Monday, December 9, 2013

Trimming The Tree

The Same Old Tree.....

Well, It is a Start, Dear Readers! I have succeeded in dragging the Same Old Christmas Tree out of storage.... with very little loss of ornamentation, and put it up in the Same corner of the Lovely Old Dollhouse Living room! And to my eternal Joy.... the Lights work!!!

I am not the only one who thinks it is a Magical thing of incredible Beauty.... Pollyanna has always had a weakness for Christmas decorations too... and she is only too eager to share the decorated tree with all the Family...

Arthur and Victor agree that it is a particularly Lovely tree....
But they both love Pollyanna Dearly, 
so I am Sure they would agree that whatever tree she put up was Beautiful!

Joanna is more interested in greeting her parents, Helen and Charles...

They have lost track of how many times they have come to admire this tree...
But they are always happy to come join in the Merriment...

And Helen thinks that Every Year the First glimpse is the most Magical...
As they are arriving with the anticipation of Joy to come....!
Sally May and Annabelle and Chip are the last to arrive....
But that is because Sally May got carried away with her Baking....

She had the whole kitchen of the Shabby Sister House 
filled with baking Gingerbread and sugar cookies....

She suddenly realized what Time it was....

"Annabelle," she said, "We need to hurry and put the cookies away!" 
"It is Time to go see the Christmas Tree...!"

But then Annabelle says "We didn't have our Tea yet..!"
(It is in the teapot under the Tea cozy stitched by Rosanna....!)
"We will have it later..." says Sally May.... 
"it will stay warm under the cozy!"
And off they went to the Lovely Old Dollhouse....
And they weren't even late after all....

The evening was just getting started!

Well, I don't know about you, Dear Readers, but every year I Imagine I am going to get ready for Christmas earlier... and make more amazing decorations.... and Finish drawing my Christmas Card early.... but Alas! I don't know where the Time goes! I have spent the weekend trying to put the trees up in my RL house... they are up with the lights on... but not yet decorated! And yes... they go up in the same spot every year... with practically the same decorations.......
Hmmmm...... I wonder... No!... not enough Time to make major changes!!!
And I still have to draw this year's Christmas Card.... so making minis will have to wait...!

But for now Dear Readers,
As we are getting ready for Christmas 
and Trimming the Trees...
I, like Pollyanna, am once again in Love 
with this Same old Christmas Tree!


  1. Pollyanna's tree is lovely and it looks like everyone is going to have a great time. Montclaire House has its decorations up and a party going on, but my real house is as usual, is not even started!

  2. I have the same trouble with time...there's never enough for all my plans :-) But your tree is lovely and it already brings people together, I love Christmas time!!!

  3. Good to see Christmas comming both in r.l. or 1/12 scale.:)
    I haven't started even thinking of it since we decorate Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve!;)

  4. It's the first time I see this tree so I am on a first time admiration high :-) It's so pretty with such beautiful tiny decorations! How nice that the entire family comes together to admire the tree. I can feel the love!
    Beautiful tea cozy. Won't the dogs eat all the cookies while everyone is looking at the tree?

  5. Beautiful tree. Your decorations are lovely.

  6. The Christmas tree is beautiful. Glad everyone could get together to enjoy it.
    I bet there were delicious aromas coming from the kitchen where Sally May and Annabelle were baking! Nothing better than homemade cookies.

  7. Hello Betsy,
    It is such a beautiful tree. I can understand why you keep falling in love with it. Your mini house really seems ready to celebrate the holidays. I wish you all the best for the holiday season my friend.
    Big hug,

  8. I wish all your doll house friends could see your real trees, when they're fully decorated! I'm glad all your doll friends could enjoy the tree in the Lovely Old Dollhouse. By the way, what's the scraggly sister house?
    M & C have arrived up the hill, and will be down this morning. Soon we'll put up our same-old same-old plastic tree. But we have lights on our lovely blue spruce, now almost as tall as the house!
    Lots of love,

  9. And now let's all sing together: O Christmas tree... No, don't worry, I won't start singing... ;O) What a beautiful Christmas tree - and what fun that everybody comes together to see and welcome it! And in my opinion it's nice to have it in the same old spot and decorate it with the familiar baubles... Christmas for me is about family traditions and not following the latest fashion. Here in Germany we usually decorate our Christmas trees not before Christmas Eve - but we compensate this with lots of other Christmas decoration and of course the Advent wreath with its four candles...


  10. Hi Betsy, I see you are warming up for Christmas too ;)! I am sorry if you don't understand me, I was still in my blog post of just a few minutes ago...
    Wow, you have a lot of inhabitants in your dollhouse, that will be a crowded Christmas there and a lot of cosiness and warmth all together. Your tree is wonderful, I have no miniature Christmas tree yet, I think I'll have to go outside to look for one in the woods here ;)! Enjoy your preparations for this coming Christmas!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. У вас прекрасный дом, много гостей и замечательная елка.
    Время всегда летит очень быстро! Предлагаю начать делать новые елочные игрушки 1 января нового года!:):):)

  12. Wow, your christmas tree with an angel is so beautiful :)

  13. How wonderful, I think it is actually quite special putting the tree in the same spot each year and using the same treasured decorations. It is all looking very festive indeed and I love how the tree has little lights WOW!

  14. Oh's all so lovely. Nothing looks better than a house decorated for Christmas...real life or mini! Hope you'll post a photo of your Christmas card drawing. You are so talented!
    Christmas hugs to you,
    PS "Charles" reminds me very much of "Samuel Belkins"...the auditor giving Fr. Kevin so much trouble ; )