Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Nothing Got Done....


 But Cushions.... And Slippers...

I Can hardly believe it, Dear Readers, but I had a visit with my Sister for the first time in over a year! We have both been vaccinated now, and she was visiting her grandchildren who only live a couple of hours from here, so I borrowed her for a weekend overnight visit! Needless to say no minis got "worked on" but a whole lot of visiting happened and a fair amount of reviewing the mini worlds! And since Birgit has received her little cushions, I can show you the two I kept. Above is the whole project just finished with the stitching. I wanted to use as much of the silk gauze as I could manage, so I tucked the cushions into the corners, and filled the gaps with tiny slippers.  I have shown you one of the pairs of slippers already, and now I have also started to assemble another pair.

Here you can see one of them part way done. 
The lining has been added and the heel stitched together. 
Now the sole gets sewn on.
The sole is cut from an artificial suede cloth
 which you can see there in the bottom corner. 
(These are upholstery fabric samples I was given years ago.)

You will have to wait to see the pair....
They are not all finished.
But I had assembled the cushions a week or two ago....

Here is one of them with the pom-pom trim attached
 but the cushion not stuffed yet.

And the other one, before the pom-pom edging is attached.
I might have shown pictures of stitching this one a while ago.

Here they are both finished.

Here it is in The Cloud Palace...

And testing the look in Sally May's living room chair....
(I don't know where these belong yet!)

So you see, Dear Readers,
 there really is nothing new to show...
But partly finished Slippers
 and Pom-pom trimmed Cushions.


  1. Adorable! I love those little pillows.
    Did you make that amazing chair?
    Lots of love,

  2. I am always so delighted by your stitch work, Betsy, and the tiny wonders they become! I love the cushions - the colors and the scenes are just so full of color and detail! And the slipper is just adorable! The best part of the post was hearing about your visit! There is nothing better than going into a new week with your heart full from being with loved ones!

  3. Yay for a visit from your sister! That is really great news! And any progress is progress, and what sweet progress it is!

  4. Poder estar con tu hermana después de un año, es una noticia maravillosa! Imagino el reencuentro tan lleno de emoción, esperemos que la vuelta a la normalidad no se retrase mucho más.
    Los pequeños cojines son fabulosos y las zapatillas simplemente adorables, me encantan!!!

  5. It must have been an emotional reunion for you and your sister, Betsy, I hope this sort of family reunions will be many more in the future.
    I've not seen my kids and grandson for over a year now, but I still have to wait for vaccination and seen my health this can still take for some time. Well, I'll stay patiently, learn how to play (digital) games with my grandson, stay at home and....make my minis (thank goodness we have a versatile hobby) ;o).
    I love the pom-pom trimmed cushions, these are true gems in mini, as your teeny tiny slippers are, Betsy, I love them!!
    The word pom-pom just alone sounds so cheerful: pom, pom, pom, pom, po, po, po, pom, pom, pom, pommmm (I'm humming now a sort of Beethoven music....?), anyway, it's funny to play with words, right *LOL*?! Now I've got a cheerful start of this brandnew day from you, thank you :D!!
    Stay safe, take care, dear Betsy.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. I love the slippers. They're so pretty and perfect looking. And those cushions! Gorgeous.

    Glad you got to visit your sister.

  7. Hello Betsy,

    How nice that you can visit family again. One step closer to normalcy.

    I love how the cushions and the slippers have turned out. Even though we are in the second half of spring I love seeing the snowflakes and the galloping reindeer!


  8. En breves todos podremos ir volviendo al lado de nuestros seres queridos a los que llevamos tanto tiempo sin dar un abrazo.
    Este trabajo miniaturil es fabuloso.
    un saludo

  9. Cushions and slippers are amazing.

  10. Regarding that you had the wonderful pleasure to meet your sister (what a huge joy this must have been) you have achieved a lot in my opininion. We all know how time consuming this kind of work is... and as I am able to judge the quality of your finishing touches like for example the pompom line I know for sure that your wonderful work which is incredibly neat and clean needs even more time. So bravo for accomplishing so much! ;O)