Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Tiny Updates.... Not A Lot of Progress...

Summer Arrived on Saturday, Dear Readers, and it was Time to put away the Blossoming Lilac Shrub and return to the plain old Leafy Summer Lilac Shrub. I am not sure that Gabrielle and Will noticed at all! I had intended by now, for sure, to have accomplished the mossy ground around the lilac Shrub(s), but it is still not even started. I need to find the right "mossy material" and learn how to apply it... and I am not about to experiment on these shrub(s) that took more than a year to make! So it has not been done. But I don't think Will and Gabrielle are thinking about it at all! They are enjoying each other's company so much, they do not even notice the World around them!

On a sunny Summer morning it is a lovely spot to sit!
And eventually there will be moss... 
and the rest of the Vinca will cover the ground.
(I can Dream... right?)

I did manage to make some small progress
 on the stitching of the Tea Cosy Cottage...

I didn't take many progress pictures.....
Here the front is almost done.

Here I am beginning the back side.
I really like that the two sides are quite different!
And over in the Castle, I have made
 more stones for more door surrounds....
This time it is in the Guard Room... 
a room which was "finished" years ago! 
But all the doors and windows need those stone details...
I started on the one to the left of the Great Hall Door
 (which already has grand stonework).
I tried to get a "system" of patterns for the stones
 so I could produce them in bulk...
But the doorways are a bit inconsistent.

You probably can't see it in this dark photo,
 but the stones over the door to the stairs have a gap...
One of the ones I had cut and painted 
didn't fit right when I was gluing them on...
It was getting late and dark.... 
I pulled the miscreant off and left a gap
 to be filled when I have the patience
 to reach into the space and fit a "rock" to the gap.

The stones over the Main Door fit better....
 but only because I carefully fit them as I cut them.
This door is wider than most of them
 so it needed special fitting anyway.
And then I will need to do the window surrounds... 
which will help make the shutters fit better too!
I have not yet counted all the doors and windows
 which need this stonework upgraded.
This project may take a while...!

And the Map... 
you are wondering if there is Progress at all?
I will let you be the Judge....

This is how it looked on Midsummer Morn....
(I know it is hard to see the details at all!)

And when next I took a picture....
Some things had changed....

(Certainly the Mountains have grown...)
And Castles have sprung up ....

Wait.... could that possibly be Aachen... there in the foothills?
And maybe even Grandson and Gruyeres?
Well.... maybe it is hard to tell for sure....
But we can Dream... can't we?
So you see, Dear Readers,
How small the progress has been...
But the Dreaming...
Midsummer Dreams
 Are like no others!


  1. Where would we be without dreams!?
    You wouldn't even have any dolls houses.
    I think that council chamber is magnificent - maybe the castle is aging and some of the stones are falling out of place? Maybe there's been a minor earthquake in the vicinity?
    Dream on, dear!

  2. What a treat to get to see the summer lilac shrub! It's so full and pretty set in the garden against the colorful house!
    The tea cozy is so sweet and will look wonderful in the kitchen (which kitchen is it going in?)
    And the castle! I love how the inspired improvements are spreading to other rooms! Having so many and varied dreams to work on is a joy to be a part of!

  3. Just as me you have several plans to do in miniature, but due to lack of time, or name it inspiration, these plans are set aside for a while. So, I fully understand what you mean, and I'm sure that Will and Gabrielle won't mind, so..... ;)!
    Your Tea Cosy Cottage looks lovely already, it will be another mini treasure after it will be ready, Betsy.
    And for the castle: it's all in the details, and you make so well these fine details in your dollhouses, so in the Castle too. If you wouldn't point out these hidden gaps (or other details) to us, I think that we couldn't seen them at all. I'm sure they will be fixed after you'll get the time for doing this.
    And than there's the Map: it looked fine to me already, but every time I see it again I am in awe of your skills to create it
    Keep on dreaming, Happy Midsummer, dear Betsy, stay safe and take care.
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Of course this is Aachen! No doubt about it!!! *LOL* And I must tell you another thing: It's always fascinating to see the things you're dealing with develop from post to post (or week to week). At the moment it's the map (AWESOME!!! I fall even more in love with it every time... all the details... more and more details... and that breathtaking blue... ah.... I already foresee this year's C-card showing this map and of course the Council Chamber. Btw - isn't it frightening that C isn't that far away any more??? Less than six months... *shriek*... eh... where was I...) and the stonework (what an amount of work - but worth the effort because it's making a big difference) or in earlier years the lilacs or the moon maidens or... whatever miracle you've been working on.

    It was wonderful to see the summer lilac, yes, summer is here and it started at my place with a lot of heat... *blarg* So I'm glad to see Will and Gabrielle still sitting at their favorite spot enjoying each other and forgetting about everything else... seasons come and go and they are still looking into each other's eyes. *sigh* ;O) And what progress on the cottage. Regarding your work with the stones it's amazing what you've achieved. I really wish I was as productive as you... but hot summers and I are not made for each others.

    Keep on dreaming - Blue would always tell you that a dream is a wish your heart makes... ;O)


  5. Es maravilloso ver tu arbusto de lilas en cada estación,tan frondoso,tan espectacular!
    Y tu mapa que cada día va cobrando vida con nuevos detalles y ese azul tan intenso!!!
    Que gran trabajo de cantería estás haciendo,se ve perfecto!!

  6. You have many plans, good!
    The lilac shrub is fantastic and the embroidery so sweet.
    The castle is magnificent.

  7. To me it seems like a lot! The map is really coming along. I'm always amazed at the level of detail you add to your walls (after they're in the build)!

  8. It is lovely to see the summerversion of the Lilac again. Inspriration comes and goes. I believe that with more projects on the go getting inspiration back is a lot easier than just with one project. On the other hand it may make making choices between projects harder? ;-)

    In the meantime I love how the map and the stone surrounds are progressing. I also love the western wind that you have added to the map! And I am envious of your needlework I need a lot of practice but even a simple geometric design goes quite slow in my hands. Oh well in the meantime I enjouw pictures of your work and other acomplished embroiderers. :-)


  9. I can't get over how FANTASTIC your castle looks! It is like visiting in a fairytale. The guardroom is new to me and I LOVE it almost as much as I love the Map room! Adding those mountains castles was a stroke a genius Betsy- I'm GOBSMACKED!