lady Lavender and Sweet Pea.

While Brother Beorn came to have a better look 
at this Silver Mist Pine Tree....

"It is clearly a different variety than the Silver Tinsel Tree..."
 he said as Sweet Pea Joined him.

"It looks like a very young specimen..." she said.

"We might need to shelter it.... 
especially since it comes from the South..." she added.

And while the other Bearys were occupied inside.... 
Hamish Harry and sir Orion had wandered over to the Guard Tower....

Where the North Pole Christmas Express was
 pulled up beside the Enchanted Cloud Cycle.....

They had to admit.... neither one
 had ever seen Anything Quite like it!

"I wonder how this thing goes..." said Hamish Harry as he climbed aboard....

Sir Orion jumped on behind him.... 

"I bet they hid the keys...." he said.
"Ach... I'm sure it'll never out-run my Cloud Cycle......" said Hamish Harry.
"And I'm sure it would never turn as quickly as Thunder can...." replied Sir Orion.
"But it sure has great wheels...." he added.
"Aye, and it can hold a mighty great cargo too!" said Hamish Harry.

And while they were all getting caught up over tea and cake,
 Dear Readers, I did manage to sneak in a few minutes
 to work on Blossom number Thirty-six!

Alas, my Sister's visit was short but Sweet...
and they were long gone by the time the blossom was finished.

Here you can see it in the box with the rest.
But as you can see Dear Readers,
I didn't get much done in my mini worlds last week...
Because 'tis the Season for Visitors and Gifts...
And I hope you all receive plenty of both!


  1. Ooooohhhh!!! que agradable y entrañable visita! y todos los primos osos juntos,que maravilloso verlos compartir un café y disfrutar de los regalos ver ese maravilloso tren navideño (me encantan las cajas metálicas).No importa no avanzar con las minis,cuando hay visita en casa,es mucho mejor disfrutar del cariño!!!

  2. Lovely gifts from a lovely and very generous friend Birgit. I love the the angel bearies tea party. How wonderful to spend a little time with your sister. The train boxes are very cute. Is it tea they contain?
    Hugs, Drora

  3. What a wonderful Christmas time that of friendship! What beautiful gifts!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    What fun! you received beautiful presents from Birgit and how nice of your sister to visit and bring along Marmalade and Buttercup. It looks like everyone had a lovely visit.
    Big hug

  5. Is that the locomotive that eventually found its way to Worcester wrapped in Christmas paper?
    What a lovely story. As is the story of your "ThanksMas."
    Lots of love,

  6. Oh the bears look so happy! Such lovely gifts.

  7. Cloud Palace with all it's Fairy Beary friends is Heavenly! Glad you got some love from Germany and the gift of time spent with your sister - the best gift of all!

  8. Hi Betsy! Yes, I bet that you were excited to receive one of magical Birgit's gift boxes, she always make the receiver very happy. I'm happy for you that her box reached you in time for Christmas. And just like you will do, I'll open my box with Christmas ;)!
    How nice that your sister has visited you, and also that she had company of her two lovely bearies. I love seeing the pictures of Buttercup and Marmelade, they're so beuatifully made by Birgit :D! How nice that they visited their family in the Cloud Palace, I bet it was very cosy and quite late that night before they got some sleep ;O.
    I love reading the story of some of the bearies and the North Pole Christmas Express. You even succeeded to make Blossom number Thirty-six, that's more than I achieved in the last weeks of December ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. How nice when a big family of bears are going to drink tea! I read and smiled! Very nice!
    What a wonderful gift from Birgit!
    Have a good week!

  10. My, Betsy... you promised me a surprise - and what a surprise was expecting me here! What fun to see Marmalade and Buttercup again on their surprise visit at the Cloud Palace - please tell your sister that she made me happy too with her visit at your home because she thought of bringing my beary girls along with her. And of course seeing the beary gang all together having so much fun und joy made my day! And the boys gave me a big grin… reminded me of that fable about the fox and the grapes in a way… we can't get this fabulous, awesome, stunning, fantastic train to work and move… so well, the bike and the horse are better anyway. *LOL* I'm glad my little Christmas greeting made it so early this year - if I've been able to send you a little joy, that's all I ever wanted. And I received the biggest joy in return seeing my beary "kids" having so much fun in their new home. Oh, and bravo for not forgetting about No. 36!


  11. How wonderful to have visitors! Catching up with your sister must have been fun and the lovely baeries sure know how to make the most of a visit.
    Birgit is like a fairy mother spreading gifts and Christmas cheers all over the planet.
    Welcome to blossom 36!

  12. Hi, Betsy - It was fun to see the sweet gifts from Birgit - and how wonderful to have such a nice visit from your sister, even though it had to be short. (I have five sisters, so I know how important even a short visit can be!) I enjoyed hearing about Marmalade, Buttercup, and the tea party characters again, and of course I'm happy to have a chance to welcome lilac blossom #36!

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