Monday, April 26, 2021



Herringbone Floor Completed....

Believe It or Not, Dear Readers, during the week I only managed to add a few pieces to the back edge of the herringbone floor. But the results were so encouraging that I really wanted to complete it over the weekend! Of course, the weekend is full of so many necessary tasks, it wasn't until late on Saturday that I could make any real progress. And then I quickly used up all the pieces I had already cut to size. But the remaining area to be filled was not too big so I had high hopes that I would get it done!

Here you can see how close to done I am!
I cut another ten sticks... making 70 more pieces.

And they turned out to be almost exactly how many I needed!

Here I have finished gluing! 
Even all those Teensy Tiny corner triangles!

See how tiny that one on the left by the door is?

And those tiny ones along the back wall?
(I almost didn't bother trying....)
I am so glad I did them!

There were five leftover pieces....
Which I used to make a stain sample...

So I could see how this wood took the stain.

Here is the test stain... dark walnut.....
Which went on well if you wiped it off fairly quickly.
So I got started....
(No dithering here....!) 

I know some of you will think it is way too dark...
 and wonder why I am ruining that beautiful floor...
But it is supposed to be an Old And Aged floor... 
and the colors for this room would not agree with a paler floor.
(Like with the green paneling in the room below... 
you will have to take my word for it!)
I only stopped to take the one picture...
 the process required quick work 
to brush on the stain in a small area
 and wipe it off rather quickly.

But oh my goodness...!
 In the right light it looks gorgeous!

The way the light reflects off the different directions of the wood grain 
is one of the special parts of this flooring pattern.

I added one coat of polyurethane varnish to seal it.
I don't want a glossy smooth finish... it needs to look old.
And all those cracks where my wood pieces 
don't quite align properly add to this effect!

I had to put the walls in place (temporarily) 
and add some of the furniture... 
just to see how it looks....

Well, Dear Readers, I don't know about you...
But it is so much better than I expected... 
I am Floored!
I just Love the way this turned out!


  1. Well done, Betsy! It really is a beautiful floor and the stain is so warm and rich! The photo with the light coming through the window makes my heart go pitty-pat! So lovely! This room already feels magical and with all the plans you have in store, I can hardly wait!

  2. Betsy, el suelo ha quedado fantástico y el tono es cálido, luminoso y muy agradable!

  3. And there we have floor! The result is really great, and only enhanced by filling in the mini corners that may not look important but I bet you woould notice the little holes everytime you looked at them. I love it!

    It amazes me that from the end result of a floor like this you can hardly read of how much work it actualy took to make this. And to finish it in such short space of time, you can be proud of the result!

    And I love the stain. The dark look is fitting for the type of house itvis, and the age it has.

    Good luck with the next step!


  4. Congratulations Betsy. You made a stunning floor, totally love it!

  5. Noooo, I am the one, who is floored.......WOW, Betsy, what a gorgeous old floor you created!! The color is just perfect! So much meticulous work, even those teensy tiny triangles in the most far corners, but the result is stunning, great really great work.
    Stay safe, take care , dear Betsy, have a lovely week.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. It's beautiful! I thought I wasn't going to like the stained floor, which covered up (I thought) the lovely herringbone effect. But I was wrong. It looks lovely, and appropriately old. Wish my old floor looked like that!
    Much love, Mom

  7. Fantástico , un gran trabajo; a mi me gusta mucho el tono que has puesto.

  8. The floor has come up a treat! The work and thought that went into its construction has certainly paid off with a floor that is 'dignified' and shows its age and patina. It's beautifully done! Cheers, Alayne

  9. Me encanta como te ha quedado el suelo.
    Es un gran trabajo.
    La estantería es fantástica.
    Un saludo

  10. Fantastic result Betsy! The stain colour is perfectly appropriate and no wonder your heart went pitter pat when you saw how the light bounced off the different angle grain of the wood.
    Elizabeth (Studio E) and when we feel particularly successful or happy do a “happy dance”. If E says those words to me on the phone I can just imagine her excitement!
    So, congratulations on the “stirring/sterling” effort on your floor.
    Regards J.

  11. Great work Betsy - persistence pays off. And I agree the stain needs to be dark, and it looks great. This build is really coming together.

  12. A wonderful floor for this room.

  13. I really wonder now... could it be that somewhere in your family tree this superhero called The Flash could be found? This would somehow explain why you're able to work with such speed... without lacking any detail. Adding the teeny tiny triangles was worth the effort, so good you did it. But I suppose it was not only the cutting of these tiny pieces which was difficult but also getting them right into position with not too much glue on. Anyhow, the result is worth all the work and effort, the floor looks awesome. And with the dark wood stain it's just perfect for this old house with its touch of fairytale. Wonderful work!


  14. Wow! The floor turned out simply stunning. Fantastic work!
    Hugs, Drora