Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Traveling In The Time of Covid....


It's A Long Long Way To Go.....

I Took a Trip, Dear Readers, to visit my family in the Southwest of the USA. It takes four airports, three different planes, two car rides and fifteen hours give or take a few, over two time zones, to travel the 2,412 miles from my corner of the country to theirs! Sure beats a covered wagon train, but boy, it isn't a hop and a skip! And in the difficult times of the Pandemic, you need to get tested first and keep your mask on at all times except for brief moments to eat or sip a beverage. And then, when you get there.... stay outdoors and keep a distance from your loved ones! They rented a house for me to stay in and we ate meals on the porch! Lots of porches. But Oh boy it was Wonderful to see them all in person!

The view from my Mom's back yard dining terrace...
they had just finished their Monsoon Season
 and had abundant water this year.
It was as green as it gets out there.
This is the desert southwest, after all!

The early mornings are brisk....
we are waiting for breakfast,
prepared faithfully by my brother
 so I didn't have to go in their house.
Sorry Mom, I had to include a picture of you!

A few years ago when I visited, 
we painted her kitchen cabinets a lovely turquoise blue.
(This reminds me of a certain miniature kitchen...!)

By mid-day it is too hot on everybody's porch to enjoy a meal outdoors...

That's when I got to enjoy my solo lunch at the rental....
Yes, that is my apple....
(I avoid cooking whenever possible!)
There were some crackers and cheese to go with it.
I did not starve!

This is the porch at the rental house.
We all had a pizza lunch out here one day....
A vigorous dust devil nearly spoiled the meal
 as it went right over us blowing dust everywhere!
And another morning we had a pancake breakfast out here
 cooked by my other brother who also came down for a visit.

And up at my Dad's house, high up in the hills...
(they are on the continental divide above 6000 feet elevation here)

Afternoon tea in the shade...

Where lizards come to call....
yes, that is a living specimen!

 And yours truly touring the garden of a friend of a friend of my Mom's....
It was an amazing place for a desert!
They had a good monsoon season and the plants were sky high!
Yes, Dear Readers, it's a Long Long way to go,
 and over far too soon...

And it's four airports, three airplanes, two car rides
 and maybe only a dozen hours...

Because I am heading east over two time zones 
and we lose a couple hours...

Looking down from above the clouds!

Yes, it's a Long long way to go, Dear Readers,
Masked and distant and just not the same...
But I'm so glad I went
And saw my family again!


  1. I am very happy for you, one can tell you enjoyed seeing your family, lovely pictures!

  2. Family is so important dear Betsy and I am so glad for you that you braved the many hours of travel to spend time with yours. Sure technology has made it easier to stay in touch but it really is not the same as sitting together on the porch, is it?

  3. That really is a long, long way to go, Betsy! A true adventure! But oh how we appreciate the choice to to travel again and to be near the ones who mean the most in our lives! I love how the common theme throughout the visits at various places is the porch - how apropos for the end of summer! It was so thoughtful to rent you a safe and separate space to breathe in, and your mom's turquoise kitchen is a happy and cheerful way to remember your time together! I can "see" the big smile on your face, even under your mask! So glad that you got to enjoy this soul filling time, and glad to know you made it home again safely!

  4. Celebro que pudieses ir a visitar a tu familia y que disfrutases de tu viaje.
    Cuando se esta con la familia se cargan las pilas para afrontar nuevos desafíos.
    un saludo

  5. That’s awesome! But yes you are right - it is a long way! Worth it though to see your family.

  6. Es una gran alegría poder visitar a la familia después de esta época de Covid

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm so glad you were able to go see them and still stay safe.

  8. Que felicidad poder reencontrarte con la familia, a pesar del viaje tan largo, pero veo que lo disfrutaste!!

  9. I finally got to see this blog! It was fun to be reminded of the lovely time we had. Too short, of course. And indeed, "It's a long way to Silver City!" Thank you for coming. Love you,

  10. I commented, and they didn't publish it!
    Suddenly everything's different in "Opera," which is where I do the internet. Dang.