Monday, January 10, 2022

Finishing Things....



The Christmas Card and More...

Well, Here it is, Dear Readers, the Christmas Card at last! You might not be too surprised at the subject matter.... but the perspective, or point of view, might not look familiar! It is one that I noticed while I had the Castle pulled all apart to paint the back side last summer. The only way to see this view when the Castle sections are standing together, is to stick your head all the way inside the Guard Room and crane your neck to the left and look into the Great Hall through the "entrance" doors.... as if you were a tiny person walking into the room. Even a camera put in through the doorway has a hard time getting a good picture of this perspective! But being a Dreamer who is clearly obsessed with this Medieval experience.... I want to feel like I am walking into this Grand Medieval Hall with the soaring ceiling painted with portraits of Saints! And thus we have this rendition. I did finish the drawing on January 2nd, but could not get it printed for several more days because the Covid surge has caused many local businesses to be drastically under-staffed. I am sure you have all experienced this, and certainly, a late Card needing printing is not an emergency! As for the other "finished" items I referred to in my header.... there are not many! I have stitched many tiny items in the past two years, and the minute the stitching was done on each, I started another one, leaving the "finishing" for later!

Remember this cushion?
I finally decided I needed to actually finish it!

Here it is with the carpet for size reference.
The carpet is on 18 count canvas cloth,
 the cushion is on 40 count silk!

The backing is a faux suede in dark blue.
The stitching together is simply overcast stitches all around
 with a single strand of the floss. No turning required.
I stuffed it with small beads.

Here it is in The Lovely Old Dollhouse living room.
And that is all I have "finished" so far, Dear Readers,
but there is a long list of tiny things waiting their turn.
Perhaps I will get many things finished this year!
I hope you are all staying well, Dear Readers,
 and maybe even getting a few mini things finished too!


  1. Maravillosa la tarjeta de Navidad, me encanta el tema, poder hacerse diminuta y entrar en el castillo para ver no sólo el gran salón sino todas las estancias desde cualquier perspectiva!!
    El cojín ha quedado perfecto y luce mucho en la sala de estar!!
    Grandes trabajos, enhorabuena!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your Highly Prized Christmas cards aa well as finishing your petit point cushion, Betsy!
    I must commend you on your illustration of the view inside the Great Hall through the entrance door. What a great way to catalogue your work, as it isn't always easy nor practical to appreciate such a unique perspective otherwise.
    And it goes without saying that your needlework is Flawlessly Beautiful because you are a perfectionist! And although, you may have a lot of unfinished items still on your plate, I have seen you dismantle entire mountains of labor intensive projects, one stitch, one hinge, and one paint stroke, at a time! ❤️
    Happy New Year to you Betsy!


  3. The Christmas card is just amazing, Betsy! The central focus of the saints on the ceiling captures the feeling of grandeur one must feel when entering that hallowed hall! It was wonderful to look at the scenes and remember all the things you've worked toward and accomplished in 2021! The pillow finished up beautifully and looks in perfect harmony on the green chair!

  4. Hi Betsy. Happy new year! Your card illustration is amazing as usual. Love it. I really love the holly around the little scenes along the sides. So lovely! And how great to also get your cushion finished! It too looks lovely. All the best for 2022 and finishing some projects!

  5. The card is beautiful And worth the wait! The recipients will love it also, I am sure. The cushion is wonderful and fits perfectly in the greens of that lovely room. The view of the Great Hall in the card is breathtaking. literally how it would look if we (were able to) walk into it through the door.

    I wish that 2022 will be a good year for you and that it will offer enough free time to finish some of the projects that you want to finish. :-)


  6. Una tarjeta muy original. Totalmente centra en la ambientación del castillo. Precioso también el cojín.

  7. I could make it really short - if I would like to... or try to - and put my feelings into just one single word which would be: WOW!!! But that's of course not my style... and would never be enough to praise the beauty of this (eh... last) year's Christmas Card which can proudly take its place into the amazing series of your annual masterpieces.

    As always you've outdone yourself, the perspective is spectacular and it's so special that your alter ego is able to admire it to the fullest. And as always you've managed so well to put all the important achievements and events into this card... although your family business is to your own privacy it was easy to remember when you visited your parents. Everything important for your miniature work of the last year can be found: Rocking the castle from the inside and the outside, caring about the Saints, telling wonderful tales (I spotted the beloved characters of your epic Halloween tale), working on the Christmas House... eh... Dollmaker's Studio with for example the tiny version of the Secret Christmas House and of course stitching miracles. And what could have been a better choice to be honored in your card than your beautiful carpet? However (and before I forget to mention it) the cushion you finished is awesome and looks great with this green chair (fantastic photo btw).

    And as always the composition of the card also blew me away. Of course the center with the castle's hall, but also the holly garland and the Christmas tree branches framing it with all the birds and angels and fairies... stunning! However, there's one little thing I was missing... but that's my own personal business... but it's somehow sad that this was the first card in years not showing any BiWuBearies. *sigh* So I made a New Year's resolution in your name and decided that one of the things you will be dedicating your time to this year will be the Cloud Palace... *tweet* - Just kidding... you know I love whatever you do... and although there were no fairy bearies showing up I am convinced I spotted En, To and Tre at the bottom of your card. I only need to find out how those three rascals managed to smuggle themselves there... ;O)


  8. I love the cushion and the Christmas card is wonderful!