Tuesday, May 10, 2022

More Carpet Details...


And Alterations....

I Finished the Fringe on Sally May's carpet, Dear Readers, and I think it does "finish it off" rather nicely! And then I trimmed all the loops too... and then forgot to take a picture in the lovely sunny morning light. So you will have to put up with the gloomy evening shot instead. I need to clean up in Sally May's living room before we have any pictures to show of it in place. But it is good to be able to call it finished now!

And as for the current stitching project,
 I suppose it would be asking too much
 for me to leave the pattern just exactly as it is in the instructions.

I was making great progress with stitching the
 first border that surrounds the central section.
I had completed all the little ovals and started the 
dark "spiderweb" around the white ones.
 These will also have the rose color for the background.
The gold ovals will be surrounded by
 the "spiderweb" in the dark blue color.
I was having a problem with the way it would look.... 
the dark blue and the dark mauve (chocolate almost)
 colors are really hard to tell apart.

These are the yarns...I love the colors, don't get me wrong...!
 But I thought the border was going to look
 a little "lack-luster" with just these colors.
And I wondered if I could just add a little bit of zing into the pattern
 with another color altogether... 
perhaps a lovely sky blue....?

Which I had a little bit remaining from another of Janet's kits....

I wouldn't do anything Drastic...!
Just maybe add the blue into the center of some...
 not all... of the golden ovals...?

Well, you know I had to give it a try...!
Can you even see the one that is stitched...?
And if it was hard to tell whether I liked it... 
shouldn't I stitch a few more... just to see...?

Perhaps just every other gold one?
And would I be able to tell if the rose color was not there yet...?

It always amazes me how much the appearance
 of a color is altered by the adjacent colors!
The rose color of the center is the same
 as the rose color of the border,
 but the border has more of the dark colors 
mixed into the pattern and less of the white...
so it appears to be a darker shade of rose (at least to my eye!)

As I am sure you have guessed, Dear Readers, 
by the time I have stitched enough background
 to know whether or not I like the change,
 it is way too difficult to unstitch the blue bits!
But fortunately, I have decided that I like the alteration!
 Yes, the blue is not expected in this carpet...
 but I think it does add that tiny bit of zing I was looking for.
It is a subtle change, and in some light will not even be noticed...
 but I will know it is there!

And of course, I will now have to deal with
 the temptation to just sneak a few more blue dots
 into the other sections of the border pattern... 
which have only just been started on the lower left corner.

So you see, Dear Readers, 
I still have more carpet details to stitch,
And I might not be done with the alterations,
But I sure do love playing with color!


  1. The finished rug is gorgeous. I'd call it a carpet, adding the fringe made the difference between carpet and rug.
    I'm sure the border on the second carpet will be gorgeous. The colors are beautiful and I know the border will be great. It's good to put your own touch, especially when it a question of colors.
    Hugs, Drora.

  2. My jaw just drops every time I see Sally May's carpet! I love everything about it - the colors, the patterns, the artistically added flowers. I can't wait to see it in Sally May's home, and I know my jaw will drop again!

    As for the new rug... I totally trust your improvements to the design and am impressed with the progress you are making! It is going to be far more beautiful than the photocopied rug included with the kit! Hope you are getting lots of assistance with an abundance sunlight!

  3. Your carpets are amazing and the details are perfect. The colors are just beautiful.

  4. Looking great Betsy. I like the tiny splash of blue, it adds interest.

  5. Visiting your blog always brightens my day because seeing your newest work is always causing feelings of admiration, awe, fun and happiness. But this post also granted me with one of my most beloved sentences in the world: "... but I will know it is there!" *LOL*

    I too will know it's there and I bet I'm not the only one - this little touch of blue was a wonderful idea (even more as blue is so important for you). It's always great to add a bit of personal touch and not just stitching the project following the chart. And I can only agree, it's amazing how different colors can appear in different surroundings, the border looks in fact as if it was stitched in another color. What fun to achieve such an effect by using the same yarn.

    And congrats for finishing Sally May's carpet. Your working speed never stops to amaze me. It turned out awesome and Sally May must be over the moon with this beautiful piece. I can't wait to see it in her home.