Thursday, March 9, 2023

The Doll Maker's Studio....


Just A Quick Little Project....

I Hope you will understand, Dear Readers, if I return to The Doll Maker's Studio after all my dithering. It sits right in the way of everything else on the corner of my work table, and truly, there is nowhere else to place it while it is being constructed! My house is small and already has mini houses in almost every room on almost every table and chair and it is a juggling act to have visitors and to access materials. And the Doll Maker's Studio was originally just a cute very small "vignette" kit from Sandra Morris of Tower House Dolls in England. As soon as I opened the kit it "needed" to expand into a small building of three stories and infinitely more details! It quickly became anything but a "quick little project"! But in spite of all my other distractions, I am making progress!

Most of my attention for the past year or so
 has been on the second floor studio room. 
Originally this was made from the "Sugarplum" kit made by Greenleaf, 
and like all their kits it is made of very thin plywood
 with tab and slot construction.
There has been a great deal of "adjusting" 
required at every single step of the project!
Very little of the kit is as it was originally intended.... 
with the exception of the ceiling construction in this room.
This is because the tab and slot method is actually
 structurally necessary in keeping the house pieces together properly!
So even though it is elaborately painted with clouds and cherubs
 and is being "supported" by billowing gilded floral swags....
Those "tabs" still need to go into the slots 
when the ceiling is finally glued in place.

And at the moment, none of it is glued in place!
(I apologize for the glaring flash pictures... 
this room is too dark to see details without it.)
And as always it is a challenge to figure out
 which steps are necessary to complete
 before the ceiling is glued in! 
 The gilded trim needs more coats of paint,
 in particular on the opening wall side
 which you can't even see except when looking in windows.
And before the ceiling is attached,
 I want to get the curtains for the window seat done,
 so I can be sure they fit around the cornice trim.
And the window seat alcove can't be attached
 until the ceiling is in place because that wall 
needs to remain "flexible" so the ceiling tab can be slotted in place.
Yes, it's complicated!
And I thought I had the curtains all figured out, Dear Readers,
 until I was searching through my boxes of material
 and came across a different scrap of velvet....

Which would be a Much better match for the wallpaper in this room!
I won't even show you the maroon velveteen I thought I was going to use... 
it looks terrible in comparison!
Here I am testing the gold fringe trim which
 I have used on so many of my velvet curtains.... 
and I just don't think it is right here.

Especially when I found this
 much more opulent trim in my supplies!
No Contest!
These drapes need the bold gold to balance the cornice trim!

Then it was just a matter of making the curtains.... 
and I like my curtains to be able to
 "open and close" as real ones would.
This means sewing hems and attaching
 curtain rings to go on the curtain rod.
I stitch florist wire into the hems
 so I can "shape" the curtains somewhat into pleats.

I didn't hem the lower end until the rings were attached
 and I could measure the actual length of the curtain.
Here I have pinned the gold braid on
 and am testing it in place on the curtain rod.
I use coat hanger wire for the rod
 and run it through two small eye hooks, 
one of which has been bent part way open
 so the rod can lift out to slide the rings on and off.
(In this case the partly open hook is the right hand one.)

Here the first curtain is done 
and I am beginning the second one.

Here the finished curtain is being tested in place.
I think it will do!
And when the other one is done, 
they will probably be positioned so they are mostly open... 
because one will want to see into the window seat alcove!
This will compress the trim into tighter folds.... 
We will see how it works!

Yes, Dear Readers, 
The Doll Maker's Studio
Was meant to be 
just a Quick Little Project!


  1. Thanks for talent for connecting with readers on a personal level. Continue in the same spirit.

  2. Knowing what needs to be done in in what order is sometimes half the battle, Betsy, so rest easy knowing you are half way there! The velvet curtains couldn't be a more perfect companion to the wallpaper and the gold edging to the cherup ceiling trim! It was meant to be! This is going to be such an inspirational room in which to create miraculous, tiny dolls!
    I hope the next steps will fall into place perfectly, and your work on them will fill you with joy! Sometimes the little details like making curtains is all we need to ignite our ideas again and put wind beneath our wings!

  3. ¡No importa que no sea rápido si consigues que quede tan bonito!!
    La cortinas además tienen un buen realismo al poder abrirlas y cerrarlas .

  4. What a lucky find this piece of fabric was! Great that you found it in your stash, it's a perfect match for this room and I can only agree with the gold trim. For this room it needs to be opulent! Btw I enjoyed the 4th picture very much as it showed the details of the ceiling's trim very well. It's always fun to remember about the details of your outstanding work... ;O)

    You've managed to finish one more step with these beautiful curtains for your "quick project" *smile* and the result is awesome... and of course movable, what else?! *LOL* And I have no doubt that it takes a lot of planning when it comes to the question of what to do and when. ;O)


  5. A perfect fabric for this room.