Monday, December 12, 2016

'Tis The Season....

Decorations.... Visitors..... Gifts.....

The Time had come, Dear Readers, for me to get my RL Christmas trees decorated! I had put them up last weekend, with only the lights on them, which I dearly love at this dark time of year, but I also love the trees fully loaded with beautiful shiny treasures.... which takes hours of unpacking and arranging. It is a task I love to do and don't like to feel rushed, so it needed the full attention of weekend days. Saturday I adorned the upstairs tree in my Little Studio, all in white lights and snowmen and birds with a few Santa's and reindeer too. This is the room where I have my drawing table so this tree keeps me company while I work on the Annual Christmas Card....(still in the sketching stage...)! Having the tree done definitely helps with setting the mood. And Sunday was the day to decorate the larger tree in my Living room downstairs.... really it stands in the large doorway between the Living room and what would be the Dining room, but is really my Dollhouse workshop!

I always put the colored lights on the downstairs tree.... 
and all the brightly colored glass ornaments 
and all the decorations made over the years by myself and my children.
This way I have a tree nearby whether I am working upstairs or down!
I had almost completed this tree when I got a call from my Sister.... 
she was in the area and hoped she could stop by for tea!
(She lives hundreds of miles away... so this is a Rare Event!)
She wasn't traveling alone.....

Look who came with her....!!!
Buttercup and Marmalade!!!
(They left their wings in the suitcase for safe-keeping on this Journey)
Of course, they had to visit in the Cloud Palace.....

Where Blue had Just put up the Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree 
with all those gold wishing stars....
(Sorry it is so dark and difficult to photograph...!)
Everybeary was so excited to see Buttercup and Marmalade!

And while my Sister and I drank our tea....

Buttercup and Marmalade made friends with the gumdrops!

In case you did not know, all these Fairy Bearys
 are the handiwork of Birgit of BiWuBaren Blog.
 And not only is Birgit marvelously talented, 
she is also amazingly generous!
She sent me a Box of Christmas goodies.....

Full of mini gifts and beautiful cards and ornaments and Marzipan!
(Now we know Nobeary will go hungry in the Cloud Palace... 
as if Hamish Harry would ever let that happen... 
but at least we now know there is enough Marzipan 
to keep us all happy!)
Thank you Birgit!!!!!

Alas, my Sister's visit was very brief, Dear Readers, 
a snowstorm was threatening and she needed to return 
to her daughter's home before it started. 
Once she left, I continued with my Christmas Tree decorating....

I pulled out the little tree that goes in the Lovely Old Dollhouse.
Here you can see it close-up....
It has dozens of tiny ornaments, 
glass balls and metal snowflakes, 
resin figures and lace hearts.... 
icicles and star garlands....
And a beautiful angel at the top!
It always goes in the same corner 
of the Living room of the Lovely Old Dollhouse.
The angel brushes against the low ceilings.....

Charles has taken charge of setting it up again this year.
Helen just likes to watch while he arranges everything and plugs in the lights!
Oh, I never tire of seeing those tiny colored lights!

But where is Pollyanna, I hear you ask? 
Isn't she the one who loves to decorate the Tree?
Well, Pollyanna has become a bit distracted....

She wanted to make a Mini Tree for the little dollhouse....
But when she tried it in the little house, it was too tall! 
It barely fit into the medium dollhouse,
 but Pollyanna has so far to go on this property, 
she was not ready to decorate it just now!

So she made another tree... a little smaller....
And added some golden garland and red ornaments.....

Can you see it...?

This time it does fit into the Smaller house!
Pollyanna is so pleased with the way it looks!

But before she could even blink, 
Salome came to have a look....
"I need one in Gold or Silver...." she said.
"The green one doesn't go with my gown..." she added.
Well! thought Pollyanna.... 
a silver one would be fun too...!
Ah, Dear Readers, 'Tis the Season
For decorations.....
For Trees and visitors....
And Gifts....!


  1. Christmas trees everywhere! I also love a white light tree and a colored light tree..we have both this year and it makes me so happy. Your dollhouse trees are just fantastic and each one is cuter than the other. It's so nice to see everyone getting into the Christmas spirit. :)

    1. Hi Farrah Lily! I always love to know someone else has to have two trees like me!!! They are so beautiful! I hope you have plenty of time to enjoy yours! Happy Holidays! :)

  2. My favorite tree is the itsy bitsy one. So sweet!

    1. Hi Sheila! I love it too! I keep wanting to make more... I will get Pollyanna to help me! LOL! Thank you for commenting!

  3. So Very Nice that you and your sister were able to have a quick visit before the snowfall. And what a surprise that she brought Buttercup and Marmalade with her, so that they could visit with their relatives living in the Cloud Palace, too!
    Your Real tree looks Marvelous Betsy but I must say that your teeny tiny tree is a real Show Stopper as is the tree in your Lovely Old Dollhouse. I wish a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS to You and all your dolls and fairy Bears living and adventuring in Bestyville! :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! It was such a Joyful and Serendipitous visit!!! I am glad you like the tiny tree.... so do I! There are plans afoot to make more! LOL! Thank you for stopping by and adding your wonderful supportive comments!!! :)

  4. It looks like everyone has had fun decorating!

    1. Hi The Grandmommy! It has been a lot of fun! The best part was sharing it with my sister when it was all just newly finished... everything looked so magical! Thank you for commenting!

  5. Bonjour Betsy,
    le tout petit est trop mignon, je l'adore :-)

    1. Hi Jean-Claude! I am so glad you like it! I am having so much fun with the really tiny projects! Happy Holidays to you! :)

  6. Oh, how nice, Betsy, that your sister was able to visit you, even it was brief visit :)! And what a nice surprise that she brought Buttercup and Marmelade with her, so they could see again their members of the beary family ;)!
    Yes, Birgit is always very thoughtful and generous, enjoy it all!!
    Your RL Christmas tree looks wonderful, but especially the teeny tiny one is awesome, so tiny and still full of detailed decorations, wow :D!!
    Happy Advent and Christmas time, dear friend!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! It was such a special visit..... it was so unexpected and so perfectly timed! And the Beareys visiting was the icing on the cake! LOL! Yes, Birgit has spoiled me again! We are enjoying the marzipan! I hope your Holidays are Wonderful too! :)

  7. your Christmas trees are beautiful ! A great bravo

    1. Thank you Claude! I have always loved the Christmas Trees! I am never tired of looking at them!

  8. I'm glad to hear that nobeary will have go through a marzipan-free Christmas season... *LOL* And of course I'm really happy to see that Marmalade and Buttercup came over for a wonderful Advent-"Kaffeeklatsch", what could be better? As always I enjoyed very much seeing all of them together... this is somehow an early Christmas gift for me. - All of your Christmas trees are beautiful... no surprise Pollyanna came up with such a lovely although tiny one. She gets plenty of inspiration from you for sure!


    1. Dear Birgit, it was such a pleasure for me to visit with my sister just when the timing was so perfect! And the Beareys are traveling with her because she loves them so and can't bear (punny!) to leave them behind! It was very important to me to get pictures of their visit to share with you! :) And yes, I think Pollyanna could be said to have some of the same obsessions I do! LOL! :)

  9. your Christmas trees are beautiful :)


  10. How thoughtful of your sister to bring Marmalade and Buttercup to visit with all their relatives I am sure everyone had a wonderful time. Beautiful gifts from Birgit and yummy marzipan. All your trees are stunning I love the tiny very detailed one wow.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! Yes, it was a wonderful visit in so many ways! Really the best Christmas gift for me! And I love that the Beareys are Traveling with her! Yes, Birgit has spoiled us with the Holiday package... but we sure enjoy the Marzipan! :)

  11. Your Christmas trees are beautiful, both the full sized ones and the miniatures. The first one looks a bit like my own real tree, with old ornaments in mainly silver and some colors. And the miniature one Pollyanna made is wonderful! She is a clever lady ;-)
    Lovely to have had a visit form your sister, even though it was a brief one.

    1. Hi Josje! I am glad you like the trees... I have always had a weakness for Christmas Trees! The tiny one was fun to make, and I am sure I will make more! It was so special to visit with my sister.... it is a rare thing to share Christmas with her! Thank you for commenting! And I hope your Holidays are Magical!

  12. Hello, Betsy - Your Christmas trees are ALL so beautiful - from the real life ones down to the tiniest miniature one! How nice that your sister could stop by for a visit, even though it was a brief one. The "gum-drop" bears seem to have enjoyed their visit as well. Enjoy your work on your Christmas Card - which I'm sure you will, with such a festive tree to keep you company.

    1. Hi Marjorie! It was really special to have a visit at this time of year with my sister... and to share the Christmas trees with her! I am slowly making progress on the Christmas card.... I do enjoy the process once I get over the "its going to be late" panic! Now I just say its going to be late... but there will be a card! :)

  13. Hi Betsy,

    Your Christmas trees, all of them, are beautiful! How nice to have room for two trees!
    I love the ornaments of the tree in the old dollhouse! So delicate!
    As for your tiny trees, wow!!!
    Lovely to see Buttercup and Marmelade and happy for you to have some time with your sister.



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