Monday, July 22, 2013

The Patience Of A Saint...

The Tiniest Things....

I Only have a couple of Tiny Things to show you this week, Dear Readers, because I only had the ordinary sort of Weekend to Lose myself in the mini projects! Vacation was long gone and the short weekend sped by! But I was able to add a small amount of detail to the Saints for the Castle ceiling. I did not want to bore you with the before picture which you can see in last week's post, so the above picture shows almost all the details that were added this weekend. You must forgive me when I tell you that it is not I but the Saints who have to have the patience here! I set out with Very Good Intentions of completing both these Saints and maybe even the third one too! But then I thought that while the paint was drying... as is sometimes necessary before painting the next detail... I could ALSO be working on Another Tiny project....
You must understand that this is a piece of furniture that I have been planning to make for a LONG time now, and the only difficulty was not being Exactly sure of the Style I wanted it to be!
So I started by locating the pieces of wood that would be needed.... 
and then giving them a coat of stain...

Because I learned the hard way why you must 
stain the wood BEFORE you try to glue the Furniture together....
So while the Stain was drying.... 
I added more details to the Saints....

This is just a closer view....
Believe it or not... they are really NOT done yet...!
And then because I thought the little piece of furniture would go together quickly....
I had to start gluing as soon as it was dry....

I was right! It did!
The only tricky part was attaching the mirror.... 
which had so little contact with the wood, that I glued a tiny strip of clear plastic
(packaging material) across the back....
You can see just the edge sticking out on the left side....

See how Tiny it is?

And as if That distraction was NOT enough for one weekend.....
I also HAD to satisfy my curiosity about a Certain piece of Real Estate....

Namely.... COULD I cut it open and be able to access the inside???

Yes! I Could! And Did!!

I decided to access two of the Houses from the back.....

And the third from the side.... 
because that allows access to the Attic too...

When the floors are put in, of course.....
Perhaps Samuel Whiskers is going to have to hire a carpenter...

He had to come and investigate....

Yes, it is just as he feared.... 
the Property is not Quite ready to move in!
He will have to have the Patience of a Saint.....
if he expects to live here any time soon!

So while he was investigating....
I had to see if I could make the tiny utensils for the dressing table....
At the very Least it would need a tiny hairbrush and a hand mirror!

Thanks to Irene of Hambleton Hall  blog
(who also has several other Wonderful blogs...)
I knew Just how to go about making the hairbrush!
I used an old paintbrush and a toothpick....
and forgot to take the pictures....

Oh, and I needed to add a lace runner 
and some lotions and perfumes.... 
And then tried to fit the mirror and brush.....

Gosh, they look HUGE! 
And I even had already shortened their handles....!!!
But I guess they will have to do...
Oh, and please notice that the drawer does open and close!!!
And will eventually have items inside....!
But now we have to see how it looks inside the Dressing Room of the Tree House...
(Do you even Remember that room?)

And you must believe me when I tell you, Dear Readers, 
that THIS is where I need the patience of a Saint!
The building is Nothing.... 
but the Photographing takes Forever!

The Room itself is SO Tiny... 
and the lighting is either too strong or too weak...
Or the focus is not clear enough.... 
Can we get good focus on something only three quarters of an inch wide... 
inside a space that is only three inches by one and a half....
When the camera itself gets in the way of the lighting.....
I can't tell you how many pictures have been taken... 
then deleted....
And only a few get close to good enough....
And even Then.....
There are those who will say 
"No! You must not hide any more of the wall painting.... !"

But, Alas.... what Dressing Room would be complete 
without a Dressing Table?
And maybe we could see it better if there were Lights in the Dressing Room???

Oh Dear... I had hoped I could get away with no lights in This room.....
And How could so Tiny a Project use up all my Time?
Maybe I should just go back to Painting the Saints....
It's a Good thing the Saints have Patience!


  1. It may have been a short weekend but I think you have achieved a lot. Your little dressing table is gorgeous and I love the last photo. I think Samuel Whiskers may not be too patient now he knows you have made access doors to work on his house.

    1. Thank you, Sharee! I am afraid I will get distracted by the new projects...! But it will be fun anyway!!

  2. The dressing table is wonderful!!! And the saints are already incredible beautiful!!! I wish I would do as 'little" as you do in a weekend....I would already have finished a lot more projects ;-)

    1. Hi Margriet! I know I always think I didn't do much... but then I remember that everything is "little" because it is so small! LOL! I really need to keep reminding myself!

  3. You are a Mad Mini Maker, Betsy! I can't stop thinking I haven't got a half of your imagination and patience! It's good it all takes time as you add so many details to your projects which only make them good! Opening the Real Estate makes me impatient to see what it's going to look like inside!
    GREAT imagination! Great ideas! Great work!

    1. Hi Ewa! I would not say less Imagination... just different! You are always making new things that make me go "Oh look at that!!!" :):) So don't be hard on yourself! But yes, I agree that I am a Little "Mad"...!:)

  4. Hello Betsy! You never fail to astonish me with all of the Positive Productivity that you seem able to perform in one sitting! You multi-task like No one else I know!!!! Let me begin by saying that your painting of the saints is really Beautiful and the detail in your art work is always a pleasure to behold. That Teensie Weensie, teeny tiny dressing table is a Wonder! You DO like to test your comfort zone and step outside it. I am sooooo very impressed with the minuteness of it, Betsy and the drawer that opens!!!! ? WOW! The birdhouse is now also underway and you have solved the access dilemma with a sure touch. Good Thinking. You are so CLEVER and now I see that the dressing room is going to need some lighting on the horizon. Yes, I concur; Lights will definitely highlight the space and draw the eye deeper into the room where the little dressing room is. You want that little mini Masterpiece of Dressing Table Engineering to be visible for sure. Everything is Underway I see, and You must feel so refreshed at having been able to cross so many things off of the to-do list! But You, Saint Betsy are always able to make Many mini miracles happen.


    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your encouragement! I really do get obsessed with the Tiny scale! And I know that a lot of what I am making is not true to scale... but I am opting for the "charming home-made" look instead! As for the Saints... painting is one of my passions.... and any time I can do "Medieval" I am happy! But I was really hoping to not do lights in the Dressing Room! Another plan Revision is needed! So stay tuned!

  5. Hello Betsy, I am impressed by your painting skills, the portraits of the saints are so convincing. Like the ones I admired in an early christian church....
    Your dressing table is beautiful as well. And it matches the wardrobe so perfectly. It all looks like it really belongs in the room. I can't believe you manage to work on such a tiny scale....
    Hugs, Liduina.

    1. Hi Liduina! Thank you for your support! Painting is one of my passions... and in this case I am actually trying to copy the style of the early Medieval art.... and I am using my hoard of Medieval Miniatures Books as source material. I might do a post showing the originals... just so people can see that I am not being very original here! As for the mini dressing table... It needed to be small... that space is Tiny!

  6. Dear Betsy,
    Your painting skills are amazing. All the details in the painting. The dressing table is wonderful and all those little things. What a great job.
    Hugs Dorien

    1. Thank you Dorien! I do love to paint... and especially in the Medieval style! But I am using actual Medieval Miniatures for the originals that I am copying. So it is less my painting and more the original artists that make it so beautiful!

  7. Hello from Spain, great skills. Awesome details. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Marta!!! :) I really appreciate your comment!

  8. Hello Betsy,
    Once again I am always whisked away to a dream land when you put up a new post. The ceiling saints are coming along incredibly well. I love the colors you chose and the detail you achieve is incredible. I cannot wait to see it all finished.
    As for the dresser, it is amazing that you can make something so wonderful so small so detailed! The mirror and brush are lovely. I have seen many pictures of antique mirrors and brushes that were rather big compared to more modern day ones, so I think it works on the dressing table...the dressing table...a perfect touch for that incredible room. The dark finish really stands out with the gorgeous murals. I think lighting would really make the room incredible. I am always so inspired by the detail you manage to achieve so well n this scale Betsy. I honestly do not think
    I would ever attempt it myself. I cannot wait to see the new house come together...good property is worth waiting for.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! You say the nicest things!!! I am so Happy to be the provider of that Dream World!!!
      I am glad you like the dresser in the Dressing Room... it is a sad truth about making the walls so beautiful... that one must then cover so much with the furnishings. I am going to have to figure out the lighting... and all the other Tiny things too... I always think there is hardly anything still to make... until I make the list! LOL! As for the new property... it is going to Have to wait... because I don't want to be too distracted from finishing the Tree House!!!

  9. The dressing table is so tiny and so beautiful. Perfect in this room.
    Greetings, Faby

    1. Thank you Fabiola! I do find these tiny pieces of furniture very Enchanting!

  10. Oh Betsy!

    The Saints are unbelievable! Fr. Kevin wishes you could come do a mural on the back wall of Holy Family...something like the Last Judgement maybe. But not until after the wedding. Things now are a bit...complicated.
    Best to you!

    PS The dressing table, as well as the brush and mirror are awesome too!

    1. Hi Vicki! I wish I could Oblige Fr. Kevin! LOL! But he doesn't understand how slow I am...! I am behind on my reading blogs too... saving yours for a good sit down... my weekends are for Building more than reading! I can't wait!

  11. The Saints will gladly wait with all the patience only Saints have to get every finishing touch you consider necessary. They know that good things need their time... Your paintings are breathtaking so far and I admire that you're able to work on so many different projects at the same time... but okay, the paint always has to dry before the next colour details can be added... *grin* Your dressing table is fantastic, clever to help the mirror with a little bit of plastic and your decoration brought it to life. It's always fun to see your newest steps and additions and your pictures are so brilliant, they're worth the effort you're taking to let us have a look over your shoulder.


    1. Thank you Birgit for understanding so Perfectly about Paint drying! :) And I hope the Saints will be patient... I seem to get one eye painted and then wander off to cut more pieces of wood! LOL! But in Time it will all come together! And I must confess that I am copying the saints from Medieval Miniatures... so I really can't claim too much responsibility for their Beauty!

  12. Hi Betsy, you do have the patience of a Saint.

    The paintings are just beautiful, each time i come to your blog I am amazed again at your imagination and the beautiful world you create. The little dresser is just to die for and looks so perfect in the rose room.

    I can't believe how tiny the brush set is.

    ML Fi xx

    1. Thank you, Fi! I am glad you love to come to my Mini world!!! I am Enchanted by the tiny scale furniture... I don't know what it is about it that makes me so excited... but I just Love making these itty-bitty furnishings!!!

  13. Oh my gosh Betsy, that little dressing table is just the BERRIES as your dad would have said. Yikes. Sorry to be so late with this comment - I seem to have lost track of when it is the weekend. Today is a rainy day in the desert! Everything is green and dripping and the humidity is 94%. And the wheel in the car is sticky. But your little houses & all their inhabitants are just the best.
    Love, Mom

    1. Hi Mom! There is no such thing as Late in Blogland!! :)
      I am so glad you are getting the rain you need... that is Good news! And I love that expression..."the Berries"!
      Love you too!!! :)

  14. I missed this post? How? :) Maybe it was too tiny ..he heh.

    That little dressing table like Elizabeth said is a true wonder! If we make up a list of the 7 wonders of the mini world, it may just make the list :). I swear my mum had one just like this. Why is it that dressing table went out of style over here? I think it's the lack of space and the busy busy life. Do little children still look at their mummies do their make up or comb their hand the way we used to?

    As usual, those paintings of the saints are just heavenly (pun intended, teehee) but I am shaking my head as I look at the impossibility of that bird house. My god! The access is a headache! So very tiny but that has never fazed you , right? You make the impossible possible, my friend :)

  15. Oh, There you are!!! I wondered where you were! (I missed you...:)) Nobody has yet accused my Posts of being too Tiny... hee hee.... but I guess there is a first time for everything! Thank you for thinking the Dressing Table is a Wonder! I think It is very sweet, myself! I think dressing tables went out of style as soon as bathrooms got enormous mirrors with great lighting.... that and people just hurrying more! Who has time to go sit down at a vanity to put on make-up and jewelry!