Wednesday, February 10, 2021



 You Know How It Goes....

Do You even Remember The Doll Maker's Studio, Dear Readers? That Quick little project I was going to embark on to stave off insanity while building the Never ending lilac bushes? And which project went so quickly from little and quick to Complicated and Elaborate that even I was astonished at the transformation? Well, you can see in the above picture that not much has been accomplished on it in the past year or more! My excuse is that I couldn't decide what method to use for the little windows in the lowest section of the build... the part that is the old "stone" part of the structure. You can see here the unevenly cut shape of the window openings.... (cut in a hurry by me when adding this opening outer wall to the "room box " that was the initial expansion of the kit..... it's a long story..... see earlier posts!) And to tell the truth, it was my spending part of last summer working on the larger but similar windows of the Castle Dollhouse that led me to the decision about these windows! So there is some reason to the madness after all! It seems obvious now to use the same method of making a glass "sandwich" out of thin wooden frames that fit the window opening. This makes it so the glass cutting does not have to be very fancy. The frames cover the imperfections and wood is easier to shape than glass!

I begin by making a paper pattern that fits the opening as nearly as possible.
Then I trace it onto the thin plywood and cut the frame out.

Of course, the frame never fits right at first
 and requires a lot of careful sanding to get close enough.
The bottom section will be added when the glass is put in.

I had some scraps of glass that only needed
 a little trimming at the top, cutting the corners off 
to make them fit the arched openings.
I also needed to draw the exact shape of the openings in the frames
 so the lead lines would fit in the opening.

Here you can see I have added the carefully measured lead lines pattern.

Here I have started to add the "lead lines" paint
 to the glass which is carefully taped over the pattern.

And for the third, smaller window too.
I think my "leading" got better as I went along!
But it still needs a lot of trimming up
 once it has "cured" for a day or two.
(You might remember that I discovered I could do this
 while working on the castle windows!)

And that is as far as I got, Dear Readers,
 making the Windows for the Dollmaker's Studio.
But I am sure the rest will come together quickly.
You know how it goes with Kit Bashing and windows!


  1. Esas ventanas lucirán geniales!!

  2. Hey sometimes its better to let things 'percolate' in your brain for a while!

  3. Looks to me like a rather boring but essential step. Something you approach with resignation, and are glad to have finished. In knitting it's sewing the project together. Carry on! The windows look lovey.

  4. Well, keep up the good work. They already look great.

  5. Windows! Yes, in a while that's a job which is waiting for me too ;). But yours turned out great, Betsy, and it must be hard to make them fit in while the outer walls of the studio can't ie down on the table. Keep up the good work!
    Stay safe and take care, dear Betsy.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. That was quite a big challenge very well met. I'm sure the rest will be easier. The windows look great.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. It's so good to see you working on the Dollmaker's Studio again... but okay, I have to admit it... I'm always happy to see progress on whatever project you're working on because this promises to me a new post filled with Betsy miracles... ;O) I can understand very well why this project came to a halt because of the window question... I have the same problems with the Christmas House which makes me concentrate on the Beary House (which has no windows as you may remember, not realistic, but helpful in a way *LOL*). But some things happen for a reason, it was good that this rested a bit so that the work on the castle brought just the right solution along. There could be no other way for these windows than this one - and as always I'm in awe with all the work you put in every single detail.


  8. A new project to follow ;D ! it's always good to start something new, but sometime even better to go back to an old project. I love the windows, very atmospheric, and I can't wait to see the rest... Jonquil

  9. Hooray! The dollmaker's studio!!! Can't wait to see the windows and am so excited that this project's time has come!!!

  10. Very impressive and how nice to get back to something with renewed vigour.