Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Thanksgiving Leftovers....


And Then...

I Hate to be the Bearer of bad Tidings, Dear Readers, but two days after Thanksgiving, Helen came down with a cold. She never gets sick, but took herself to bed with a runny nose and a cough. Charles was worried, but she told him not to worry, she would get over it soon enough if she could get some rest. That meant she didn't want him to hover. So he left her to rest.

Frankly, he didn't know what to do with himself!
They did everything together.

So he checked on her often.
And when she developed a fever,
 he insisted they see a doctor right away!
The doctor told them as kindly as he could
 that it appeared she had caught Covid.
"What?" said Charles, aghast.
"But we have been so careful!" he declared.
"We have seen nobody but close Family for the Holiday!"
"Well," said the doctor, "That is how it happens usually.... 
somebody else has not been quite so careful!"
So they returned home with the instructions to take the decongestants
 and keep an eye on her temperature and call him if it got worse.
Since she was vaccinated,
 he assured them she was not in danger.

When Charles told Joanna and Victor
 the results of the visit to the doctor,
 they were just as shocked.
"How could that be?" said Joanna. 
"We have all been so careful for so long!"
"Maybe we should check with Sallly May," said Victor. 
"Just to let her know what is up."

When Sally May heard that Grandma Helen was sick, 
she was alarmed. 
And she hated to think she might have
 caught Covid at Thanksgiving Dinner!
"I just talked to Mama," she said to Chip. 
"She says Grandma Helen has caught Covid!"
"You don't think...." she started to say but trailed off.
 "Well," said Chip, "Dad has been coughing all week,
 although he pretends he isn't."
"And I suspect he never wears his mask
 when he goes out to the corner market...." he added.
"Darn...." he continued, "should we all take tests? 
Is Grandma Helen okay?"

Well, Dear Readers, Joanna spent all week nursing Grandma Helen.
And slowly but surely, she is feeling a lot better.

Helen insisted she didn't need so much attention... 
and she didn't want anyone else to get sick!
Joanna insisted that she was just making sure everything was okay
 and nobody else seemed to be having symptoms.

"I just don't want to make any trouble for anyone..." said Helen.
"I'm really feeling a lot better."
She said this every day.
"Well, tomorrow we'll bring you downstairs
 to sit if you feel like it" said Joanna cheerfully. 

"I think that sounds like a good idea..." said Helen.
"We can see in the morning how you feel...." replied Joanna.
She certainly didn't want to rush things... 
but she was sure Helen would enjoy getting out of bed for a while.

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you will not worry for Helen.
She is getting better by the day
 and is only embarrassed that after being so careful for so long...
 she caught Covid after all!
Thanksgiving Leftovers of a very different sort!


  1. Oh poor Helen! I hope she is feeling back to normal again soon. There is so much to get done before Christmas! I hope Ernie's cough doesn't turn out to be Covid, or RSV for that matter! If he gets sick, the whole house may be doomed!!!
    I must admit, though, that I did take guilty pleasure in seeing the beautiful mural painted on Helen's bedroom walls. If anything can make you feel better when you're stuck in bed sick, it has to be those beautiful floral sprays against the happy, sunny, dusky yellow!

  2. Oh no! Definitely not the good kind of Thanksgiving leftovers. I hope Helen will feel better soon and that everyone else stays healthy!

  3. Oh nooooooo... this is really bad news... and for sure the worst kind of Thanksgiving leftover. And Helen has always been so careful... my, there's no 100 % safety after all. I hope in the meantime Helen's health has still improved a lot - however, she's lucky having such a caring family around her. Speaking of family... is there anything to be heard when it comes to greens of different sorts? ;O)


  4. ¡En estos días, si no es el COVID es la gripe o cualquier otro virus !
    ¡Menos mal que todo avanza bien!