Saturday, October 28, 2017

Who Goes There.....?

The Dark Times......

The Wizard was Weary, Dear Readers. He was Tired of trying to keep the years from bleeding into each other and spilling over one Time to the next. The Eras seemed to change and shift and pile up around him.... and all the while he was trying to locate one missing lad. It was not so much a matter of Where Perry had gone as When he had strayed to!

The Wizard could feel in his bones that the Lad was alive and well.....
But he was adrift in Time....!
And no matter how often he searched for him in the Scryving Basin, 
he could not see him anywhere!

And that bothered him deeply..... 
because he could not understand Why the spell of protection 
had not kept him safe in the boat.... 
why he had not returned to the same Time he departed from.....
What had gone wrong....
 There were too many unanswered questions! 
And he could not rest easy until the Lad was home!

I am sure you will understand that Perry had no such concerns himself!
The Selkie Maid had brought him to shore quite near to the Castle
 and he had little trouble finding the path up the cliffs.
He knew the Castle well so he was quite comfortable there...
 even if he never could find the Wizard!
He wandered the Castle at will... 
sometimes it was filled with people....
But they never seemed to see him at all!

He could pass through their midst as though he were a ghost...!

 And other Times it was quite empty.....

As though nobody had been there for a very long time!

He never knew what he would find as he passed from one room to another......

But he felt no fear at all and had no idea he was "missing"!

The same was true of Tommy.
 He never knew what he would find when he came to the Castle.
Sometimes he found the stables full of horses and people in the kitchen...
 other times it was a vast and echoing ruin.
There were no horses in the stables today when he arrived on Prince.
But he was determined to search the Castle for Treasure...
 especially since he did not have to worry about his sister Beatrice! 
Today he was alone....
 or so he thought!

"What are You doing here..." demanded Perry?
He remembered this boy... and the trouble with the Book... 
and his missing Fairy... 
although to be fair, he had traded the Fairy for the Key of Time.....

"I've come to look for Treasure...." declared Tommy.
"My name is 'Tommy'" he added.  
"I come here a lot, but today I'm looking for Treasure."
"I'm Perry" said Perry. 
"I 'll help you look for Treasure..." he added.

And off they went to search the Empty old ruins!

But they were not the only ones Searching that afternoon, Dear Readers!

Caroline, Tommy and Beatrice's sister,
 had noticed they were gone and was sure she knew where they were!
She headed out to find them with their dog Snowy.

She was very annoyed with them both 
because they knew they were not allowed to got to the Castle Ruins!
The afternoon was getting late and there was a storm coming!
She had overheard Cook say so... she could always feel it in her bones!

Snowy would help her find them.... 
and even if it got Dark before they were home again.... 
Snowy would know the way!
They didn't want to get caught in the storm!

When she reached the Castle, 
she was very relieved to find Prince waiting in the stables....
 but there was no sign of either Tommy or Beatrice!
It was getting dark and was very gloomy in the Castle... 
she did not want to search the ruins!
Perhaps she should wait here... 
surely they would come back to get Prince!

And in another Time altogether, Dear Readers,
 the Castle was beginning to fill with those who would be attending 
the Annual Halloween Castle Costume Ball!

Ken had been decorating the Great Hall for days....

He was filling the banquet table with treats.... 
and had invited a few "atmospheric" fellows!

The guests have begun to arrive....

Our Favorite Band "The Deadly Nightshades" are tuning up 
for an evening of  Howling Halloween Classics....

The Gypsy has arrived to entertain with telling Fortunes and reading palms....
Perhaps she will be able to "See" what others cannot...!
And Beatrice is beginning to worry that she will have to search for Tommy after all...
she couldn't see any sign of him or Prince when they arrived at the stables!

Meanwhile, at the Lovely Old Dollhouse, 
Helen and Charles are preparing for the Ball!
Helen has decided to try going as a Witch this year.... 
and so Charles is a Wizard to keep her company.

Pollyanna decided to go as a Princess.... in a lovely blue velvet gown!
Arthur is accompanying her as a Prince.
It is not his favorite costume,
but he is always willing to wear what pleases Pollyanna!
Annabelle is once again a Fairy.... 
everyone agrees that she makes an adorable Fairy!
Sally May has decided to go as an Old Fashioned Lady.... 
she loves to wear such a fascinating hat!
And Chip is going as a "Regular Guy"..... 
(he says there needs to be at least one of them at every Costume Ball!)

They had to wait a few minutes for Joanna....
She's going as Maid Marion... again... 
and she couldn't find the veil!
Victor is Robin Hood this year too...
 he says he is becoming fond of the hat!
Is everybody ready now....?

Well, Dear Readers, the sun has set 
and the Dark Draws in early now....
Travelers, Revelers and Searchers 
are all gathering at the Castle.....
Who goes There and
What they will find remains to be seen....!
And I Do hope you will come to the Party!


  1. I know that I've told you this many times before, Betsy, you have an extraordinary talent for telling stories so lively that it seems that I'm living in those ancient times!! I enjoyed so much for reading this exciting story.
    Days are becoming shorter here too, Halloween is coming soon and the winter will follow with all of it's festivities.....time flies!
    I can't wait how this story will end, but......I now have to wait until you'll post again ;O!
    Wishing you a nice Sunday.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. Wonderful scenes and story :-).I admire your skills to make such realistic dioramas!

  3. The plot thickens as they say...
    I'll be there, unseen but jovial all the same! Can't wait!

  4. It looks as though it is going to be another Night of Misadventure at the castle's annual costume ball! :D
    I'm excited to learn that the Deadly Nightshades will be rolling out the tunes again this year- hope they have "Spooky", 'The Monster Mash" and
    " Thriller" on their playlist because they're easy to dance to especially when your wearing such fun halloween costumes as those guests arriving from the Lovely Old Dollhouse. :)


  5. Hello Betsy,
    Your stories always keep me on the edge of my seat...I am most intrigued by Perry's story. I swear your stories could be made into movies. It is so nice to see your incredible miniature projects come to life.
    Big hug

  6. Snowy is so perfect!
    A very good, spooky, imaginative story. How perfectly empty and abandoned the castle looks.
    Bravo! Cant wait to see how it all turns out.

  7. As if I would ever miss this party!!! I will be there for sure, invisible but having the blast of a time. The Deadly Nightshades are back in town!!! Yesssss!!! And would you please tell Ken he made a wonderful job with preparing for the party, especially with the atmospheric fellows. Oh, I can hardly await this party of the parties, looks like everybody will be there... and best of all: Chip is once more wearing his favourite costume! No Halloween could ever be complete without Chip's Regular Guy costume! *LOL* And not to forget the story's development was once more breathtaking. Did I ever tell you before that you are an outstanding story teller??? *smile* But what I really need to say is: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the effort it takes you to create these posts, the story telling and even more with creating those scenes. I know for sure how much work, time and effort is needed for this and I really, really, really appreciate that you're doing this for us. I just LOVE your stories!


  8. Hi, Betsy - I love the way Time drifts and twists and turns around on itself in this story. And it's great to see all the old friends gathered for the party, wearing those clever costumes. I'm sure they're all looking forward to dancing the night away to the tunes of the Deadly Nightshades!