Monday, September 13, 2021



 Re-visiting the Stitching...

I have neglected to show you, Dear Readers, my current mini stitching project, partly because I have not found as much time to be stitching on it, and partly because I have been so focused on showing you the Castle painting process. But rest assured, that my passion for petit-point stitching has not waned! Before I had even completed the Aubusson style carpet, I had begun to stitch a series of chair seat kits also designed by Janet Granger. This pattern is known as "Strawberry Thief" and is loosely based on the pattern of that name designed by William Morris in the late 19th Century. The kits come with everything you need as well as the wooden chair kits, which I have not begun to work on yet. So far I have only been making the seat covers. Above, you can see my beginnings. I know... it doesn't show you much, but one has to start somewhere!

Here you can see most of the decorative pattern completed already... 
I was forgetting to take pictures too!

Here the pattern is finished and only the background needs to be stitched.

Here the background has been completed. 
One down, three to go!

Here's the second one under way.
And as sometimes happens when we are
 making something for the second time,
 and we think we know what we are doing, 
so we don't pay close attention... 
we make mistakes!
Can you spot the "ooops"?
Well, I caught it before I had gone too far to unstitch the mistake...
and restitch it with the correct color blue!
The wings are the darker blue,
as are those blossoms in the corners!

Here the pattern is done and the background begun...
And that's all I have to show so far, Dear Readers,
Just a little back tracking... and 
a good amount of stitching!



  1. That's so pretty! It's going to be gorgeous on the chairs.

  2. You are a Perfectionist in everything you do Betsy.
    I'll never forget the incredible stitching you needle-worked on those tiny bed curtains for the tester bed in your treehouse- absolutely Mad skills which I'm always Amazed by!

  3. Wow Betsy! These chair cushions are going to be so lovely! I love the delicate pattern, and boy do I admire your eyesight! Delicate, intricate stitching is yet another talent that you master! I am excited to see the style of chair that came with the kit and to see these cushions making them shine!

  4. Me parecen preciosos y no están todavía terminados,serán geniales!!

  5. Muy bonitos. Me imagino que en la sillas quedaran genial.

  6. Clever - very clever. How you have the patience always amazes me.
    I'm now looking forward to seeing all your chairs fully upholstered.

  7. Dear Betsy, you know how much I enjoy every post (and I mean it: EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!) from you - but this time it is with very much regret that I must leave a few critical words. This post needed for sure a warning right at the start to protect certain readers from getting serious health issues! I'm not telling any names for reasons of discretion but a certain Mr. X here in the household fainted immediately when we read this post and it was only with the heaviest potion brewed by Gertie Gumthrop that we were able to wake him up again! Learning that there are (and I need to whisper now to avoid any new incidents) Strawberry Thieves out there and that they even come along in beautiful patterns was much too much for Mr. X who has somehow a bit of a weakness for certain sweet, red, aromatic, juicy fruits. And he is still confused and started right away to order a bunch of additional locks and home safety cameras for his property at amaz*n while muttering "No Strawberry Thief will ever get close to my home!!!" *LOL*

    But without any more jokes: WOW!!! What a beautiful new stitching project - and as always the delicacy of your stitching is amazing. These chairs will become beautiful treasures... although I fear it will be a pity somehow if they will stand around and under a table as this will hide the beauty of your stitching. But there will be comfort in the thought that we all will know how beautiful these seats are... and of course you will always be able to pull them a bit out to admire them. ;O)


  8. Strawberry Thief is always pretty, but incredibly gorgeous in this tiny scale.
    Well done picking up your wee error before it was too late.

  9. These chair cushions are amazing. You are a refined embroiderer.

  10. The chairs are going to look great once you have finished the upholstery. just beware of the strawberries. :-)


  11. Finally getting back to your blog. The embroidery is extraordinary. It deserves beautiful Chippendale chairs.
    Much love,