Monday, September 9, 2019

Leaves... Again More Leaves...

Leaving It All Behind....

It Should come as No surprise, Dear Readers, when I admit that I am growing Weary of the seemingly endless rounds of Leafy stems that disappear into the branches of the Summer Shrub with no apparent effect on the fullness of the shrub! Above you can see the batch I completed this week.... I have lost count of how many it is and will need to scour the records to add it up with accuracy. But I will Leave that task for another day! I have too much to do to get ready to go on Vacation to visit my Folks in the Southwest!

And I am sure you must be getting as weary as I
 of seeing nothing on this blog but more leafy stems
 in various stages of assembly! 
There is a limit to the need for documenting
 tiresome repetitive effort!
(Or at least there should be!)

Here you can see the Summer shrub as it now stands
 with almost all the currently finished leafy stems attached.
Is it enough?
It still doesn't look like enough to me....

Standing a little farther back.....
Nope.... still doesn't look like enough.

And with three more leafy stems added....?
Can you even tell there are more?
Well, Dear Readers, I am sure I can no longer
 "see" the shrub for the Leaves.....
It is Time for some Time away!
Perhaps when I return
 I will be able to spot exactly what is still needed
 (besides a bunch of seedpods... 
and a whole lot more leafy stems...) 
But for now, 
Like a certain Mole of Storied fame...
I am going to declare "Hang Whitewashing..."
 and Leave it all behind 
while I run off to Play!
I'll be back in a couple of Weeks!


  1. Have an epic time with the family, Betsy! May you return rested, suntanned and seeing this amazing accomplishment with new eyes and enthusiasm for the final stretch!

  2. Descansa y disfruta! a la vuelta lo verás con ojos renovados!!

  3. es increible tu paciencia, hojas y más hojas...

  4. Hi, Betsy - A relaxing, refreshing trip to the southwest sounds ideal after spending so much time with all the leafy stems! I'm sure that you'll return with renewed eagerness to complete that Summer Lilac Shrub. Enjoy your (enviable) visit!

  5. I think there's a gap in the bush between the top & the bottom but maybe that's natural, where the little suckers come up from the roots? We can talk about it when you're here. Counting the hours!
    Love, Mom

  6. I think you have overdosed on leaves :))) Enjoy your break and no talk of leaves for a while ;) Enjoy your holiday.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Unlike you I don't get tired of watching your stunning leaves - but okay, I have the better part. Enjoy your break from leaf-making… but even more… enjoy the precious time with your family to the fullest! And when you'll be home again there will be a wonderful, stunning, awesome, outstanding summer lilac shrub waiting for you that only needs a few more leaves (and I'm not going to mention the autumn shrub, no, reminding you of it would not be nice... *grin*)

    Have fun - and I'm already looking forward to see you back here!


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