Monday, December 2, 2013


Oh What a Relief...!

I must Confess, Dear Readers, that this Tree House Bathroom has been very complicated to build... and the farther along it got.... the more challenging the pieces became to assemble! I cannot tell you how many times I have tested the ceiling assembly in place and then pulled it off to make an adjustment! But Finally, I can show you the room with all the pieces Glued in place!!! When I last showed you this room, much of the Domed Ceiling had been completed, but the pearl pillars still needed to be adjusted to fit the height of the room.... and then they needed to be glued to the dome rim.... one pillar at a time! Here you can see them with a make-shift support to keep them upright while the glue dries.

And once they are all glued to the rim, 
I needed to see how well the assembled "pavilion" fit in the bathroom...

I am sure there are some of you who will think I should have stopped right here... 
before I got carried away with the gauzy curtains....

(But I think you would wish there were some sort of curtains 
if you were climbing naked into the bath....;)

So I began to fit the curtains.... 
testing the position of each one before gluing....

The entire ceiling and "Pavilion Dome" are still removable at this point....
allowing me to attach the curtains at the right length....

And each curtain requires testing to see whether it hangs right 
and doesn't obscure too much of the Beautiful Walls.....

And I realized it was also Time 
to glue the beautiful Swan Bath Tub in place....!

And one more curtain.....
Before taking my Courage in my hands and 
Gluing the Ceiling and Dome in place!

Here you can see it before the outer door frame is added....
with the morning sunlight shining brightly....

And while we are speaking of such things as Outer Door Frames....
I also have glued the frames for the Tiny Toilet room and the Dressing Room....

Remember those rooms.....? 
Still only partly finished...

But I did re-attach the toilet paper in the Tiny Toilet Room!

And while we are looking at the outside of the Tree House....

I organized all the wiring for the bedroom and Bathroom and Dressing Room 
into one circuit which runs on one small battery pack 
(they say up to ten LED's per battery pack)
and extended the lead wires so the battery pack no longer dangles from the upper rooms 
but sits securely on the ground!
And I even completed the Spiral Stairs....

Which you can see here with the little door open....
I think I am going to have to add a light into this stairwell...!
And I still need to make the window for the Door....
And when that is all done we can Attach the next level.....!

But for now, Perhaps we can just Bask in the Beautiful Bath Room....

With the outer door frame in place.....
And the Dome Light Lit.....

The LED is covered with another thin shell....
Allowing a gentle light to shine on the Bath....

And aside from a few necessary accessories....
I think I can say the Construction part of this room is Done!!!

It really is such a Relief, Dear Readers, 
to be able to say There! It's Done!


  1. So magnificent! You did a beyond incredible job on this. I love the pearls & the curtains & the tub...oh gosh...all of it.

  2. Well I for one love the softness the gauzy curtains provide. A lovely luxurious bathroom.

  3. Totally spectacular, Betsy! Colleen Moore would be jealous. Your impeccable lighting only adds to the brilliant drama of the scene.

  4. It does have a bit of Maharaja's feeling now.:) And as usual with the lights on it looks totally chrming.:)

  5. Yes, I agree with Ewa that the bathroom has got an Oriental accent now, it is so wonderful to see, Betsy. I would love the shelter of the curtains if I took a bath in your gorgeous room ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. I love this curtains and absolutely don't think it's too much. They match very well.

  7. Oh Betsy, this is magical. Of course I would want curtains! It is all so luxurious and it does look like straight out of Thousand and one nights...
    Also very impressed with all your wiring. It something I will have to learn but still find very daunting...

  8. Hello Betsy,
    Beautiful! absolutely beautiful! It was worth all your heard work because the end result is so grand and fantastic! The pearls give the room a kind of "under the sea" quality to it. The room is so elegant! Fantastic work my friend., I am always so impressed!
    Big hug,

  9. Hello from Spain: awesome job. You are fabulous and very perfectionist. Keep in touch

  10. That's really good news!!! Yes, of course about you being there and having everything glued in place, too... but more important: The toilet paper is fixed! *phew* What a relief! *LOL* This bathroom is another masterpiece, it's magical, oriental, out of a fairytale and simply beautiful. And I truly understand your point about the curtains... but I still wonder... how will those transparent, gauzy light ones protect someone from views when taking a bath... hmmmmmm... ;O)


  11. Quel travail ! Quelle minutie ! Super !

  12. Hi Betsy! What a difference this canopy has made to the bathroom! It looks like a sultan's palace now! Your imagination astounds me and your innovations continue to impress! I would never want to leave this little 'throne' room especially now that there is toilet paper firmly attached to the wall! :D Beautiful Betsy!


  13. Привет Бетси!
    Я попала в восточную сказку! Так все богато и волшебно! Смотришь и ощущаешь вкус щербета! Грандиозная работа!

  14. It really looks beautiful. Worth all the stress & effort.

  15. Oh Betsy, your work is enchanting! Far away from real life.....gorgeous.

  16. OMG - it's magnificent!

    Thanks for your birthday wishes xx

  17. Hi Betsy,
    I have been away for a while and my goodness look what I find when I come back. Absolutely stunning, you bathroom looks like a dream, so magical and palatial at the same time, just look at the light reflecting of the mother of pearl and that darling shell tub....the pearls dripping down, I just love it all!!

    ML Fi xx