Monday, January 23, 2023

The Card...


Ready or Not....

Well, Dear Readers, here it is the Fortieth edition of my Annual Christmas Card.... every year since 1983 I have drawn and printed and sent to friends and family a Seasonal card! Yes, Christmas is long gone, but it takes a long time to get all the details right. And given the time constraints of employment and occasional illness it has rarely been completed by Christmas. And if it is Late as usual... then perhaps it is really right on time! At any rate, there are always dozens of additional tweaks and shadows and touch-ups that could be added, but I have to stop somewhere. So this is it! As always, it is 8.5 x 11 inches, pen and ink and watercolor on watercolor board drawn to actual size and color copied. The theme is always the events of the past year woven into  an illustration, almost always with a letter to capture the theme.

Here is a closer view of the upper part. 
This is the printed version and the glossy paper
 always makes photography difficult... the reflection is hard to avoid.

Here is the lower section.
And if you question whether The Dollmaker's Studio
 was the primary work of the past year.... 
well, all I can say is that it was worked on
 all year in tiny little slow bits... 
not enough to warrant much in the way of blogging....
But enough to warrant recognition, unfinished as it is!

And that's all I have to show, Dear Readers,
The Card, Ready or Not...
Finally Finished!
I hope you enjoy seeing it.


  1. Dear Betsy, the card is stunning! Such a joy ti see your artistry. I have no doubt that for every recipient it is well worth the wait.

    And although all the christmasdecorations are stored away by now until next december, I feel that it offers a little Christmas sparke to anyone who sees it. I know I felt like that when I first saw it.

    But other than that, every year since 1983? That makes it a grand jubilee. It is quite an achievement!


  2. It’s amazing Betsy! Such a great way to capture the events of the year and fun for your friends and family to recieve.

  3. Lovely as always and a wonderful tradition. ❤