Monday, December 5, 2022

'Tis The Season...


To Procrastinate....

As Some of you might be aware, Dear Readers, there is a Large Task looming in my RL that always consumes a great deal of my focus at this time of year. I am referring to the Annual Christmas Card Drawing which I have managed to make every year for... um... this will be the fortieth year! And being fond of little things with lots of detail... I make an elaborate drawing that summarizes some of the high points of the year. It takes hours and hours over days and weeks... but I LOVE to draw and once it gets going it consumes all my creative focus. I like nothing better than to be able to sit at my drawing table hour after hour adding tiny details...... But, it is not always easy to get the current year organized into a workable idea.... and therefore... procrastination sets in while I dither about possibilities...! And while procrastinating last weekend, I decided to get into the Spirit by putting up all my Christmas Trees! So you can see the Tree has been put up in The Lovely Old Dollhouse, even earlier than usual! Charles is quite pleased with the Tree and Helen agrees that it must be the most beautiful one ever!

 Yes, it is the same tree as always, with nothing new added...!

And over in The Castle, the big tree has been brought in
 and all the candles are lit even though it is not yet night.
And because I am also putting up my RL Trees,
 I need to move some of the dollhouses to the Holiday Locations.

The Cloud Palace is once again sitting at my elbow
 while I am stitching my embroidery projects... 
and Blue has even decided that the Christmas Tree Skirt
 I stitched a couple of years ago belongs in the Cloud Palace!
(Well, of Course! )

With the Silver Tinsel Tree and the Wishing Stars...

Here you can see a closeup.... 
(I still have to add the "cloud-puff" edging to the skirt!)

And Sally May has the "Same Old Tree" in the same old spot....
So many new things she wanted to try this year...
 but there just hasn't been time!
Her in-laws, Ernie and Blanche 
seem to have gotten used to this tree...
 (it is not at all their idea of a "proper" New England Tree!)

Even Hardwick Hall has a small tree... 
although the lights have not been added, 
and the Hall has been moved to the inaccessible spot for the Holidays...
 to make room for the RL Tree to be put up in my Livingroom.
And because I am Procrastinating, Dear Readers,
 there is even a New Little Tree on the block!

The idea has been brewing since the beginning of this Project... 
but the particulars are turning out to be whatever I had in my stash....
A Sparkling green bottlebrush Tree in medium size 
With a string of clear mini lights wound around and around.... 
it is impossible to get a good spacing of the lights this way....
 but I am going to call that part of the Charm of this little tree!
So where does it belong....???

In the Dollmaker's Studio... 
also known as Sugarplum Studio!
Can you even see in there.....?
(Halleluliah, the plug outlet works!)

Here, I have turned on some of the other lights...
I know.... it needs to be decorated..... 
hung with gingerbread and little dollies...

And do you even remember the Teeny-Tiny
 little version of  The Secret Christmas House?
Well... I hate to admit it... 
but that full-size (144th scale) Secret Christmas House
 still has not been completed...!
There are several unfinished steps and pieces I need to add.
Will I get to them This year....?
 Well, you never know, Dear Readers,
 because it is the Season
 for Procrastination in  my House!


  1. El espíritu navideño ha entrado en tus estancias con tan bellos y luminosos árboles!! Estoy segura que ellos también iluminarán tu mente para que vuelvas a crear, un año más, tus fantásticas tarjetas navideñas, deseando ver!!

  2. Betsy I don't know how you do it all but it is such a treat for me to see you memorialize the year with your astonishingly detailed Christmas card each year! I am sending wishes that you find the perfect theme out of all the projects and that you enjoy every stroke of your brush work!
    It is also a treat to get to see all of the decorated trees in everyone's homes, and you even have one for the dollmakers studio! Wonderful! I do also have to mention how much I love to see the green walls in the Lovely Old Dollhouse - that is the perfect shade of green and I could live in it happily forever!

  3. We are getting scarily close to another Christmas aren’t we?? I look forward to seeing your card - it’s always spectacular. And all your trees look spectacular too! I do find it reassuring that there are others in the dollhouse world with lots of houses and lots of unfinished projects. In fact, I fail to see how a house is ever finished - there is always something out there that we might find or decide we need to make that would fit into a house. One day you will pick up that little Christmas house and it will be finished. Don’t stress it.

  4. ¡Impresionante!. ¡Estupenda diversión!

  5. I have at least the glimpse of an idea what it means to create your wonderful annual Christmas cards. It's for sure a work of composition to put all the necessary details in it, combining it with Christmas decorations and above all corresponding to this year's motto letter. But who knows... as this is a jubilee this time (WOW!) you might decide to choose a fourty this year. Ah, I'm already looking forward to see the result of all the work, time, talent, love and dedication you always put into it. Have fun... and I suppose we will see one, two, three, four carpets on it... *smile*

    Speaking of carpets... you will not be surprised to hear that it touched me that this very special tree skirt went under the silver Christmas tree in the Cloud Palace. It was so lovely to see it again with your very own special details - the snow reindeer and the snowman. Sadly I couldn't spot Soot... yes, I do remember him... and perhaps you remember that I said back then that I might "steal" this name some future day. Who knows... maybe there is already a half flocked black dog lying somewhere on my work table waiting patiently for me to care about him again. *wink*

    It was so lovely to see all the familiar folk getting into the spirit of the Season with their beautiful and impressive Christmas trees in place. It is a seasonal highlight for me every year to see all those different but very festive trees again. And even a new arrival - welcome to the family of stunning Christmas trees, little new one in the Dollmaker's Studio! And don't worry, one day you will also get some beautiful decorations... but so far you are beautiful à la nature and with your lights on.


  6. Despite the difficulty in selecting subjects/scenes for the card, I am sure that the christmascard will be stunning as has been each year that I have seen the result here on your blog. And this will be the 40th edition? Wow!

    Decorating your houses in the christmas theme must be one of the best ways to procrastinate. And who knows, the process may help you to select the right themes for the card and how to draw them.

    Good luck!