Monday, July 15, 2013

Details, Details, Details...!

Updates and New Beginnings...

Where to Begin is the Question this week, Dear Readers, because there are so many Tiny things to show you, none of which add up to much in themselves, but in the end they will make a difference in my Multitude of Projects! So I will start with letting you know that the Traveling Rats have reached their Destination Happy and Eager to get to work at their new home! Above you can see them inside the Kitchen of the Little Cottage Dollhouse I made for my Sister. She shared with me a few pictures of their exploration of their New Home and said I could share them with you all!

Here you can see them checking out the Garden......

Oh my! Look at the Riches they have before them!

The little chickens are a bit surprised to see the Newcomers!

And a Baby Cabbage ! Just the right size!

 But maybe the Pumpkin too?
Oh, whatever do we do?

You get that one.... I'll take this one!!!
Ah, Life on the Farm....
Just what they hoped it would be!

So while the Tiny Rats are Taking over their New World.... I have been getting Lost in mine!
I have just spent a week of Vacation time tackling many projects around my House(s) big and small.... 
and as usual, I am not sure I have a lot to show for it! Somehow the Time just slipped away!
I worked at Dozens of little Details.....
Like making the "glass" window for the Spiral Staircase turret...
And adding the wallpaper to the interior....

I used the same Glittery paper that is on the Library walls...

And added a Tiny little circular Base where the turret sits....
(Because we would not want anyone to be able to fall into the cracks!!!)
See, you can see it at the bottom of that beautiful Spiral Stairs....
And THIS is the Last time you will see those stairs, Dear Readers...

Because the Turret is Glued in place... 
and when the back wall is put in place behind the Chinoiserie Bedroom,
It will all be hidden from view inside the Tree!
(Why do I work so Hard on these Invisible Parts?)

And Another thing I worked on was the little doll kits I had started before.
I got the right glue and followed the suggestions of so many of you...

I wrapped the pipe cleaners with layers of cotton batting for the arms and legs
and rubbed the surface with a watered down glue to "cure" the cotton so it would not unravel.
They are a little stiff but they are holding together!
And then I made their hair...

And suddenly they look.....

Ready to take on the World!
(Please forgive their nakedness....
I did not get to the clothing yet...)
Do you think they have Plans...?

And I have also made a Start on Another Large It-will-take-me-forever part of My Castle Dollhouse!
I decided it was High Time I painted the ceiling of the Great Hall! And in my usual way, I really thought I might get it mostly done over my Vacation! (Don't Laugh!)
But here you can see the beginnings...

The ceiling is removable from the Castle (fortunately!) 
and I have painted the base coats of the design...
I know, you will think it is extremely Gaudy...
But they Loved color in the Middle Ages...
and by the Time I am done.... It will be....
well, we will see what it will be when I get there!
Each arched "Window" panel is to be filled with the portrait of a Different Saint...
Here you can see I have begun the undercoats of the first couple...

And I am testing it in place to see the effect of all that COLOR...!
But it is Nighttime.... so we have to see it by Daylight...

But first I have to add more Details to the Saints.....

They are still a LONG way from done... 
but you can start to get a sense of their color and proportions...

And here you see it in place... In Daylight...
Really, just barely a Beginning....
Why did I think I would get it nearly Done?

And as if THAT wasn't enough, Dear Readers, 
I have to confess that I got Completely carried away...
I started an Entirely NEW Project....!
But it is one that I have Dreamed of for a LONG Time....

It is a Conservatory kit....

Oh so many Bricks......

And perhaps I will be using up leftover Great Hall tiles....
But will need to make many more....
Oh, What Have I gotten into...?
Chasing these Dreams.....
So Many New Beginnings.....
No End of Details, Details... Details!


  1. My dear Betsy, I am no longer surprised that you have started not 1 but 2 maybe even 3 new projects! I am convinced that you NEED the varying projects to accommodate that relentless flow of creative juices.

    I think the mice couple have settled in really nicely at the new place.

    I love the stairs and must urge you to reconsider hiding it. The windows are spectacular and no, not gaudy at all. I can totally see how the end result of each pane will unify the apparently differing colour bases. The picture of the walls against the light is beautiful because the windows are convincing.

    Lastly, a conservatory kit! Wow wee, little gardens! I really look forward to seeing it done.It's already really promising.

    Well done, Bets!

    1. Dear Sans! I tell myself that often... that I need to do these projects... there is no point in trying NOT to! It just causes me to start different ones... if you know what I mean!
      As for the turret stairs... there will be Other opportunities... I ma trying to work out the technical logistics... cramped space and strength of materials and all that.... But stay tuned for more!
      And the Conservatory..... I am trying to be realistic here... but it will Definitely take me a while to finish THIS one! LOL! I have Plans...!

  2. Hi Betsy,

    With great, great pleasure I have read all your updates. Have you ever considered writing a book on miniature projects, your style is so unique.

    x Margot

    1. Hi Margot! You do me too much honor to say I could write a book ...! I am not very good at staying on a project long enough to get the thing Finished LOL!!! But I have a lot of ideas... and so far blogging is a great way to share! I am glad you enjoyed the updates!

  3. A new project!! WOW! I am still dreaming of a conservatory kit (lol) so I can't wait to see more and more of yours, Betsy!
    The dolls look great and yes...they look like they have Some plans...;)
    I already love the ceiling in castle! Can't wait for all the saints!
    And yes it is a bit pity we can't see the stairs... can't you make more windows or something? ;D
    The mice look very much at home in your Sister's house.:)

    1. Hi Ewa! Yes, I am trying to build a structure where I can reveal the stairs.... on a higher up floor? More Windows for SURE! LOL!
      The conservatory is going to take a long time.... I have ideas that I think will not be Fast to complete... (You are not surprised!)
      As for the dolls... I am trying to decide how much "playing" I will do with them before sending them to my Sister... I am at risk of falling in LOVE with them... and not wanting to let them go...! :)

  4. I think your saints ceiling is going to look fabulous and look forward to seeing the final effect some time in the future. I'm sure your conservatory will be fabulous too. Nice kit.

    1. Thank you, Sharee! Emphasize "Some time in the future"... LOL! It took me more than two years to complete the Great Hall floor.... we shall see if I can do better with the ceiling! But at least I have made a start!!!

  5. Your projects look wonderful. I love your work so far and will follow with much interest your progress. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora! Thank you for commenting! I am glad you are getting better! I read your blog and was sorry to hear you had been sick! I am glad you are enjoying my projects!

  6. Dear Betsy,
    What a great job. It looks wonderful. Your ceiling is amazing.
    Greetings Dorien

    1. Thank you Dorien! It has a long way to go... but at least I have made a start! Thank you for commenting!

  7. Hello Betsey,
    What a wonderful post. First of all, I am happy the rats got home safe and sound and seem to be getting settled in happily. Secondly, I love the staircase turret. I often ask myself why I put so much time into things that do not really show, and I have come up with an answer: It is the house that demands it. Even the smallest crack of a glimpse bring your already incredible project to another level. Even just looking through a window and seeing the steps is worth all the effort...No compromises! The dolls are looking good. As for the ceiling, I think it is just right. The design and the colors really feel like a proper castle. It is already beautiful and when finished it will be a masterpiece. Thank goodness you have the conservatory to take a break from all your other projects ;) It is looking very good. Details, they will be the death of us, but are worth every minute. Fantastic work are a great inspiration to me.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! Thank you for your Wonderful comments! As usual you brighten my day!!! And your comment that "The House Demands it" is just Exactly right!!! I always seem to know when I have hit one of those moments ... you look at something and you think..."I can't NOT do this!"
      And just the other day I was passing the Tree House and I glanced at it and saw into the window in the stairs leading up from the Library... where the book is open on the window seat.... and I could see that tiny book sitting there!!! I remember thinking.."I CAN see that book!... It's a good thing I left it there!" LOL!!! It provides that extra little piece of Fantasy that Transports us to that Dream world.... Don't we LOVE playing there!!!
      As usual.. thank you for your comments!

  8. Your projects are wonderful.
    The ceiling is fantastic.
    Greetings, Faby

    1. Thank you, Faby! I am so Glad you like it! Thank you for commenting!

  9. Hello Dear Betsy! You are a Wonder Woman when it comes to what you are able to get done and how imaginatively you do it! Your creative juices just keep flowing and as Sans has pointed out, you Need to juggle all these balls in the air because that is what brings you the greatest joy and gets your creative juices flowing, which leads to adding to and making good things even better! In grade school one of my teachers had this motto pinned above the blackboard. "Good,better, Best, Never let it rest until your Good is Better and your better BEST!" This is how I see you Betsy. Always striving to make you work the BEST by including all those little hidden details such as the spiral staircase and the wonderful lighting and the decorated ceilings that are difficult to perceive but that YOU know are there. As Giac pointed out you do it because the House demands it and you demand it of yourself! That is what makes it so special. So keep on doing what you do so well Betsy. You really ARE our very own Wonder Woman!


    1. Ha Ha, "Wonder Woman"... I just think of it as "I Wonder How I Am Going To Do This" woman! I am afraid the ideas do rather run away with me! My children have learned to cringe when I say "uh oh... I just had an idea...!" It usually ends up with a whole other project I wasn't even thinking about! But it is fun! And the whole point of these projects is the sheer enjoyment of building these little Worlds! The more detailed the better! So thank you, Elizabeth, for your words of encouragement! I will aim to continue to live up to the ever higher bar of expectation! (if that makes any sense at all! LOL!)

  10. I LOVE the twin dolls: "Wonder-twin doll Powers: Activate!"

  11. You started a new project!!! I'm so glad...I'm not the only insane person who has so many projects still unfinished and yet cant help herself starting something new ;-)
    The conservatory will be wonderful, I love the castle tiles on the floor!!!
    And your castle ceiling, wow, that will be stunning!!!
    And the invisible just wouldn't be right if it wasn't there!!!
    i think you achieved a lot, but I know how it always think you can do so much more!!!

    1. Margriet.... I am SO SO Happy to be a member of Blogland where I can Meet all the other people who are AS Insane as I am!!! Because they Understand!!! LOL!!! This conservatory has been haunting me for a while... but recently I had a Dream and I saw it SO Clearly... You will have to wait a while.... but at least I am now starting to build it!!! :):)

  12. I am so impressed with your work and l think you have done a lot as l know all the time it takes. Pam

    1. Hi Winkel! Welcome to my blog!!! Thank you for your comment! I will have to come over to your blog to visit... you have some lovely pictures there! I am glad you like my work!

  13. I can't wait to see the finished saint ceiling. How awesome will that be?!!!
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Vicki! You may have to wait a while! LOL! I am not fast... I get started.... I chip away at it..... I get there in the end... Recognize the Tortoise? LOL! But at least it is now Started! So there is Hope! (I have these ideas all stacked up in my head... I'm sure you know how it goes! Not enough time to do them all....!) Thank you for your comments!

  14. Late as usual - but delighted. Those mice - they are dear. I'm glad they made it 'home.' I look forward to the castle ceiling - in fact, I look forward to more about the castle, and its occupants. I agree with one of your blogging friends that you should write a book, but it should be a story, not a "how to." But then, when would you get your dollhouses done? Well, as usual I say "well done."

    1. Hi Mom! Love to see you here as usual! Yes those Rats are happy to be in their new home! As for the Castle.... it Does have a whole pile of stories... just need to get the "stage" set up!!! So I'm working on the "backdrop" !!!
      Yes, I need to mix the building with the stories... Maybe Someday I will get a "real" story book done!

  15. The best part of this wonderful post ist the last sentence - "No end of details"... I really can't live anymore without your details, admiring all you've done and getting inspired, so this promise makes my day! ;O) Good to know the the little darlings arrived safe and sound and are feeling already at home. That turret and stairs... yes, a good example of "You can hardly see it but we all know it has to be there". The ceiling is promising to get spectacular - this is going to become a masterpiece. And your new project, it's incredible you already cut out all these bricks. I hope you're going to use the tiles in the new conservatory, they'll be doing another great job in this project. And last but not least: I have no doubt those girls mean business... *teehee*


    1. Hi Birgit!!! I am So glad you love the details! I do too! They are what make it all so fun and exciting... to be making something and suddenly have an idea of what would make it SO Much More fun, beautiful, enchanting!!! I Know you have those moments too! I have been enjoying watching your "transformations" for the Witch Tower!!! The conservatory has to wait in line..... but I'm afraid in my life the "line" is a bit "wiggly" and sometimes the most "insistent" project jumps to the head...!LOL! So we shall see... But it is going to be fun! :):)

  16. I love how you are able to jump from project to project. And each of your miniature pieces is so different than the others --and yet, they are all so charming in their own unique way. The detail is astounding --like the staircase, for example. And that ceiling panel is just extraordinary. I never would have thought to paint it in such vivid colors but it looks perfectly amazing. I don't know how you manage to do it all, Betsy!


    1. Hi John! I learned a long time ago that it is no use telling myself to finish one thing first...! That's the Surest way to make it NOT happen! LOL! I do get carried away by the ideas... and sometimes end up a LOOOONG way from where I thought I was going!
      The colors for the ceiling are a Direct result of poring over old manuscripts.... the older illuminations had a fairly limited range of pigments and even though I am using modern ones... I am trying to duplicate their palette... somewhat!
      Thank you for your words of appreciation! Coming from someone with your finely honed sense of Style... it is True praise indeed, and I value it! :)

  17. Your conservatory appeals a lot to me.I expect it to be gorgeous in the end, so I will follow your progress eagerly.

    1. Thank you Liduina! I hope you have patience! The conservatory will probably take me a long time to finish! I have too many projects going at once... but I LOVE them all... so I hope you will enjoy the progress as slow as it may be!

  18. I have the same conservatory kit - yours is looking great as you add the bricks and paving. The saints are going to look great on that ceiling, what a lovely idea to do them. Must go and have a look at how you did that wonderful spiral staircase - what a shame that it will be covered up. Sandie