Tuesday, June 30, 2020


Doing It Ten Times Over.....

I Feel Like I am Repeating Myself lately, Dear Readers, doing the same few things over and over, making little mistakes and doing it again. I hope you will not find my repetition boring to see! The stitching on the Cottage Tea Cozy is a good example of this problem. You can see I had made some good progress on the back side of the Cottage. I was working the colors in the same way I did for the front, starting with the roof and the door and window framework. This makes total sense to me and was going just fine!

Here I have filled in most of the window with the curtains.

And started to add the greenery.....
Which is when I made the discovery
 that I had counted wrong when I placed the window frame....
It is one stitch too close to the side wall!
And it is way too late to un-stitch all that work.
I decided that the best I could do was to 
"Fudge" the rest of the plantings....
In particular... those blue Delphiniums by the door...
There would need to be more spires... 
so I added a couple of lavender ones.
I still might add another plant between it 
and the little purple one under the window....

Here you can see what the pattern requires....
I actually think I like my Delphinium better this way!
But I won't tell you how many times
 I had to unstitch this design!

Ditto for the Castle Window and Door Frames.......

I know it is dark.....(Castles are always dark!)
But I promised you I would add that stone to the arch over the stairs...
It took a lot of fitting... cutting ... measuring.... trying again!
But I think I got it right at last.

And last week I didn't even have the heart to point out 
the missing sliver of "stone" over this door... there in the corner!
Yes, it took a lot of cutting and doing over!
And I couldn't wait to get started on the window frames....

Here is the one on the far wall with the shutters removed... 
Just so you can see what needs improving.

Here I have added the easy bottom stones....
(Why did All the windows and doors have to be arched?)
Well... I know why... it is a stronger structure... 
and they look beautiful.....

Here I have added a couple of the arch stones on either side....
It just isn't working to try to cut the "key" stone
 until all the others are in place.

It does need to fit precisely.... 
and the layers of paint added do change the placement of each "stone"
 just enough to throw the whole arch off....
So it just takes longer!
I had hoped to get all the window frames for this room done in one weekend....
I got one and one half finished.

The easy stones on the side window are attached.

And the shutters are re-attached to the far window!
Don't they look just right?
(I know... you can barely see.... it was late...
 I was tired of doing them over and over again!)
I'll get the lights re-attached so you can see in there!

And the Map?
No... I made no progress at all!
Rather than hurry and have to do it all over again...
I'll take my time and do it Right the First Time!
So I hope you don't mind, Dear Readers, 
if my Posts become a bit repetitive....
Fixing those doors and windows will take a while
While I am Doing it Ten Times Over!


  1. Sé que es frustrante cuando algo no sale bien y hay que repetirlo una y otra vez,pero no desesperes,al final,cuando consigues dejarlo como lo imaginabas,todo el esfuerzo y el tiempo invertido valen la pena!!
    El bordado has sabido solucionar muy bien la falta de espacio.
    Y las piedras,aunque poco a poco,van encajando en su lugar,ánimo!!

  2. Patience should have been your middle name!
    One of the cards in the well-being deck you sent me long ago says it's not the goal, but the wonderful journey that matters. Carry on!
    Much love,

  3. I applaud your perseverance in dealing with the arches. And your tea cozy will be even better for being personalized.

  4. Oh, Betsy, your perseverance for making the arched stones is truly admirable, I don't know if I wouldn't give up this job.... But you're right: it's worthed the work, because the effects are great!!
    I think the tea cozy won't mind if it got an few extra stitches. It's as Sheila said: it's now peronalized AND still beautiful, even more!
    Stay safe, take care.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Oh my goodness Betsy! YOU are definitely a PERFECTIONIST and I think that you should take a bow for all the fiddly work the castle windows have required, and they look Marvellous!
    And I can't help but admire your Amazing needlework! The cottage tea cosy is turning out so well and the delphiniums in minutia are just as detailed as everything else you set your Creative mind to do.
    You never fail to Impress and Inspire! :D


  6. You are relentless Betsy! I am so inpressed with you, always. And you don’t have to get all the things done. Any progress is good progress.

  7. Why oh why do we get so excited about all of these special details just to get frustrated doing them? Why? Because the payoff is so tremendous when we look at our work and know that we went the extra mile to make our work special. Thank you for this post and reminding me (while I am busy stomping my foot on the floor at all of the trim work I have yet to do on these cottages) that We Love Making Minis and would have it no other way!
    The additional flowers make such a nice impact and the stones on the necessary and beautiful arched windows are divine!

  8. Even if you'd take all might an power of yours in the attempt to bore me with your work you would never succeed! ;O) Instead of this your dedication to the result and to every single detail will never stop to impress me.

    But I'm sorry for the trouble you had with your fabulous tea cozy. Anyhow, you managed to take the challenge and turned it into an even better version by adding your own personal touch - and adding depth and interest to the delphiniums.

    Birgit (who is really looking forward to see more progress on your stonework *smile*)

  9. The embroidery is fantastic.