Monday, March 16, 2020

A Taxing Time......

And A Tiny Update....

I had to Prepare my Taxes, Dear Readers, before the Social Distancing became too strict to allow for any meetings outside the home, so my weekend was mostly Not about minis. But I got my taxes done and filed and can rest easy on that score. We are still trying to behave as "normally" as possible in this time of upheaval, while taking all due precautions. Nonetheless, all the schools are now closed and everybody is preparing to stay home for a while. At my school the students and teachers have been on Spring Break, and that has been extended for another week, until the end of March. The plans for the rest of the staff are still being figured out, we have been going to work as usual. It is still a changing situation and we are heeding all the care recommendations.  But in spite of my focus being elsewhere, I did manage to paint a few more stars on the Castle Council Chamber floor! I am trying to keep the pattern a random "scattered" effect.

I will probably not add many more stars.

I think this is just about right!

And over in the Doll Maker's Workshop....

I cut and fitted the paneling beside the arched doorway.
Then I painted and stained and glued it in place.

And here it is right side up in the morning sun.

And that was All I got done, Dear Readers,
 in this Taxing Time!
I hope you All stay well, 
and your loved ones too.
And maybe even have a
 Little more time for minis!


  1. I love your doors that arch is beautiful.

  2. I hope you stay well as well, Betsy. Take good care of your self and the People around you.

    The panneling looks good around the arched doorway. It really starts to tie the room together. I also like how the scattered starts in the Council Chamber adds something to an already gorgeous floor. It makes the design more playfull.

    Stay well.

  3. Los paneles de la puerta en arco,han quedado perfectos,ya dan la sensación de continuidad y me gusta mucho el efecto con el suelo!
    Cuidaros mucho!

  4. Me encantan los suelos. Se ven fantásticos.
    Un saludo

  5. Love that tiled floor. and the stars!
    Just think how much time you'll have for your minis once you are told to stay home & take care of yourself!
    One day at a time..
    Much love,

  6. The tiled floor looks lovely with those golden stars! I'm glad that you could manage to put in place the panneling besides the arched doors.
    And what nowadays counts for everyone on the world: stay safe/healthy, dear Betsy, and take good care for yourself and yours!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  7. Oh My STARS, Betsy! There's no doubt that you were seeing stars after all your concentrated efforts of meticulously painting them onto your floor! Ahhhh the things we do for love! :D
    But 5 STARS for the hand-painted tiles and for the Perfect return panels in your doll shop!

  8. The floor looks marvelous and the golden stars makes it magical.
    Take care and keep safe.
    Hugs, drora

  9. The tile floor makes for such a happy room and I think you are right about having the perfect amount of stars! It must feel so good to be so close to completing another To-Do!
    The paneling is just beautiful Betsy and in spite of so many challenges it looks as though it were installed by a journeyman! What a lovely photo of the room with the outstanding arched door at the end!
    Hooray for being done with taxes for another year! Now I hope old Uncle Sam will get our refunds to us in spite of the world shutting down! And I hope you have plenty of all you need to ride out this craziness for as long as necessary. And I hope you stay safe and healthy!

  10. I can only agree... the amount of stars looks right to me too and the fact that they're spreaded randomly was a great decision, a detail which just adds to the charm and beautiful impression of this room. And I'm in awe that you even finished the panels next to the big door, it looks stunning.

    And bravo for making a big "CHECK! Done! Hooray!" on that annual tax task - we have that in common because today I finished mine. *does-the-happy-dance* I had to struggle with the new online portal of German taxes but I managed and best of all... it's now totally online, no more sending signed papers. Would you like a little grin? The German tax portal is called "ELSTER" which is short for "Elektronische Steuererklärung" (= electronical tax declaration). But "elster" is also the German word for a magpie... which is not only because of the Rossini opera "La gazza ladra" known to be a thieving bird... Life has often a good sense of humour... ;O)

    My best wishes to you and yours to stay safe and healthy. Around here we're near to a complete lockdown - sadly there are so many people who don't care about the things that are now necessary. Young people are celebrating so-called "corona parties" and many of the old ones (which are most endangered) are stubborn and act as if they were not affected. We're lucky to have our hobby during these scary times... even more now after the taxes are done! ;O)