Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year.....

Are We Late for the Party....?

I Hope you will not be Disappointed, Dear Readers, if I have no Christmas Card to show you in today's post. I was Truly hoping I would have the drawing completed by the New Year.... but this year it just is taking longer. Here we are, already at New Year's Eve, and some places on the Globe have already seen their "Ball-drop", but over here in the Western Hemisphere, there are yet a few hours of that Old Tired Year still to play out. And Lady Athena has decided to take advantage of the moment to Host a New Year's Eve Party at the Castle! Everybody is Invited! it is sure to be a fantastic crush! The Christmas decorations are still up, so there is not much she needs to do.

 There is an enormous Tree in the Guard Room at the entrance...

She hung an enormous Glittering Silver Ball 
from the ceiling of the Great Hall......

She filled the Antique Tarnished Silver Punch Bowl 
with a steaming Mystical brew.....

And she hired a Local All-Star band to play music....
Meet the "Fearless Flashbacks".......
(Yes they sometimes double as the "Deadly Nightshades"....)

They are Heating up the Hall with their Heady mix of "Old Goldies" and 
Traditional Tunes with a Modern Twist!
(You should hear their Auld Lang Syne...!)

Victor and Joanna have arrived early 
because they didn't want to miss any of the fun....

Followed quickly by Helen and Charles...
Because Helen wanted to be sure they were not late!

Pollyanna and Arthur are here too... 
Pollyanna loves to come to parties at the Castle. 
She says it always reminds her of her Wedding.... 
one of the Happiest Days she can remember!

Chip and Sally May and Annabelle have stopped to admire the huge Tree.... 
Although Annabelle seems more fascinated by Guard Ian in the corner!

Will has arrived too. And because he is single now, 
he is trying to meet anyone new in town....
"Haven't we met somewhere...?" he asks the Gypsy.

The Aileens arrive with their children in tow. 
Jasper and Amber have been here before and 
are looking forward to an evening in the Castle. 
You never know what might happen here!

Fleur and her husband Daniel and their daughter Juliet are here too!
Juliet can't wait to play with her friends!

Oh, and look... it's Gabrielle too!
 She is now Juliet's "Au Pair" and has been
 included in the Evenings Festivities!

She is still new in the area, 
and has not met very many people. 
But she hopes to have fun tonight 
getting to know some of her new neighbors.

Oh my goodness... even Harold and Celeste have come tonight!
(They are Arthur's parents and were estranged for years,
 but have been spending time together 
ever since Arthur and Pollyanna got married!)

Sally May and Fleur can talk for hours about 
the challenges of raising a daughter these days....

And the children are still talking about what they "got" for Christmas....
(Yes, Amber might be a little jealous that
 Juliet got a Pink "Little Hostess" kitchen center, 
complete with Working oven!)
(Juliet didn't tell her she is already a little bored with it...)
And is that Mischievous Fairy here too....? 
Yes..... he could not resist such an Open Invitation......!
It is anybody's guess what he Might have put in the Punch Bowl...

Ken is trying to keep an eye on things.... 
Will is trying to interest the Gypsy.....
But she might have her eye on Ken....

And Gabrielle just wants some Punch!

Will turns and spots Gabrielle. 
She looks a little familiar.....
"Haven't we met somewhere....?" he asks.

Gabrielle recognizes him at once!
"Oh! Bonjour, Monsieur..." she says.... 
forgetting for a moment to speak in English.
"I mean Hello! We met in France last summer....." she said.
 "At the Park " she added when he still looked confused.
"Ah! The Park!" exclaims Will. 
And then he blushed a little as all the memories rushed back.
"You're the Nanny!" he adds."Renee's Nanny!" 

"I was." says Gabrielle. 
"I am now Juliet's Nanny..." she added quickly. 
She didn't really want to explain that she was fired 
because she had talked to him in the Park!
There was a moment of awkward silence 
while Will thought about Daphne....
 and then decided he really didn't want to talk about Daphne at all!
"So what are you doing here....?" 
they both said at the same moment... 
then they laughed together....
Will bowed and said "I will let the Lady go first.... 
what would you like to know...?"
Everything! thought Gabrielle....
"Is your business in this town...?" 
was what she asked instead....

Well, Dear Readers, how the Time has Flown!
Is it Time for the Ball to Drop?
Has the New Year already been Rung In in Your Land?
Have you Danced the Night away 
and Kissed your Loved Ones on the New Year?
There are still a few Hours to pass in my Land.... 
and I have a Christmas Card that still needs to be finished....
So I will leave you here for now...
While the Party is going strong....

Why even in the Castle Kitchens 
Henry and Belle are celebrating the New Year.....
"Come on Belle.... just a New Year's Kiss...." wheedles Henry...

"Just don't you be mistaking it for anything else..!" retorts Belle....
Dear Readers, I wish you All a 
Wonderful and Joyous New Year!
 May You all Kiss your Loved ones... 
Smile with your neighbors....
Dance the Night Through....
And maybe even tell a Tale or two!
I am so glad you could make it to the Party!


  1. What a beautiful New Year's Eve, and what a beautiful story!
    Happy new year to you

    1. Thank you Claude! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Happy New Year!

  2. Thank You for inviting me to your New Year's Eve Party, Betsy!!!
    I had a Blast and it was great fun eavesdropping in on different guests conversations as I mixed and mingled.
    Isn't life strange in that Will and Gabrielle should meet up once again in of all places??? ; P
    I got a chuckle out of his standard pick up line, which this time -worked!!!
    I wish each and every inhabitant, those above stairs and those below, a MOST EXCELLENT 2017 and for you dear Betsy- a VERY Happy New Year to YOU and all your kin, too!


    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am SO Glad you could make it!!! And that you had such a good time! It does get to be the same old group year after year.... should I add a few characters? LOL! And who knew that Will and Gabrielle would meet up again??? ;) Many stories still to tell! I hope you have a wonderful New Year full of minis!!!

  3. Happy New Year! :)
    Thank you for the party!
    Hugs, piikko

    1. Thank you Piikko!!! I am so glad you could come! It was a good party with so many guests! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy new Year! Oh wow, that castle is stunning!

    1. Happy New Year Katajamaki lea! I am so glad you could come to the party! I am happy that you enjoyed the Castle.... I still have a lot to do to finish it... perhaps this year I will make some progress! Thank you for your lovely comments!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Maria! I am so glad you enjoyed the party! Happy New Year!

  6. Formidable fêtes;-)
    Bonne année 2017 Betsy.

    1. Thank you Jean-Claude! It was a lot of fun! I am so glad you could come to the party! I wish you a Wonderful New Year full of minis!!!

  7. I feel very honored being invited to this party... The party of the parties at New Year's Eve! And what a party this was... everybody having so much fun. And the music! (But I worry about their contracts... they should think about getting a better management - either for the Deadly Nightshades or the Fearless Flashbacks *grin*) I was great to see all those dear characters enjoying a wonderful time and party... and even more to see that your biggest tale keeps on to be told. It's nice that Will and Gabrielle met again giving Will the chance for a new relationship... we will see. Btw I have to admit that I almost didn't recognize Will... he looks totally different without carrying a dollhouse upstairs! ;O)

    Happy New Year to you and yours... and thanks for this wonderful party!

    Birgit (who is still doing the happy dance and hopes you received her e-mail)

    1. Dear Birgit, I am so glad you could make it to the Party and that you enjoyed the music and the other guests... even if they were difficult to recognize in their "party attire"! Yes, you would think that by now I might be "winding up" some of the many loose ends of my favorite stories.... but somehow that doesn't seem to be happening very quickly, if at all! LOL! The more I tell the more there is to tell! Oh dear..... I need to get organized and make some real progress this year!
      And you know I am thrilled that you like the gifts! :):):)

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Fabiloa! I am so glad you could come to the Party and that you had a good time! Happy New Year to you too!

  9. Hi, Betsy - It was a lovely party, and even though I couldn't "last" until the ball dropped at midnight, I enjoyed myself thoroughly. So many old and new friends to see, and a fun new band - love those Fearless Flashbacks! Now I'm headed home to be in time for my usual ten p.m. bedtime - the latest "late night" I can manage! But I'll have visions of a wonderful party dancing in my head.
    I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Marjorie! I am so glad you made it to the Party... even if you didn't last until the ball drop (I will confess that I did not either! LOL!) Yes the Fearless Flashbacks were in Great form, and they have such a wonderful repertoire of oldies and traditionals mixed with modern flair.... in their own inimitable style, of course! It was a wonderful evening with all the old friends there! Happy New Year to you too!

  10. Thank you indeed Betsy for the party spirit. We headed off to #3 son's house for a New Year party and had to turn back due to the heavy snow fall. We did stay up to see the clock pass the midnight hour.
    All the best for 2017 to you and yours.
    regards Janine

    1. Hi Janine! I am so glad you were able to make it to this party... even though you had to forsake your Son's! Much better to be safe at home on a bad winter night! Happy New Year to you too!

  11. Happy New Year and thank you for the invite to the party. I had a ball!

    1. Hi Irene! I am so glad you made it to the Party! :)
      Happy New Year to you too!

  12. What a great party, loved peeping in! Happy New Year, from Pam in Norway

    1. Hi Pam! I am so glad you could come to the Party! It was great to see so many old friends... and even meet new ones too! Happy New Year to you too! :)

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