Monday, December 19, 2016

Dreaming Of A White Christmas....

Let It Snow....!

It has Snowed quite a bit in my Neighborhood, Dear Readers, piling up 5 inches last Monday and 8 more on Saturday. I didn't need to go anywhere on Saturday, which made it fun to watch the white stuff pile up in the yard! Above you can see my RL back yard... through my dirty windows... because I had no desire to venture out in the cold (18 degrees F) having spent Friday working in a VERY cold Office because our heat system had failed. Last year we had a very mild winter with almost no snow at all... it seems we are off on the other foot this year with  much more normal wintry weather! So while I was home and watching the snow fall outside, and was trying to get some work done on my Christmas Card, I thought I would see whether snow was arriving anywhere else in the neighborhood...

Lo and Behold.... not far away....
 practically right at my elbow.... 
a gentle snow had fallen...!

I glanced over my shoulder,
 and saw that Hardwick Hall was piled high.....
Somebody would need to shovel all those steps.....!

And around the corner.... 
at the Conservatory.... it was even deeper!
Fortunately, someone had thought to move 
the Secret Christmas House indoors!

But nobody was around.... 
the walks were not shoveled....

It was getting dark and felt like 
maybe it would even snow some more.....!

And over at The Folly.... 
someone had left a light on in the Little Glass House....
it was nearly dark now!

The lights cast beautiful shadows on the glittering snow....!

But even when the lights are turned off.... 
there is a beautiful brilliance to snow at night....!
Especially with the added glow of Christmas Lights
Here at dusk in my RL Garden!
Well, Dear Readers, I really am 
trying to work on my Christmas Card! 
It will not be done on time this year, 
but I am finally making some good progress, 
so rest assured there WILL be a Christmas Card!
And while I am drawing, 
I will be Dreaming.....
And it looks like we will have a White Christmas!
Let It Snow!


  1. How lovely Betsy - both your RL garden and your miniature world with drifts of snow. Magical.
    Regards and Merry Christmas

  2. Lovely pictures, Betsy: I LOVE winter and snow, as you know :)! I can loan you Schepje, he is very fond of shovelling snow and there's no snow here ;)! I also love to see the snow on your mini houses, it give them an atmospherical look. But I do hope you will get your Christmas cards ready in time...?
    Here, in The Netherlands, winter with ice and snow is far away, although we just had a night with frost, but it will not last long according the we will have another green Christmas, that's for sure.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and creative 2017, dear Betsy!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. beautiful under the snow
    merry Christmas

  4. An old fashioned New England winter, with a white Christmas - I envy you a little. And the "snow-covered" little houses look so real! The snow, that is. Beautiful, indeed. If only we didn't have to shovel it and drive in it! Out here we're having a succession of winter storms, which might drop a flake or two here & there, but mostly warm air from the Baja.

  5. Love how it looks! Especially with the lights, both minis and RL. We've got the cold right now, but no snow, which is fine because we don't have snow plows either. Merry Christmas!

  6. The real snow and the miniature snow looks lovely. There is something magical about the first snow of the season. Merry Christmas!

  7. Betsy, this is a magical post! The snow scenes, both real and miniature, are so lovely. And how cozy to be inside looking out on a snowy day. We've had only one very light snowfall here, but much ice, which is a whole different and terrible thing! Thank you for all the beautiful wintry photographs.

  8. These are FANTASTIC photos Betsy!!! They convey Heaps of atmospheric, wintery sparkle!
    I LOVE seeing all of your mini properties in your neighborhood, piled high with pure, untrammeled snow! All of them REALLY put me into the Spirit of Christmas.
    Wonderful Winter Wonderlands! :D


  9. As you might have noticed by now I'm not fond of snow *grin*... i. e. of snow falling around my property or in other words snow I have to shovel. But I like looking at pictures of snowy landscapes and buildings covered with snow and your pictures are just wonderful. Both in your real as in your miniature world the snow brings such a fresh atmosphere and the promise of this special smell a cold, frosty day brings. I see Hardwick Hall has two faithful guards sitting next to the door, I bet they have an eye on visitors to clean their shoes from the deep snow before entering. ;O) Wonderful pictures... and your real garden's magic shows well what a special person lives there.


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