Tuesday, April 6, 2021



 And Slippers....

The Snowdrops are finished blooming in my RL Garden, Dear Readers, but they are in full bloom where I work in the Hills of Vermont. And some of you might recall that when I made the mini snowdrops for The Folly garden, under the lilac bush, I was concerned that they turned out a tiny bit too big for perfect 1:12 scale. You can see them in the gloomy morning light in the picture above. And I have a note beside my computer that has been there for a long time that says "Measure snowdrops" on it. This would be so I could prove for once and all what scale my mini snowdrops turned out to be! I thought I had made a measured drawing somewhere... but could only find the one I did for the little Squill blossoms. But the snowdrops have to be in bloom to measure them! 

Last week they were blooming in my garden,
 but I neglected to measure them!

This morning I remembered at the last minute on my way to work....
But the blossoms were all spent...

These stems were the best of the remaining blossoms.
They are not five inches tall... 
you will have to believe me because I did not go get a ruler!

Meanwhile, the blossoms at work are Huge by comparison!

Of course, it is difficult to get a sense of scale from a photo...

You can see by my hand that they are much larger
 than the little ones in my Home garden!
But I needed proof... so I plucked a stem....

And brought it up to my desk where I could measure it....
Nine and 1/2 inches long!

And the blossom alone is 1 and 1/2 inches long!
These are Huge snowdrops!

Here it is in a bud vase....
no shrinking violet this blossom!

I think I can safely say that my mini snowdrops
 are  in perfect 1:12 scale!

And what about the slippers I mentioned?
Well, you might recall that I was trying to use all the stitching space
 in the corners of the Christmas Tree Skirt project.

And when I had filled all the corners with "cushions"
 there was still a bit of space along the sides
 that I thought might just work for mini slippers.
I didn't have a pattern, so I made one up...

I stitched four pairs of slippers around the edges...
 each pair a little different from the others.

And then because I didn't know what I was doing,
 I made up one whole slipper without taking any pictures of the process!
I think it turned out okay!

I took pictures of the second one...
 but they are pretty boring.
I lined each slipper with a silk charmeuse cloth 
which is very fine and flexible.
I stitched the whole thing, not using glue
 except for binding the edge of the petitpoint before I cut the cloth.
The soles are made from synthetic suede cloth.... 
small samples that I was given with a variety of colors.

I think they turned out really well
 considering that I didn't know what I was doing!
And that's all I have to show, Dear Readers,
 my weekend having been spent in the RL Garden,
Huge snowdrops and Tiny slippers!


  1. Hi Betsy, As I read your post I kept telling you that some snowdrops are gigantic. I have some of them in my garden as well. I am glad you managed to measure them and now feel satisfied that your flowers are size appropriate.
    The little slippers are perfection, great work.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Betsy! I can assure you that snowdrops here, in The Netherlands, come in lots of varieties and it is also for their sizes. Your mini snowdrops are wonderful and look adorable and fantastic there in your mini garden.
    I love seeing these teeny tiny slippers, they are gorgeous!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Betsy, keep making minis.
    Warm hug, Ilona

  3. I love your snowdrops. Fortuitous that they were made in the correct size! And the slippers look wonderful! I'd never have guessed you hadn't made them before with a long established pattern.

  4. No snowdrops in my country but I am pleased your mini ones turned out to be on scale and are very beautiful. I love your little embroidered slippers, they are exquisite and perfect beside the bed.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. I know that unsettled feeling when we are just not sure that what we've created could be seen, utilized and appreciated by someone if they were suddenly reduced to 1/12th scale and placed in our little homes. I am glad that you were able to file the snowdrops away into the "perfectly scaled" category of you mind and now can fully appreciate them when springtime finds The Folly! I think I like the boastful and showy "miracle grow" versions, anyway!
    Those slippers are just absolutely enchanting! I love that you were able to have room for four pairs, and the finished pair is just perfectly incredible! The stitching and the material you used for liner and soul are perfect! Great work, Betsy!

  6. The snowdrops looked perfect to me, even before you proved it by actually measuring them. Our snow is gone here but I haven't seen any snowdrops or early spring bulbs make there appearance yet. *sad* Those slippers are absolute perfection. I adore them! How very talented you are! - Marilyn D.

  7. Aunque ya lo pensaba de antemano, tus campanillas han resultado ser perfectas para la escala, pero al menos te has quedado tranquila tras las mediciones!
    Tus zapatillas son encantadoras, las adoro!!

  8. Preciosas las campanillas y preciosas tus zapatillas.

  9. Love that you are trying to be so accurate with scale...the snowdrops by the miniature house are every bit as lovely as the ones in the garden! How creative to come up with a wonderful pattern for slippers...they are absolutely lovely! You are an inspiration! Cheers, Alayne

  10. Real and mini snowdrops are fantastic. The slipper, so tiny, are adorable.

  11. "Considering that I didn't know what I was doing":-) Now that was a little fibb, was it not? Seeing how creative you are and all the experience you have already, I think you could make these slippers with your eyes closed. :-)

    That being said, I love them!

    And your aim for accuracy is commendable. Measuring the snowdrops just to be sure of the correct scale. Great job. And I am happy that they turned out to be of the right scale so that you can set your mind to rest.

    Even if they were a little off, which they are not, I would still love the mini snowdrops under the wintery lilac bush as I already did. :-)


  12. Adorable slippers!
    It seems that every time you start a new project it spawns 2 or 3 other new projects...
    You'll never lack for projects but you might lack for space!
    Much love,

  13. Bless the soil and weather of Vermont! So good the snowdrops were still in bloom at your work place so you could finally do your measuring and bring your sceptical mind to ease. Well, just by looking at the first picture I could have told you at once that your snowdrops have always been in perfect scale. The comparison to the lilac stems shows this very well - and like Ilona already said.... they come in varieties and it's also a lot about their planting spot. But now that you've done some scientific research by using a ruler there's one worry less to bother you and it's great that now you're finally able to enjoy your fabulous snowdrops without needing more post-its. ;O)

    It's amazing to see that you're using every bit of space from this gauze in the most gorgeous way. The idea with the slippers was brilliant - and the result is awesome. It's amazing how well they're done, so neatly sewn. And of course it was also great to spot something that is now very dear to me... ;O)


    P.S.: The surgery planned for today was cancelled and is now scheduled for Tuesday... more time to be nervous - but it doesn't help to complain about things we can't change ourselves.