Monday, September 30, 2019

Summer Lilac Shrub.....

Done With The Leaves At Last....

A Few weeks ago, Dear Readers, I left you with the above picture of the Summer Lilac Shrub showing that there were still not enough leaves to call it finished. Since then I have added twenty more leafy stems! (Each leafy stem has a dozen leaves attached.) Since a picture is sometimes worth a Thousand words, I will show you the progress pictures!

Immediately upon my return from my Travels, I started in on the Ten Leafy Stems production line, but I did not have time to complete them or attach them before my post last week. Believe it or not, the above picture has the ten leafy stems attached! They do add a sense of density to the middle of the shrub which was lacking before.... but it is really heard to tell that anything has been done at all! And because I was sure this would be the case, I made another Ten Leafy Stems as well....

For the record, here they are begun....

And here they are done!
Well, I am still "shaping" them prior to attaching them....

And here they have been attached!
Can we say Ta Da Ta Done.....?
Well... maybe not quite yet......
I am still finishing the seed pods.....
But I had to test the shrub in the Folly Garden....

Of course, the Sun is setting so early now....
 there is not enough daylight to show it well.
We will have to be patient waiting for the sun....

And I am still making the seed pods.....

I am not entirely satisfied with them....
And I have only completed six so far.....

Not that you can See them once they are attached....!
Can you see them....?
(There are four or five visible in the above picture!)
I need to make another dozen or so......
I've even started about eight more already.....

And I have begun the painted glue blobs that make the pods... 
I will have to make a whole bunch more.
But I think I can say, Dear Readers, 
that I am Done making Leafy Stems!

And I know you want to see it in The Folly Garden where it belongs!
Even though we will have to use artificial light...
 I think I can say it looks just the way I hoped it would!

And while I cannot yet say that
 The Summer Lilac Shrub is Done, Dear  Readers,
At Least I am Done with The Leaves!


  1. Que maravilloso se ve,grandioso en la fachada!!!Vale la pena el esfuerzo!

  2. All that hard work has paid off. Your Summer Lilac looks perfect!

  3. Bravo Betsy! it looks absolutely magnificent.

  4. I could see one bunch of seed pods, at the top of the shrub. The whole thing looks very life-like: a real shrub would have empty spots!
    I think this has been the year of the lilac shrub!
    Carry on.
    Much love,

  5. Yay! What a beautiful leafy shrub!

  6. WOW oh WOW Miss Betsy it looks ~M~A~R~V~E~L~O~U~S~!!! You have sculpted (or should I say attached?) all the leafy stems in such a way as to make the lilac shrub look natural and amazing! Set against the vibrant, happy house colors and the charming bricks makes this a home that when you walk past you wish you lived there! I don't know how it can get even better, but for the critic in all of us I can see the need to add the seed pods. Which by the way are TOO MUCH! Just wonderful!!! I suspect the next time I see it I will fall out of my chair!!!

  7. Quelle patience, quelle méticulosité, je suis émerveillé par votre travail.

  8. Dear Betsy! It has been awhile since I visited your blog, you know why ;). Now that I'm returning into the blog world I must say that I am astonished to see the Summer Lilac Shrub has grown out to the most fantastic and realistic lilac shrub there is in miniature. Your perseverence and patience has paid off, oh my, and you even started making seed pots for this season :O! You ask if we can see them: yes, I do and they're amazing!!
    Marvelous work!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. *Standing ovations* Wow, Betsy, this is quite a landmark! Done with the leaves of the summer shrub - and the result is too good to be expressed in words, "awesome", "gorgeous" or "terrific" would not do justice to this outstanding miniature masterpiece. It was a big pleasure to see this fabulous tree in place. And although there's still a bit of work left the photos already show the splendor. But I must agree, the work on the seeds is indeed necessary for the perfection and naturalism that is so typical for your miniatures - and they make a difference on the shrub because they are visible. I know they are there, I spotted them! ;O)


  10. Wow! So much effort but a superb result! *stands and applauds*

  11. Hokum Smokum! Your mini summer lilac looks like an actual LIVE SHRUB!!!

  12. Your Summer Lilac looks amazing and so real.

  13. Wow your lilac shrub is stunning. It looks like a real tree in the garden. Amazing work congrats.
    Hugs Maria

  14. Hi, Betsy - And you thought you were late in commenting on my last post! The weird thing is that I was so sure that I had already commented on this one, after reading it twice. But my name isn't up there anywhere, so it was all a dream, apparently. Your Summer Lilac Shrub is so realistic that it gives me chills up my spine! So tiny, and yet so perfect - and so worth the long wait to see the end result. I hope you're feeling very proud and very accomplished, because this project deserves all kinds of congratulations.
    Beautiful work!