Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Working Doggedly

Snow and Other Interruptions....

All of a Sudden, Dear Readers, it has been Snowing a Lot here in my Real World! We got about 9 inches of the lovely stuff on Sunday and today it has snowed all day.... adding another 6 inches of the frozen fluff! The flakes today were astonishingly beautiful.... each one a perfect and impossibly intricate variation of true snowflake form..... but it was terribly slippery to drive in! It took me hours to get home from my job.... even though I left early! So even though I am supposed to be working on my Christmas Card drawing.... and even though No minis got worked on last weekend, due to my supposedly working exclusively on the Christmas Card.... It seemed only right that I show you the snow covered Folly....
with Daphne's dogs, Duke and Duchess on the porch. 

The full moon was flitting between the clouds last night... 
shining on the Breast of the New Fallen Snow...... 

Giving a luster of midday to objects below......
 But with the temperatures falling to nine below zero, (-9 F)
The Dogs did not stray far from the shelter of the porch!

And because I am supposed to be Only working on my Christmas Card..... 
(in order to get it done in time.....)
I will just show you a sneak preview of the Castle....
Where Ken has plans to hold a Victorian Themed Christmas....
And has started to Decorate the Hall....

He has brought in his friends.....

Meet "Winston", "Desiree" and "Cinder"....

I think Ken wants to take their pictures....
For a Christmas Card.....!

And while we are visiting with all the Mini Dogs....
You may remember that we left Sally May's dogs guarding the House 
while they went out to decorate the Tree at the Lovely old Dollhouse.....

Sally May had put all the cookies away out of reach...
but she forgot about the Gingerbread House....!

 "Honey" is older and wiser... she knows "The Rule"....
Namely that it is only okay to eat it if it is On the floor!

But "Oreo" is younger and still has a lot to learn.... 
he really just wants to "sniff" the House....
But then something happens.....

And suddenly the House is On the Floor....!!!
Which makes it perfectly okay to eat it....!

So when Sally May and Annabelle return.....
They are met with Such Innocence...!

"What house...?"
So you can see, Dear Readers, 
In spite of all the Snow and Interruptions, 
I have been Working Doggedly.....
But, on the Christmas Card...?
"What Christmas Card...?"


  1. Oh, so you may have white Christmas, right? Nice!
    Dogs seem to have a good time in your mini world! Will we see the Christmas Card too?

  2. Ха -ха-ха!!! Какие умные собаки! Кто откажется от сладостей!?
    Великолепные сцены! Море удовольствия!

  3. I like these scenes. Dogs have fun!
    Hug, Faby

  4. Oh wow! I am in love with the tudor style balcony in the grand hall. And the fire place! The dogs getting into the gingerbread house is a nice touch :)

  5. La mise en scène est très belle. Qu'elle chance d'avoir de la neige à Noël !

  6. I love your dogs! They show a lot of personality (especially Winston)! The Folly looks so pretty in the snow and the dogs are wise to stay on the porch, and it looks like Oreo is very wise in the ways having food "innocently" appearing on the floor!

    Now, back to work on your Christmas card....

  7. The Christmas scene is beautiful and the dogs are cute too! I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  8. Wow, Betsy, that is absolutely the CUTEST EVER! The dogs are wonderful, and the stories about them are true to life. But the amazing thing is how absolutely real and natural the interiors of the castle & lovely old dollhouse (can we say LOD?) are. I can mentally walk right in and make myself at home! Kudos.
    Lots of love,

  9. I bet wikipedia will call soon to get permission for using the last picture as an addition to the explanation of the word "innocence"... *LOL* Sooo funny... well, Border Collies are supposed to be the smartest dogs and Oreo gives proof to that theory... What a doggy Christmas this is - and what a fun post. I really would like to see Ken's finished greetings cards with his lovely dogs (my, they have hat faces for sure). Enjoy the season and watch your step in that "lovely stuff" *blarg* I'm sooooooo glad we won't have a White Christmas this year - means no dates with the snow shovel for me... yesssssss!


  10. Hmmm, I can just see my dogs doing that. Fabulous doggy post.

  11. Oh nooooo! Not the gingerbread house! That is too funny and tragic at the same time.
    I love this story!

  12. Dear Betsy,
    too much fun this little story of snow and dogs :-)
    It makes me really happy to think of you finally at home, sitting in front of your dollhouse, safe while it's snowing outside :-)
    As my time is sipped, I take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas, along with your entire family (even the miniature one)
    Lovely hugs,

  13. Too Too funny! lol Everthing looks great and I can't wait to see Ken's party! You doggies remind me of this video.


  14. The dogs have the loveliest faces - such innocent expressions!

  15. Dear Betsy, what a funny post, there is much to see. All your houses are fantastic, I love to see the one covered with snow! I am glad you came home safely, while the weather was bad.
    I loved the story with those innocent and naughty dogs ;)! I hope you'll ever can find the time to finish your Christmas card....;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  16. Wonderful post, Betsy! Love the doggies!
    Hope all is well in your corner of the world. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  17. Hello Betsy, so cute and naughty, those sweet dogs. It was to be expected that the dogs would find a way to get to all that deliciousness in the kitchen :-) It looks so lovely in the snow and moonlight. Happy you got home safe and you can now enjoy a white christmas. Still enjoying the sun in my garden here. Tomorrow midwinter which means the days will start lengthening again. More time for minis!

  18. Hi Betsy! Boy oh boy! Do I know that innocent puppy dog look all too well! The rascals! I know that they enjoyed it too!
    Once when I was young, there lived down the street, a kid named Paddy, whom we kids nicknamed 'Paddy Stale', because some months after Christmas, he ate an entire gingerbread house All By Himself. And what was even more amazing, was that the left over cookie house was, by then, as Hard as a Rock! But he gnawed that stale gingerbread house into extinction.
    I don't know what became of his teeth, but it sure was Impressive! :D


  19. Hi Betsy; another lovely story from your hand, accompanied by beautiful pictures. You bring Christmas near! Hugs, Liduina.

  20. Those dogs with frosting on their faces...!!