Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Gift!

And So Much More.....

Even when you are expecting the eventual arrival of a Gift by mail, Dear Readers, it is Such a Pleasing Surprise when it appears one day in your mailbox! Such was the case with the beads that Andy of Dollhouses and Miniatures blog had promised to send me! If you don't already know Andy and his several beautiful dollhouses, you Must run right over for a visit! He had suggested that he was hoping to find some small porcelain beads that might be useful in the Tree House Chinoiserie bedroom and would send some if I liked. But he was only able to find beads of about one inch which makes them too large for the Tree House.... unless we are talking about mammoth Urns... (which could be an idea....!) but I decided that it would be wonderful to have them anyway and I could see whether they would work in the Tiny scale.

They arrived on Friday! 
Not only are the Beads Beautiful, 
but he "Threw in" a lovely copper Tea Kettle 
which he wasn't using and thought I might be able to use somewhere! 
And it all came with a Gorgeous card...

With an embroidered Peacock design....
which I surely will have to find a way to use....
(I think perhaps it will make a Great firescreen ...!)
The kettle found a home Right away on the Folly Kitchen stove....

Which reminds me that Several improvements 
have been made to this kitchen in recent weeks!
I made a "brick" wall using egg carton bricks,
for the stove to back up against.....
And I also added the small kerosene lamp
(another small purchase from the Sturbridge Fair)....
It is electrified, but I still have not hooked the wiring up.

And you might have noticed that I added a stovepipe 
to connect the stove to the Chimney....
It is made from the cardboard tube that used to be part of the 
wire hangers you got with your clean shirts from the Laundry...
(Does anybody else remember them.... or even collect old hanger parts... LOL!)

As for the Beads, they are looking Perfectly Stunning as Vases 
on the mantle of the Folly Fireplace....

Where I think they look as though they were Made for this Room!

But it seems as though Samuel Whiskers has other ideas 
about where they should go....

I wonder what he is up to?
It seems that he and Anna Maria are looking into leasing  a home....
They were spotted looking at Real Estate....

A Lovely set of Row Houses along the Cliff Walk....
In a Town not too Far Away....

With a small amount of Structural upgrades and a good coat of paint....
they would be ready to move right in!
(Can you believe this is a "decorative" bird house I found at Michael's? 
It seems to be the Perfect scale...!)
And lest you be afraid, Dear Readers, 
that I have abandoned all work on the Tree House...
You may rest easy that I have been Slowly ....
And I mean SLOWLY... completing the lighting of the 
Chinoiserie bedroom!
You may remember that I was needing to have the lights be ambient
and therefore practically invisible to the viewer looking into the room....
Which required some serious alterations of the already nearly done room....
You can see below the results of my careful adaptations....
Looking down from the top with the domed ceiling removed....

If you look VERY closely at the wall beside the candle sconce next to the window...
you will see a small niche with the LED tucked inside....
with a "facing" along the door opening side... 
so the light is not visible as you look into the room!
I had to carve away part of the doorframe wall... 
careful to not touch the sconce....
and then build up the casing to go around the lamp!
The overhead light is easier to see here......

Where I had to carve a channel into the ceiling frame pieces.....
so the domed ceiling would still sit flush to the frame....
And then I needed to add a "shield" on the under side of the lamp 
so the it was not visible when you look in and up at the ceiling....
but still allowed the light to point at the Peacock wall 
well enough to illuminate the painting...

And I needed to add still more layers of card 
around the base of the dome along one side...
to fill cracks where it was not sitting flush on the Frame....
And then I GLUED the Dome in place!!!!
I weighted it down with a can of paint and let it sit for two days!!!

So now when you look into the Room... 
with Only the ambient light sources....
yes, I know it is dim... but at Night it is So Gorgeously Perfect!!!
And while the Chinoiserie bedroom is Almost Done....
I have also been working on those spiral stairs to the next level...

Here you can see the entire Tree House in place next to The Folly....
and at the back side is the small turret with the spiral stairs inside....
The cardboard tubing is still not finished being fitted....

But you can see the Domed ceiling of the bedroom in place 
and the Floor of the next room above it....
If I hold it in place you can see how the turret is positioned....
And Yes, I could Not resist putting a window into the stairwell....

Still very much under construction!!!

As for the Kitchen of the Folly....
Hazel stopped by the Minute she heard there was a new Copper Teakettle...
Just to give it a Test run....
And while she was there...
She thought she'd have a look in the oven as well...
Oh my!

Please be sure to come on by for some fresh baked pie...
and a cup of fresh brewed tea....!
While it may be just another little Gift....
The friendship it brings....
The stories it inspires....
I t ends up being So Much More!!!

Thank you, Andy for your Thoughtful and Beautiful Gifts!
They are Treasured!


  1. Great gift and great way of using all the minis, Betsy!:):)
    I have to say I love all your projects but the Tree House with your imagination running wild ;) is my favourite one.:)

    1. Thank you, Ewa! I don't have a Favorite.... But the Tree House certainly has allowed me more Freedom for new ideas! And the scale of it makes it easier to Imagine that I can build the parts...! :)

  2. Hello Dear Betsy! My oh my, but you HAVE been busy of late! First off, Betsy, you tell Samuel Whiskers to put those Beautiful beads Back into the Folly! They looked Wonderful on the mantle. The colors were a lovely compliment to the russet tones of the wall and they harmonized so well with the existing blues of the bookcases. They belong in the Folly. I like the 'Ratigans' choice of a new home. It is Just the right size for them and such a charming entry and roof line.
    This is the First time I have seen the kitchen of the Folly and you have made good use of the space under the stairs Betsy. Your brickwork is beautifully done (from what I can see of it) and I like how you have addressed the stove pipe issue too. I do remember those cardboard tubes from the dry cleaners and I think it is ever so clever of you to have repurposed them into action in this way!
    Your tree house is going to be extra cute with that turret addition and the spiral staircase! You just never stop building and that is what fascinates me so much about your homes. You have done a wonderful job of disquising the lighting in it and I bet it does look Amazing at night with just that subtle glow that catches the interior of the bedroom in a very discrete and lovely way. You can see the effect from the photos. But what a lot of work it seems to have been to retrofit those electrics!!!! But now that it is done; it was worth it! Lighting makes such a big difference. Yesterday I, installed the kitchen ceiling light and although it worked when I tested it, it remains to be seen if it will work after I officially hook it up! I find it challenging to stay with my nose to the grindstone with just one house Betsy, how do you manage with all that you have on the go???? My hat goes off to you, because you Do it, get it Done and then Do some more. You are One AMAZING Woman!


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I have so many projects "Partly done"... but it is the endless possibilities they suggest to me that keeps me going! I always seem to have a "mood" or an Image I am trying to create... and they are usually complicated and not something you can buy... like the Chapel murals in the Castle! I just assume that "Someday" I will complete most of them... and meanwhile it's just plain Fun to keep building!

  3. Uh oh, I can totally see the next project already looming ahead. That is a tree house from Michael's ?! We don't have Michael's here but it is a popular destination for many a mini friends. So I know how they stock the best craft stuff for a steal.

    Those beads can be a giant urn. We use them here a lot for umbrellas. But I think they do look perfect for the Folly, as E said. And the peacock card, how serendipitous in a way that not that long ago, you painted a peacock screen for me :):)

    And kettle! hahaha, why is it that we all want to give you kettles? LOL

    You have done an amazing job with the tree house, dear Bets. Progressing way way way ahead of me! :)

    1. Dear Sans! The Tea Kettles are SO appreciated!!! I didn't even show the one you sent me... still need to put together the rest of it's "Scene"! LOL! The beads are Beautiful and I seem to be starting an Import business...!
      As for the "next" project... it just might have to get in line....! I have been buying kits.... Shhh! Don't tell!!!

  4. The beads from Andy are just beautiful. You are making great progress with your projects - I love the turret with its window. Hazel is such a wonderful doll. I love the photos of her in the kitchen. The kitchen looks very welcoming. I'd love to drop by for a cuppa tea and some pie.

    1. Hi Sharee! It's a LOOOOONG way... except in Blogland! So come on over! Kettle is on and Hazel is a Friendly sort! I am glad you are enjoying the Tree House!

  5. I think the lighting in the bedroom is perfect! And what a lovely gift from Andy! Blog friends are the best!

    Best to you,

    1. Thanks, Vicky! I agree.... blog friends are AMAZING!!!
      And the lighting is so much better in Real... just very difficult to capture with the camera.

  6. Hello Betsy,
    What a wonderful post. I think the beads Andy sent are wonderful and I agree that they looked amazing in the folly...what is that little guy up to I wonder... Every picture is beautiful but I cannot wait to see what you do with the peacock embroidery. It is lovely and the colors are great. As for the ceiling it is beautiful and while it is a shame that the picture is so dim we get a good idea of how the delicate light reflects off the gorgeous elements in the room. It really is like a treasure box! I love it. I cannot wait to see what is next!
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! It is really just like a Treasure box! I think that every time I open the tiny doors and look inside... it's this magical little world! I think that is what keeps me going in making this project... I am as Amazed as any of you at what it turns out like... It is just Enchanting...! As for what's next... I have some Ideas....!!!

  7. Hello from Spain, nice lighting. Nice pictures. I want to see more

    1. Hi Marta! Thanks for commenting! I plan to build some more soon! So stay tuned!

  8. Betsy I really love those beads I didnt even know things like that existed (I lead a very sheltered life I hardly do any shopping unless it's for food) I really like how things are coming together with the tree house.

    Marisa :)

    1. Hi Marissa! The beads are Lovely and are So perfect for the Folly! I didn't know they existed either! LOL! But thanks to Blog Friends... I now have a Collection!!!

  9. That Andy --what a guy! Those beads make terrific vases. The hidden LED was a great idea to light the bedroom. Loving your new 'mouse-house' and I bet it will be another show-stopper, the perfect backdrop for another story?


    1. Hi John! My Famous Last words are "I am going to try to keep it Simple"...! When I get to it! So many things to work on first.... but then, you never know... it might be needed in a Story or two.... you can see the writing on the wall...!!!

  10. Wonderful! That domed ceiling is just to die for!
    I wish I was closer, as I would love to drop in for a cup of tea and a slice of apple pie!


    1. Hi Isabel! Thank you for stopping by! It is a good thing Blogland makes it easy to "visit"! I am glad you like the ceiling! Thanks for commenting!

  11. I like everything, You're a great artist.
    Andy's gifts are wonderful and useful.
    Greetings, Faby

    1. Thank you, Faby!!! Andy was so kind to send them to me! I think they are Beautiful! Thanks for commenting!

  12. The beads are beautiful and complement your decor. I am amazed at how well you have finished your bricks behind the stove. I love the way you have painted them. They look realistic!

    1. Thank you, Lucille! The bricks are egg carton bricks! I had to re-paint them after I applied the grout because I had forgotten to "seal" them.... so the paint got scrubbed off! I think that helped them to look real... the paint is not all worn off!

  13. First of all I have to say "Thanks" to Andy - for sending you his lovely and thoughtful gifts which inspired you to this beautiful post. Reading you posts is always like a five-minute-vacation to me... it's interesting, educational, inspiring, a feat for the eye - and above all always fun. Andy's beads look perfect on the mantlepiece but I think the little folk would find ways how to use them as well - as Sans! already said... good for storing umbrellas and walking sticks. Maybe you should compromise - two for the Folly and one for the tree house... ;O) That turret is such a stunning addition to your gorgeous tree house, in a way this reminds me of castle Neuschwanstein... But maybe the best thing I've seen today is that incredible find - the beautiful birdhouse... Did I say birdhouse... not much longer, it's going to become the most stunnig of all rat mansions!


    1. Thank you Birgit! I am glad my Posts are so useful And entertaining! (I wouldn't want them to be any other way!:)) I think Andy's beads are Beautiful... but I am having a hard time imagining "breaking up the set"....! As for the Rat Mansion.... the hardest part is that I wasn't looking for it... and had no plans for so many Rat Houses.... and yet... there it was... Irresistible... and not even expensive! I could Not resist... So I am doomed.... there will be a whole village before I know it! LOL!!!

  14. Wow! Really wow, I don't know what else to say! Hannah

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I am so glad you like it!

  15. Hi Betsy, Sorry I have been away so long! I am just getting back to blogging and I have a lot of catching up to do! How sweet of Andy to send you those beautiful beads and the kettle, I had a little surprise in the mail from Andy too and I intend to post about it in the next few days. You certainly have been busy, the ceiling is stunning, I so amazed by you beautiful work, it really is the most divine room.

    ML Fi XX

    1. Thank you, Fi! Welcome back! It can be overwhelming to try to "catch up"! I hope you get to work more on your beautiful house soon... I look forward to the next post! Aren't blog Friends Amazing?

  16. What a great blog! I especially love the teakettle, which fits so very well on the stove. And your ingenious use of hanger materials to make the stovepipe - very cool. We use that type of hanger to hang pants on at the thrift store. Sorry this is so late -

    1. Hi Mom! I love that tea kettle too.... especially as it wasn't something I knew was coming! Just Perfect!
      Love you too!

  17. Hi Betsy!

    I am pleased to hear that you got the beads safely!! what a long journey they had! But well worth it as they do look stunning on the mantle piece! The kettle looks sweet on the stove too. I am sure you will find a use for the card and that no scraps will be wasted! ;o)

    The bird house is very much a 'des-res!' No wonder Samuel has his eye on it! The lighting looks good in the bedroom too. I like the little turret, it will look great when fixed into position. How many more floors will be going inside the tree house?

    Andy xxxx

    1. Hi Andy! I really am So pleased with the beads And the kettle! It was really sweet of you to go to the trouble to send them..... and as you can see... they fit right in! I still might try to use some of the beads in the Tree House... but we will have to see! As for how many more floors.... at the Moment the list is three more levels.... I can imagine it might end up having four more... (LOL) we shall have to see!!!