Monday, September 23, 2019

There And Back Again......

And Back To Work....

Well, Dear Readers, the Excitement of Travel is behind me now. I made it out to see my Folks and we had a Wonderful time, but it always feels much too short and passes so quickly! And yes, I have already begun another Ten leafy stems for the Summer Lilac Bush! I plan to ignore all the evidence of the Changing (or Changed!) Seasons and will just keep working on the Summer Lilac Shrub until it looks the way I want it to!

I got as far as adding the leaves to the stems before 
my fatigue caught up with me.
(Traveling 2300 miles (more or less) there and back again is not easy!)

As you can imagine, I made sure to bring with me
 a mini-project or two that I could work on
 while visiting with my family.
It was during last year's trip that I started stitching
 on the Snowy Village Christmas stocking, 
so it seems appropriate that I was able to finish it this year!

I still have to cut it out and attach it to the backing, 
but the petit-point is finished.
 I do Love how it turned out!
(And only one noticeable mistake!)

I am sure you will not be surprised
 that I brought along another kit to make
 because they are so small and pack up easily.

It is another Janet Granger Christmas Stocking... 
this time it is Santa, or Father Christmas.
I spent a lovely day with my Mom, Dear Readers,
 while she knitted socks
 and I made tiny petit-point stitches
 and we chatted and napped and had tea and cookies!

Of course, these stockings are a bit more challenging than they look!

The tricky part is in counting the threads properly
 between one part and the next!
I ended up pulling out the stitches for one section more than once!
And I know it doesn't look like much, but this is how far I got....
And yes, I have found a mistake in the counting
 that I will not be able to undo!
 I will have to work around it... 
I think it will be okay in the end.

So that is as far as I got, Dear Readers,
Thousands of miles there and back again, 
And Precious hours spent together
 Stitching and knitting.
And even though I miss them dearly.... 
It is good to be back to work again.


  1. Oh Betsy, stitching-knitting-chatting it the very best kind of togetherness. It sounds like you had a much needed wonderful time with your parents. The stocking has worked out a real treat and I am quite certain that so will the next one. One stitch out here and there... I usually refer to that at creative license - it will be just fine.
    And the lilac; all good and beautiful things take time and I am quite sure that mini-time is a quite different pace to RL time..
    Hugs, Anna

  2. Hi Betsy! happy that you are back and that you have a great time with your parents. Your stiching work is very pretty. And I am sure that before you know the summer bush will be finished.

  3. The stockings are just wonderful! Can't wait to see the finished one in a little scene.

  4. Welcome home Betsy! I am glad to hear that you had such a nice visit with your parents and you were missed here! The snowy hill stocking turned out so lovely, and the Santa one will be a perfect partner on the mantle!. I appreciate the fine craftsmanship it takes to stitch and count something so tiny!
    Autumn has indeed greeted us, and there's nothing we can do but to bask in it's wonders, meanwhile dreaming about sunshine and working on summer business such as a splendid lilac shrub and it's many, many leaves!

  5. I remember evenings sitting with my mother watching old movies whilst chatting and laughing together from the opening credits to the closing ones. It is a memory I cherish so I am know how precious your time spent with your knitting mom, and the rest of your family, has been. :)
    And your finished petit point stocking is Absolutely Wonderful Betsy and I am happy that you are doing a second because having A Pair of stockings is Always Best! ;)

  6. Hi Betsy. No need to tell me how hard tiny stitching is - I am in awe. Also I am terrible at keeping count of stitches which is why I am so bad at knitting, so I can appreciate how much work goes into these things. And you got your leaves done! You are a machine.

  7. Yes, what a lovely time we had, and how sorry I was to see you drive off down the road, early Saturday morning. But I, too, have picked up my life again - oh well. I have found that if you're going to talk and stitch simultaneously, you must stitch on something simple! I was knitting a simple baby jacket.
    Much love,

  8. Welcome back Betsy!
    Your stiching work is fantastic and so perfect.

  9. I'm glad you're back but even more to hear you've had a wonderful time with your family. How lovely that you and your Mom were doing the two C's together - chatting and crafting. (Ooops… I just notice… not nice to mention a "C"... *teehee*) Bravo for finishing the beautiful winter sky stocking, it turned out awesome. And I really like your new project, Santa looks great and they will match together so well because of the blue background. Have fun… even though counting is so heavy. One of the reasons why I've not dared so far to try stitching in this small scale… I hated counting stitches even in real scale back when it made it. *LOL*

    And bravo too for keeping up with your leafy schedule. Don't worry about the seasons… whenever you're done with this shrub it will indeed be summer at Will's porch. I suppose the Wizard has something to do with this… trust in him to be at your side. ;O)


  10. Indeed welcome back. Hobby's are important but family even more so. So how nice to be able to combine the two? Good luck with the remaining work on the summer Lilac!

  11. Hi, Betsy - What a special time you've had with your mom, stitching and chatting with tea and cookies! That sounds like a perfect visit. The finished (almost) Christmas stocking is beautiful, and how nice that it will soon have a companion! I'm glad that you've decided to ignore any changes in the weather and just keep working away on those leafy stems for the Summer Lilac Shrub. That makes summer seem to linger on, which is a very good way to hold back the encroaching cold!