Monday, March 9, 2020

Doors And Floors....

Panels and Tiles....

There Were Only a few more pieces of rails and stiles to cut for the paneling on the opening wall of The Dollmaker's Studio, Dear Readers, but they required much more patience than the others because of the opening doors. The panels just barely fit so that the central stile would span the crack between the sides when the doors were closed, but this meant I had to glue pieces on more carefully and align them around both the windows and the cracks in the doors. Above you can see the main pieces cut but not stained or glued.

And here you can see the stain has been added.
 I decided to glue all these pieces in place
 before trying to cut and measure the top rail for the middle section.
 I needed the pieces to stay put in order to measure properly.

Here the top rail for the middle has been added.

Here I am making sure the doors open properly..... they do!

And the view through the arched opening... both walls are paneled!

Testing with the arched door in place... those windows need cleaning!

And from the other end..... this really is a very small room!
And I think I need to make some kind of paneling 
for the walls beside the door.
But before I do that, Dear Readers,
 I wanted to show you the other project I was working on
 over my vacation a couple of weeks ago.
I had decided I finally had the time to make the floor tiles 
for the Lord's Council Chamber in my Castle!
(It has only been about .... 
I don't know how many years since 
I really made any progress on that room!)

I dug out the sculpey I had bought....
 all those many (seven, eight or nine?) years ago....
 and discovered it was Almost too old and stiff to use....! 
With lots of patience and lots of kneading
 it eventually became usable... 
so I cut and baked tiles ... 
one brick per day (all I could stand to knead)
hoping I had enough of the colors I had bought!

I had Just enough, if I also used a few remaining tiles
 from the Conservatory floor... the gold ones in particular.
I wanted to make a pattern that emphasized the center of the floor,
 rather than have an over-all pattern.

 The gold tiles were a "mistake" I made years ago 
when I was making the tiles for the Great Hall Floor.
 The final step was to spray varnish over the painted patterns of the tiles.... 
I grabbed the gold spray can and only realized my mistake
 when the tiles were turning gold before my eyes!
In the right light you can see the painted designs through the gold.
I liked the effect and saved the tiles...! 
I think they work for this floor.

Then I added the Red Star Stone to the center...!

I think it is important to test these ideas in varying light....
Morning light adds a beautiful feeling!

And the next morning I like it even more!
(I can't tell you how long I have been dreaming about this floor!)

But it still needs some more embellishment....
(I do love lots of detail!)

I had always wanted it to have more stars in the pattern...
So I started painting some of the tiles with gold stars.

 Just a few to start with to see if I liked it....

And then just to be Sure I was happy with the Red Star Stone,
 I swapped it out for a blue one...
I definitely like the spark of the red one!
(And it will have a power role to play... you will see!)

So I kept adding a few gold stars scattered over the floor...

I will be adding a few more!
But that is as far as I got, Dear Readers,
While I was waiting for the glue to dry
 on the Paneling for The Dollmaker's Studio!


  1. Me gusta mucho como se ve la habitación de los paneles,ha quedado genial con las puertas en arco.
    Y los azulejos del gabinete,en colores,con las estrellas y su aspecto rústico atrapan la mirada! Buen trabajo.

  2. Hi Betsy, the doll maker´s studio is turning out really well, I love that double door, I think is a fantastic piece and adds beautiful character to the studio. You are also making a lot of progress! And about the tile floor of the Lord´s Council chamber, I must say is a wonderful design, I really like the idea of a centred pattern, that read tile in the centre and those scattered stars, brilliant. I´m sure the final result will be very good and in tune with the chamber. This room looks GRAND already!

  3. Love that tile floor!
    Wish I had one.
    As for technical details, snooze....
    Much love,

  4. Excellent work on the paneling, Betsy, and congratulations for being able to check them off the To-Do list! The room looks marvelous and the view through the room to the arched door makes my heart go pitter-pat!!!
    And another hearty Congrats on the tile floor in the castle! What a labor of love and how wonderful to make a long time dream come true! I love the gold star detail and the "mistake" tiles are truly meant to be! Y am intrigued about the red center tile and can't wait for the next post about it!

  5. You did an excellent job on the panelling, Betsy, I'm sure you must have been relieved that the doors could still be openend (and closed) after the installation of the panelling on the doors.
    I like the tiled floor, the stars give them that extra that is needed here. But the gold star on the red tile is intriging me, I can't wait to read where for it will be.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Your tiled floor was Definitely worth waiting for Betsy because it is going to be as Gorgeous as the other tiled floors in your castle and in your conservatory!
    And I LOVE THE PANELING in the dollmakers studio and I agree that carrying it around to the door wall will further highlight the beauty of its unique features!
    WOW- Walls AND Doors and Floors - ROCK AND ROLL Betsy! :D


  7. The paneled room looks just amazing Betsy and both views through the room are just stunning.
    The tiles too have come up a treat, the wee stars being the that final little important dot above the 'i'
    Hugs Anna

  8. Fantastic results with the paneling and how good that the doors open and close. The arched double doors are gorgeous. Paneling their sides will be perfect with the rest of the room.
    I know how hard it is to knead old polymer clay but it was worth all the efforts. The floor is very beautiful. I'm waiting to see what the red tile with the golden star stands for.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. Wow! That looks amazing! I agree, the red star stone just pops the center perfectly.

  10. Wonderful progress with your paneling and I'm happy to hear the doors still open. I really enjoyed the photos with the different views into the room (and btw... don't worry about the glass parts of the door... here in Northern Germany windows look worse because we have no chance to clean them due to one storm being followed by the next one *grin*).

    And I've enjoyed even more to see you working on that floor again after so much time... and the expression "I had decided I finally had the time to make the floor tiles" made me grin all over my face. ;O) The floor looks stunning and it's amazing how a mistake like this gold spray incident can lead to new horizons. It's a wonderful effect with the patterns showing up under the gold - and this spectacular red tile is worth to be a centerpiece for sure. Additional stars on the blue tiles promises to make this floor even more outstanding - I'm already looking forward to see more of it.


    P.S.: As you may remember I'm usually having problems with kneading polymer clay and even more if it's older so I understand well how exhausting it must have been for you with this old Sculpey. It's funny because in my next post I'm also mentioning this which includes sharing my discovery of a product called "Fimo Mix Quick". It's meant to soften even old clay of the Fimo brand and makes it easier to knead it... and it really works, even for me! After reading your post I went to the website of Sculpey and they're offering this too, even suitable for all brands and in a solid or in a liquid version. Have a look here - but promise not to cry, better treat yourself with this helper, it's not expensive:

  11. The floor is fantstic. Love the colors.