Monday, December 23, 2013

Ready Or Not....

Christmas Is Everywhere....

So Many things remain unfinished this Christmas, Dear Readers, that I hope you will forgive me if all I have to show is Glimpses of a "Someday" and a "Maybe one Year" Visions in my Mini Worlds! I have only just begun to build the Conservatory, but it has proven to be an irresistible Venue for small scenes and collections of stray items... Can we pretend that Someone, Fleur perhaps, has been using the Conservatory as a Seasonal location to sell her Flowers and Garden Decorations? And Can we think that Sally May happened by and was intrigued by the glimpse through the doors.....

You may not be aware, but her husband Chip is from one of those Old Fashioned New England Families that believe you should Never put your Tree up before Christmas Eve... and Always take it down on Epiphany! This year they have come to spend Christmas with Chip and Sally May and Annabelle, so Sally May is Trying to put on the Right sort of Christmas for them! In this part of the World, it is Late to be out looking for a Christmas Tree..... so Sally May is Overjoyed to find such a Beautiful Tree.....

She Loves the Shabby chic Style, 
and thinks this Silver Glitter Tree will be just Perfect!

She still has a lot of decorating to do.....
but that is supposed to be done After Annabelle is in bed!

It is Not at all the sort of Tree Ernie and Blanche are accustomed to!
But they are kind enough to keep their opinions to themselves!

Annabelle is so excited she is having a hard time Waiting for Santa Claus!!!
But she is still very young and is not Quite sure what it all means!
Sally May is hoping she will go to sleep early.... 
there is so much still to do before morning!

Meanwhile at the Lovely Old Dollhouse, 
Pollyanna has finally set up the Creche!

It is in the Same place as Usual.... 
but she is not sure the figures are in the same places....
Does the Camel always go here?
And speaking of Creches....
I bought a new one last Summer....

A Beautiful Porcelain one....
I wanted to make a special set-up landscape for it.....
But for now it is on display in the Conservatory....

Where Fleur quickly set up another Tree...

For who knows.... there may be other Last Minute Shoppers...
Still looking for the perfect Tree....

And over at the Castle.... 
Ken is still trying to get the perfect Picture of the dogs.....
The lighting will not cooperate....

But he may have to settle for what he can get at this time of year.....
Because Time is Running out, Dear Readers,
And Ready or Not.....
Christmas is Everywhere!

May You All have a Very Merry Christmas!


  1. So nice to see each of the family traditions. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. I love waking up to your posts :-)
    Yes, we can totally pretend Fleur is using the conservatory! It's a beautiful location! I especially like the display in the first picture with the collection of beautiful minis.
    Also the crèches are lovely (didn't know that was the English word for it, learned something new). The porcelain one is beautiful, even without the landscape you see in your mind :-). Everyone in your realm is very busy and it looks like the picture of the dogs finally was successful. It promises to be a very cosy Christmas all around!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, big and small!

  3. Ciao Betsy, I am a bit late , I read all your last posts in a row a few minutes ago but time has been truly short lately.
    I work in a shop and this means working evry single day of the week non stop.
    I love how you put up the house and castle, they are way more christmassy than my own RL life which I didn't decorate this year.
    I love how you used the teacozy, it is perfect next to the gingerbread house :o)
    My dear Betsy, I wanted to wish you a very merry and filled of love Christmas and all the best for the new year.
    Hugs, Ro

  4. Oh, Betsy! Christmas is everywhere... and it is sooo close! It is nice to know that in your mini world everyone is ready already to celebrate it. The Christmas tree is gorgeous and suits the scene and atmosphere perfectly! Merry Christmas to you and your family. And yes, please, say Hi to Blue from me and best wishes to all of you! Mini hugs, Natalia

  5. Have a very Merry Christmas, dear Betsy! Your Mini Worlds are always charming and decorated for Christmas even more beautiful!:)

  6. Dear Betsy, I love to read your blog and you have decorated so well, it is all so very christmassy to see, thank you for sharing!
    Merry Christmas and my best wishes for 2014!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. I hope we get to see Ken's final photo of the dogs. Best wishes for a lovely Chistmas and a creative 2014.

  8. Now Christmas can come... everything's ready... Thank you for spreading the right mood - but really, reading a new post from you always makes my day. This was so much fun to see all the mini families traditions... may they all have a Merry Christmas! And the same wish goes to you and your family (and to Blue, of course) - Merry Christmas!


  9. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  10. Ах, как все красиво!!!
    Счастливого Рождества и Нового Года!!!

  11. Gorgeous, as usual.
    Your scenes look absolutely real even when blown up!
    We here all wish you a very merry Christmas.
    And send lots of love,

  12. Wonderful scenes thank you for sharing. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Merry Christmas for you and our loved ones!!!

  14. Magical Betsy, May your Christmas be as Magical.

  15. Have a Marvelous Christmas this year Betsy! I have enjoyed spending the past one touring your collection of doll's houses and reading the wonderful tales that you have told about the comings and goings on of each one! You are a Gifted Story teller and send us 'Dear Readers' into daydreams of our own!
    Blessings Blessings Blessing Dear Betsy! :D


  16. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family, and all your wonderful little people from me, my family, and all my little people--who just love reading about what your little people are doing!
    Cheers, Iris