Monday, February 22, 2021

The Bay Window.....



 Structural Support....

You Might or might Not recall, Dear Readers, that the upstairs of the Dollmaker's Studio will have a lovely Large bay window with a window seat, overhanging the front of the building. I am using up random parts that I have in my stash, and this large "Houseworks" window fit almost perfectly into the space where the Sugarplum Cottage kit plans for a bay window. I toyed with the idea of using the Sugarplum bay window base and walls, but they really didn't match the grandeur of this window frame. I was going to have to build from scratch the "bump out" structure for this window to fit into. And it was going to require some fancy support where it attached to the main structure too. This took a LOT of pondering the engineering requirements!

To begin with, the Houseworks window frame is made for thicker walls that the Sugarplum kit's walls. And beyond that, I wanted a deeper window seat than the kit's frame would allow. I found a scrap of 3/8 inch plywood that had just the right dimensions and started there. 

The really tricky part was going to be joining this structure to the main building because it needed to attach right where the kit was "extended" by my addition of the base floor.

 And I needed to make the junction really sturdy!

Screws and glue would be needed!

This is the interior view showing the overlap where the exterior
"beam" will hold the kit wall in place.

These "beams" are going to be the Tudor Style
half-timber structure of the upper section of the house.

Here you can see I am adding the support "beams"
which extend off the front of the structure, but are 
attached with the screws through all the layers of wood.

These support the floor of the bay window seat extension.

The window seat aligns with the opening for the window frame.

And with all the parts carefully taped in place.....
you can get a sense of how it will look!
(Along with some glimpses of my messy workroom!)

Here you can see it from a different angle.

And the interior view of the window seat.
I think this is going to become one of my
 favorite window seats ever!

It's just the barest beginning, Dear Readers,
but the Bay Window structure
 will be Securely attached!


  1. I think it looks great!

    Messy workroom? If it's not messy how do you know that you're working?

  2. I love this window, it brightens the room and allows a nice view of the interior.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Oh Betsy! The window seat and the beams make me swoon! They are perfect, and go to show all of the incredibly charming aspects you have in mind for this amazing project! It is so exciting to watch it unfold!

  4. The bay window and the window seat will look wonderful after assembling, because it already is now ;)!
    I don't think your workroom is messy, oh no not at all. You should see my kitchen table at this very moment: I am sawing parts for the farm now, so lots of dust and the stuff is all over the place! If we have to eat I clean out a litlle space just a bit for the two of us, so I think a proper spring clean will soon be the right solution ;O).
    Stay safe and healthy.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. It looks great Betsy. The way you’ve constructed it is very clever and adds a lot of character.

  6. What a fab solution Betsy - It was meant to be just so. What a great little spot this will be for the dressmaker to sit.
    Anna X

  7. Que gran solución le has dado al ventanal Betsy,cuando esté ensamblado parecerá que siempre estuvo ahí, se ve maravilloso!!

  8. As you warned me, very technical. I skipped over those parts. I admire the lovely little window, though - I hope the dressmaker can make time to spend some dreamy moments there, perhaps drinking tea.
    Much love, Mom

  9. I too think this is going to become one of my favorite window seats ever!!! I've enjoyed this post so much (okay, VERY surprising regarding I always do *LOL*), following your progress and seeing this bay window develop. This will become the most wonderful place to enjoy a good cup of tea or hot chocolate and a good book. I would suggest "A Christmas Carol" or "A visit from St. Nick" as I'm still not giving up hope that all of this will get a perfect Christmas touch. Just imagine this beautiful window with a Christmas garland and hanging stars and a wreath... eh... where was I... oh, yes: Stunning work! And I really admire all your thinking and engineering that goes into this.

    Btw... I too could not see where your place was messy. I would be glad if I was ever that organized as you - last week I made another desperate attempt to tidy up my work desk always with the goal to remember the colour of my table top. *grin* And in the end - some may call it messy but people like us call it creative with ideas lying everywhere to be at hand when needed. Btw it was fun to spot Cloude with his snowy friends supervising what you're doing... I bet he found it very cool when you took out the heavy tools. You should better take care he can't reach the Makita... ;O)

    Birgit (who is still doing the happy dance)

  10. Oh Betsy, what a lovely, lovely window seat! I would love to be sitting at it right now (or perhaps when it is finished!) There is something really inviting about a widow seat. I admire your woodwork - it is my bête noir, but you have done a really good job on the window. Jonquil