Tuesday, February 16, 2021

More Windows.... And Wallpaper....

 It Always Takes Longer....

I Painted the window frames before gluing them in the openings, Dear Readers, because the interior side of the wall is already "finished" and I didn't want to mess it up. Fitting the glass panes in place was a little tricky and required that I turn the structure on its side to work on the back window. I needed gravity on my side! You can sort of see the pane in the window opening below.

The walls on this structure are thinner plywood than those of the castle,
 so for the inner layer of the window frame, 
I was planning to use two layers of cardboard.

Of course, carefully cutting and fitting each layer
 of card took more time than I thought!
The inner layer I painted black... 
where it would show would mimic the "leading"
 on the outer side of the glass.

I know it is difficult to see... 
It has been really gloomy around here for a while!
The card frame needed to be wide enough to cover the
 irregular shape of the glass pane to hold it in place.
And then I made the second inside layer...

This thinner frame is painted to resemble
 the stone surround of the window.
I know it is not perfect... 
And is difficult to see properly!

I took the outer door off the hinges to work on it
 so you can see the layers better.
I tell myself that the imperfections will be
 hardly noticed once the entire room is finished!

And then, because I had a three day weekend, Dear Readers,
 I decided to get Brave and tackle the wallpaper right away!

I don't know if I have shown you this paper before, 
but it is old Christmas wrapping paper that
 my Mom used many many years ago,
 and I saved it because it was so beautiful.
I only had a couple of scraps of it,
 and this small room seemed the perfect place to use it!

First I made the patterns for each wall... 
the areas were somewhat irregular
 so I didn't want to take any chances and ruin the paper!

I spent hours cutting and fitting each piece!
Of course, this is really too dark....

I'm not a fan of flash... but in this case
 it is necessary to get the effect of the lovely gold accents!

And with the open wall visible too.
I think it looks just like I hoped it would!

And then this morning I couldn't resist
 pulling out the electrical extension cords...

Don't you want to peek into those windows...?

Oooh... the window actually looks okay from here...!

But you want to see inside....

With just a hint of what it will look like with lights in place.....

And the fireplace wall.....
There is still so much to do... 
but I feel as though I am Finally
 getting a sense of this place!
And even though it always takes longer, Dear Readers,
The windows and walls are worth it!


  1. I love how that looks! Beautiful.

  2. Un arduo trabajo! Pero la ventana se ve genial!! El papel de la pared es precioso y queda perfecto con el verde de los paneles, muy bonito !!!

  3. What great progress and I really like that shade of green. It's all coming along a treat.

  4. Wonderful work! Everything looks so perfect, the beautiful wall paper fits the green panels and the windows are worth all the the complicated work. I love it with the light on.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Great progress, Betsy, I love the sneak peek through the window, the "leading" is fantastic work. Your wall paper looks so lovely in there and fits well to the green panelling.
    Stay safe, take care, dear friend.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Oh the leaded windows look so fairytale-like and magical! Especially with that lively wallpaper set against the perfect green wainscoting! Just lovely, Betsy, and the ambiance with the lights on is so charming! What a treat it is to see your progress!

  7. Very beautiful. I wish I remembered that wallpaper...
    Particularly the last two views - very nostalgic. I'm glad you insisted I take the time to look at this blog!

  8. It's always things like these which are much more time consuming than we expected... but as they are absolutely necessary it's worth all the effort. It's amazing what you've achieved, coming along with a great solution for the windows with these two layers. Although they're hardly visible themselves they add to the whole impression. Of course the difference wallpaper makes is clearly visible - and it's amazing to see how the whole room changes in its appearance now that the paper is added. And what a paper you've chosen, it's beautiful in itself but knowing that it has been a Christmas paper your Mom used and that you saved it for a long time makes it extra special.

    I especially loved the pictures with the insided lamps - so very promising for the future build. Let me tell you a little secret - of course I'm much more ahead with my projects in reality compared to what I'm showing at my blog. I've just finished to install all lights and their wires in the Beary House and after this I attached the front - and now I often find myself peeping through the windows into the lighted rooms. *LOL*

    It's a big pleasure to see this wonderful project continue and develop - and as always I'm looking forward to see more.


  9. Ooh! that wallpaper is stunning. You were so right to save that wrapping paper! it gives the room a renaissance feel, or better still, perhaps more of a Arts and crafts interior. But that being said, to cherish the wrapping alongside the present is a double present ofcourse. And what a wonderful destination it has found!