Monday, December 5, 2016

Not Another One....!

Stolen Moments.......

I hope you are Not Shocked, Dear Readers, to see an entirely different Tiny House kit featured in the above picture! I was pawing through my boxes of mini Christmas supplies, looking for something else entirely, when I found this kit I had bought a few years ago but never assembled. And if you are like me and are procrastinating from all sorts of more difficult tasks, then something as simple as this becomes Irresistible! There were hardly any parts, and they would go together so quickly! And best of all, the printed decorative papers that needed to be glued on would give me Practice in attaching these sorts of  papers to the constructed house! (And I was feeling a trifle nervous about gluing the papers for the Secret Christmas House kit!)
So I quickly assembled the parts 
and forgot to take any pictures of the beginning....

The entire House is less than three inches tall. 
The kit is made by "Dragonfly International" 
but I bought it through the Hobby Builder's Supply Catalog.
The laser cut wooden pieces went together quickly 
and the exterior papers were simple to glue on.
But after that, Something happened.....
 The attic was not supposed to be "accessible". 
But I thought that would be a real waste of space!
So I cut an arched opening in the roof paper.
And then I realized that the roof paper was not sturdy enough alone,
 and would need to be stiffened with some cardboard...
(Which was easily accomplished.)
And then I realized that while there were two printed floor papers, 
there was only one decorative paper for the ceiling.... 
but there were two ceilings....!

So you can imagine what had to be done to the unfinished ceiling!
(It did not take too long!)

And because the middle floor fit so snugly in the house, 
the printed wallpaper needed to be cut in half 
and applied separately to each room after the floor was attached.. 
So there you see, Dear Readers, 
I made only a few modifications to the kit!
And I had good practice with the gluing of the decorative papers!

Which made it much easier for me to feel confident
 about the Secret Christmas House!

 And because I was still stealing moments from all those other tasks on my list, 
I decided it was time to glue the windows into the front of the Secret Christmas House,
since the interior side of this wall would not be decorated and so 
I needn't worry about getting paint or glue on the window panes by mistake.

And then I glued the rest of the floor papers into the rooms.
Because the ceilings had all been painted
 there was no risk of getting paint on the floors by mistake!

And then I went ahead and glued the exterior wall paper 
on the right side rooms!
I had glued the window panes in last week, 
and could not attach the exterior frames 
until the paper was in place.

Here I am testing the fit with the right side in place.
And since that was looking so good... 
it was time to attach the front wall papers too! 

Here it is without the interior rooms in place....

And here they are in place.
What a difference the papers make!

Here you can see a close-up view into the Library through the window!
I still have to paint all those incredibly delicate window frames.... 
but I figure that will take me quite a while and I don't want to rush.

Well, I don't know about you, Dear Readers, 
but I just couldn't resist stealing a few moments 
to work on these Tiny House kits!
(And No, I don't have  Another one!)


  1. Wow, so tiny! Looking very cute and coming along nicely! I can see how these can get addicting. :)

    1. Hi Farrah Lily! This little kit was so easy! I am having fun with them!

  2. Betsy, you never ceases to amaze me with all of your finds and tryouts, I love it :D!! I think it was meant to be that you've found back this little house, for a bit of practising in glueing the papers on your secret Christmas house! I can truly understand that you changed the attic into an open space, I think that I would do the same, hehehe ;).
    I absolutely love how the two houses look now, they are both lovely!!
    I think it is so good, stealing a few moments to do other things in miniature, cause it gives you time to think about how to solve other issues in making miniatures, at least this works for me too.
    So, if I was shocked??? NOOOO, go on and let's see what will happen next, here on your work table ;)!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! Yes, I do like to try another project whenever I can't make up my mind about something! LOL! It means I have too many projects "unfinished"! But it is fun... and I do learn a lot!

  3. They're both so sweet looking. I love the swags above the windows on the Secret Christmas House.

    1. Hi Sheila! I think those swags get a "three dimensional" layer once the kit is done! There is some "bunka" in the kit to be used for the swags! I will get to them eventually!

  4. Oh, I think I want to live in that tall skinny house! Maybe in my next life - I'm probably too old now for so many stairs. Your Christmas houses are so lovely - will they be tree ornaments? Or do they belong (as dollshouses) to the inhabitants of your bigger houses?
    Talk soon, love

    1. Hi Mom! It does have a lot of charm! It is a lot of fun to fantasize....! And these are all dollhouses for the Dollhouse.... at least so far!

  5. I am soooooo Impressed with BOTH of your tiny houses, Betsy!
    However, I am not surprised that you found the skinny house in your stash when looking for something else because that happens to me ALL of the time, but what has surprised me is that you basically stuck to the instructions when constructing it, which is a very Un-Betsy like thing to do! ;P
    Even so I agree that opening up the roof to allow for access into the attic was a MUST and the ceiling paper for both ceilings was a MUST as well.
    The painted facade of the skinny house is Adorable but the Secret Christmas House is STUNNING! And even though you were only practicing on the Skinny house, I don't believe that you have entirely finished with it. I have suspicions that in true DAYDREAMER fashion, you will be adding to it here and there so that eventually each one of your teeny tiny dollies will each have a place to call their own.
    So I shall continue to wait and see ;P

    elizabeth :D

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am having a lot of fun with these tiny houses! Now if only I had more Time.... And you are right about the additions.... the list is growing as I write this! LOL! So don't forget to come back for more! :)

  6. Both houses are very lovely. I love the way you decorated them.
    They don't take much space so why stop at two only?
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hi Drora! Yes, I am thinking that way too... except that there must be a Dollhouse for the "dollhouse" to Live in..... which brings me back to my original problem! LOL! But Pollyanna is willing to have quite a few "dollhouses" at this point! I am having fun!

  7. SOOOOO wonderful !!! they are lovely !
    Best wishes <3 Rosanna

    1. Hi Rosanna! These tiny houses are very challenging.... but so much fun! :)

  8. It is a very pretty little house what a lovey project to do. Your secret Christmas is amazing I love it.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! I am getting carried away with these tiny houses! I keep thinking of more things to add...! LOL! But it is a lot of fun!

  9. Both your tiny house kits look like so much fun! I think cutting into the attic on the Tiny Christmas House was the perfect idea - it makes such a difference to have that extra space. I also love the second ceiling that you painted - so tiny; so beautiful! The Secret Christmas House is coming along very well; I felt a little thrill when I looked through the window into the Library - what a wonderful close-up view! You're doing such lovely work on these two tiny houses. I definitely think you should build another one - or two.

    1. Hi Marjorie! I need no encouragement to make more of these tiny houses.... only lots more Time! LOL! I still have a long way to go... and the furnishing part is the most challenging to build! We will see what I manage! The Secret Christmas House has kits for the furniture.... it is going to keep me busy long after Christmas! :)

  10. According to me this post has a wrong headline - as far as I am concerned it should have been "Yeah... another one!!! *doing-the-happy-dance*" What a wonderful thing to find in your stash, this tiny skinny house is very pretty... and came in perfect for giving you a chance to practice for your "bigger" project. And what a relief that you found a way to add a cloudy ceiling! *LOL* And of course I am in awe with your variation which allows access to the attic. Not to forget - you've already said it perfectly: What difference those papers make! The exterior of the Secret Christmas House all dressed up for the season is spectacular. I hope you will find enough extra time to go on with this fascinating project. ;O)


    1. Hi Birgit! I must confess, I was enjoying getting carried away with Another Tiny House kit... and ignoring all my obligations! LOL! I would enjoy it even more if my Christmas Card was on schedule.... :( This is my dilemma! Too many wonderful projects to play with... never enough time! But somehow it will all work out.... even if I am still working on the Christmas House in June! LOL!

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