Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Not Enough.....

Leafy Stems......

I Hate to admit that I was right, Dear Readers, in thinking my latest batch of ten leafy stems would Not be enough to make the Summer Lilac Shrub complete! Above you can see them being painted, the pale green undersides and stripe on the top were done using the newer green paint as it would not show enough to matter that it did not match exactly with the rest. The proper green paint I am eking out in the hopes that if I only use it on the top of the leaves, it will last me another batch or two of ten leafy stems! Those Summer shrubs do fill in beautifully over the summer and mine just looks too sparse as it is. Ten leafy stems do not actually cover much when we get right down to it! And lest you despair because I refuse to show you the shrub as it stands... I will show you another tiny detail I am working on...

"What is this?" I hear you asking.
Well, let me give you another hint.....

"Hmmmmm.... isn't that the way the blossoms went together....?" I hear you say.
"But these blobs are green.......?"

Yes, perhaps you have guessed that I have begun
 to make the Summer Shrub's seed pods!
Can you see I have begun to assemble a few....?
I know it is hard to see them... they are pretty small...
 and I am just getting started.

Here is an example of one in the RL shrub where I work.
You can see that not all of the florets become a fertilized seed... 
but quite a few in each blossom do!
No, I will not be making 52 seeded blossom heads....
but I will be making a good many!
But as you can see, I am just getting started... 
this might take me a while.
And meanwhile, Dear Readers, I will keep making
 ten leafy stems a week, for as long as it takes!

And in case that runs on waaay into Fall.....
I will remind you that Somewhere in my Mini worlds
 it is already snowing!

Even if it is only counting a few tiny stitches!
So there you have it, Dear Readers, 
It was a very busy week with Not enough Time,
Not Enough Leafy Stems,
 and Not Enough to Show!


  1. Oh Betsy, I hear you. You work on 'stuff' all week, you know have been busy, but it is all so tiny, all so detailed, and on its own, it just doesn't really show.. I feel like that most weeks with my embroidery.
    The beauty of it is that all of a sudden, all those little things come together and suddenly look rather awesome and spectacular.
    Have a lovely week.
    Anna x

  2. I can't get over how pretty the Christmas stocking is!

  3. Well, any progress is something Betsy. Even if it doesn’t feel like much, you are still 10 leafy stems closer to a finished shrub. And the stocking looks lovely!

  4. La bota de navidad,se ve tan bonita!!! Y el arbusto,a pesar de que los avances parecen no avanzar,poco a poco conformaran un nuevo arbusto maravilloso!!

  5. Seed pods?!? AWESOME!!! This is going to be THE most AMAZING lilac shrub (all four of them) in the HISTORY of lilac shrubs FOR ALL TIME! You just keep plugging away Dear Betsy! You ARE making progress, even when it SEEMS too small to measure. Whatever season you feel they are PERFECT will be the PERFECT TIME!

  6. Jodi is absolutely right. Your attention to detail is amazing and the results are also.
    I should let your readers know that I'm going to have you here for a visit soon, so you'll have to suspend your bushwhacking soon for a bit.
    Much love,

  7. I always knew it (and I'm pretty sure that I mentioned it in a comment many weeks ago) - I always knew you would come up with seed pods for your summer shrub (and I'm not going to mention that you're going to need them in the dry, brown version too for your autumn and winter version *tweet*). Your attention to any and every detail leaves you no other choice than to find a way how to make them. You are amazing and I can only agree with what Jodi already said - these seasonal shrubs are / will become outstanding masterpieces. And I also admire how strict you're keeping up with your time schedule - according to me you're busy as a bee.


  8. Everything is fantastic. Good continuation!

  9. Hello, Betsy - I'm not at all surprised to learn that now you're busily making another addition to the Summer Lilac Shrub in the form of seed pods! Of course you are! I love seeing the RL photo of the seed pods on the lilac shrub; they're really beautiful, and I can't wait to see the mini ones on your shrub. I hope you aren't feeling at all discouraged at the number of leafy stems that you still need for the Summer Shrub. One fine day, you'll discover that your slow, steady progress has paid off, and there will be a full and luscious Summer Lilac Shrub - complete with seed pods!