Tuesday, March 3, 2020

More Paneling Progress...

The Opening Wall....

I Hope you will be happy to learn, as I was, Dear Readers, that my worries about the glue were premature. After several days of "not looking at it", when I removed the books and turned the studio upright, the panels were much better attached than I had thought! Only one short stile was needing to be re-glued. So I finished cutting the top rails and stiles and carefully glued them and the top row of panels in place.

Here you can see the pieces fitted before staining with an acrylic wash.

And here you can see them after the staining and the gluing.
Because the glue was "co-operating", 
I decided to tackle the paneling for the opening side wall
 using the same methods.

Here is a view through the opening for the arched doorway,
 showing the side wall doors(on the left side) in the closed position
 and the bottom rails fitted to the uneven (warped) floor.
It was much more difficult
 to construct the rails and stiles for these doors, Dear Readers, 
because the structure had to lie on its side so the doors were closed
 in order to be sure all the pieces were fitting correctly.
 I had to reach in to make measurements and fit pieces. 
Here the end stiles are being glued in place, 
weighted by my tape measure and a stack of stones!
And the panels needed to be carefully positioned
 to fit around the center door divide.

Here the stiles have been cut and are being tested for position
 in order to measure the central rail pieces.

Here most of the rails and stiles have been cut and stained.
 This view is through the small doorway,
 trying to test the alignment of the rails.
(They need adjusting!)

Here you can see that the end panels need to have a "split" 
down the middle to allow for the opening of the hinged side walls..... 
this was challenging to measure and cut!
I glued the end pieces in place before gluing the entire wall
 so nothing would shift by accident.

Same for the other end.
 The uncut panel piece is just there for temporary spacing.

Here the rest of the short stiles (for the lower panels)
 have been fitted. The alignment of the center rails is improved.

Once again, I carefully glued the lower panels,
and the stiles and rails in place. 
I used the wood glue and weighted the whole with books.
 (And didn't take pictures)
I left it for days!

But eventually I needed to remove the books and stand it up
 to see if the side wall doors would open properly!
(The upper panels on the door side are not yet glued)

The wall opens just as it should!

And the other side too! It works!
So now all I have to do is complete the
 upper half of the paneling for the opening wall!
 Well, that and all the other steps 
like sealing and painting and... 
you know how it goes!

But clearly, Dear Readers,
 I am making steady Progress
 with the Paneling for the opening wall
 of the Dollmaker's Studio!


  1. I love how this came out. I really want to try this. Maybe some paneling in my new project!

  2. What a wonderful and welcomed surprise to find that the adhesive actually did work! I can imagine your happy dance upon realizing it worked, and that no doubt bolstered you to take on the even more complicated opening wall! Great and patient work, Betsy! I love the warm stain color, too!

  3. I'm so glad to read that your panelling was succesful, Betsy, you did a great job on it, especially because of that warped floor and for taking the exact measerements at the inside of the room, great work! I admire your patience (but I think I've mentioned this many times before now ;O)!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Me alegra tanto saber y ver que tus preocupaciones se han esfumado! tus paneles lucen perfectamente encajado,alineados y además,saber que el panel abre correctamente! Un gran trabajo de paciencia y precisión,que ha obtenido su resultado!!

  5. Het wordt echt heel erg mooi! Knap zoals je de panelen gemaakt hebt. En inderdaad heb je heel veel geduld nodig met lijmen. Gelukkig komt het helemaal goed.

  6. Your panels are lovely. The whole interior will look wonderful when done.
    Much love,

  7. Wow! What a relief it must have been. I am very happy for you. It looks marvelous!
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Oooops... this time I'm really late. *gulp* But my old computer had decided to quit on me and I had to buy and install a new one... which is easier said than done if like me you're just able to work with this machine and your usual way to handle problems like these was shouting "DAAAAAAD!!!" *sigh* But we grow with our tasks so now I'm finally sitting next to my new baby and most of the things on the monitor look familiar again.

    So I'm finally here to say "Hooray!" that your glue decided to be kind to you, what a relief that the panels sticked in the end and that you could get along with the one remaining rebel. And it's fascinating to see how exact and careful you're working... no doubt that this is taking a lot of time but it's worth every minute because the result is awesome. And hooray - the wall opens!!! ;O)