Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Day In The Park

The Nursery Can Wait.....

It is Still Summer, Dear Readers, and what better way to spend the Day than in a Lovely Park Indulging in Daydreams? There is work to be done on the Tree House Nursery, and I have even made considerable progress.... but unless we continue with Daphne's Story... I fear we shall Never reach the end! So I bring you back to that Lovely Little Park not far from the Town House where the de Montaigne Family lives.

This morning when Gabrielle and Renee arrive, Will was once again there before them, only this time he had sat on Gabrielle's favorite bench. Whether or not this was deliberate, even Will was not sure, as he really had no need at all to be there in the Park for yet another morning.  He told himself that it was just a very nice place to sit and make phone calls in the summer morning before he had to go meet his next appointments. And if he did happen to see Daphne's daughter again he was sure he would learn a little more about her, although the Nanny was not revealing any details of the child's life. She seemed to be much more interested in learning about his furniture and Antique business than anything else. It seemed she was quite interested in antiques!

The Nanny hesitated as they approached, and Will realized he was where she expected to sit. 
He quickly got to his feet and offered her the bench. 

 But she simply smiled and said it was okay... 
she would take the other one....

 Will had thought he needed to make sure,
 really sure it was Daphne's child.....

But he really didn't see how there was any doubt.
But he could still try to get details....

So he sat down on the bench opposite the Nanny.

Renee turned to Gabrielle and whispered 
"It's that Man...!"
"Yes, it is" whispered Gabrielle.
This seemed to satisfy Renee and she turned to Will...

"I brought 'Hibou' to the Park" she said.
"He is just a baby but he is learning to fly..." she explained.
And before Will could think of what to say, 
she ran off to play with the birds as she had done the day before.

She was certain that Hibou would learn to fly if he saw the other birds flying!

But whenever she approached too close.... 
the birds moved away!
She did not notice that she was being watched.
Daphne was walking past the Park on her way to the de Montaigne House 
when she glanced in and saw the child playing.

Thinking of all the times she had stood in parks and watched other people's children play....
perhaps even mistaking them for just a moment... 
thinking she saw her own child...
But this time she Knew without a doubt!
This was her daughter!
She stood by the fence, mesmerized......

But Renee was determined to teach Hibou to fly.....

She tossed him into the air...
"Fly, Hibou!" she cried.
But he just landed on his nose and scattered the birds.

"Not like that, Hibou...." she said, picking him up again.

 "Fly Hibou!" she called and tossed him up in the air...
But he landed on his nose again.
Suzette tried to get close enough to give him some tips..... 

But Renee got there first and picked him up again....

"Hibou.... Fly!" she shouted and gave him a good toss.....

He "Flew" straight into the Fountain!

Renee ran to the Fountain and looked in..... 
"Hibou....!" she called.

He didn't answer!
But Gabrielle had noticed and got up in a hurry....
"Oh Dear..." she murmured... "I wasn't watching....."

"What happened..?" said Will, a bit confused ....
But he followed her to where the child stood at the fountain.

"What is it...." he asked?
"Hibou flew into the water..." said Renee.
"How are we going to get him out...?" said Gabrielle.

"Oh," said Will.....

"Let me see what I can do...." 
he added as he removed his coat....

And took off his shoes.....

And stepped boldly into the fountain!
The water was quite cold... 
but he didn't even flinch.....

And dodging the falling water.... 

he reached into the depths...

And grabbed Hibou.....

A soaking wet Hibou.....

And turned, Victorious, to give the soaking owl to the child!

He suddenly felt like a Hero!

"What do you say..." prompted Gabrielle softly.
"Merci, M'sieur" said Renee as she waved goodbye.

Gabrielle could not help smiling to herself as they left the Park.
He was such a nice man!

Will watched until they had left the Park.
Then he turned to get his shoes and coat.

When he glanced up, 
he saw a beautiful woman on the other side of the fence. 
She was staring at him.
With a start he realized it was Daphne!

(To be continued......)

Ah, Dear Readers, I hope you can bear with me 
for leaving you hanging there!
We've been having such a lovely time in the Park....
The Nursery will have to wait!


  1. Oh! Now that is a fascinating story! You are like a perfect director who knows where to stop to make the audience to be interested even more with the story! :) Can't wiat for more!!

  2. can't wait to read more, I love reading your stories you make the characters real

  3. Will is such a hero! I love this story and I cannot wait to read more.
    Your photographs are really exquisite too! They are well thought out and the lighting is fabulous. It is a real pleasure to look at (and read) your work!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    The ending of this chapter is just cruel! Please don't keep us in suspense too long...I NEED to know what happens!
    Big hug,

  5. Hello from Spain: Nice pictures in the park. Very real. Keep in touch

  6. And yet another cliffhanger... *sigh* Not fair... really not fair... I will blame you for the poor state of my fingernails!!! ;O) My, Will turned out to be a superhero... and I really felt sorry for poor Hibou... first flying lessons in bright daylight (a no-go for an owl) and after this diving lessons, too. As always your newest chapter is stunning... your story-telling fantastic and your pictures breathtaking. I know I've said this before but it can not be said enough: I really appreciate all the work and effort you put in making these stories with its beautiful pictures... so from the bottom of the heart of someone who knows how much work this is: THANK YOU!


  7. I Was leaning in... glued to my seat cushion!

    I Loved it!!! :D


    1. Hi I'm Back! I had to go the story here once again and this time it was to appreciate the photoaction of each shot! I especially enjoyed when Will was in the process of removing his coat and then stepping into the fountain. I know that THAT, was not as easy as you made it look!
      VERY Well done Betsy!


  8. Hi Betsy........what a great story and just when I think: now it will've STOPPED ;)!!
    It is so good to be back in the blog world. I've missed your stories about the miniature world, Betsy :D!
    I can see that you have done so much work in your miniature park, it is absolutely beautiful and so realistic to see! What a lot of inspiration, talent and creativity you have!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. ohhhh!! Pauvre hibou ;-) Les photos de Will dans la fontaine sont superbes. Vivement la suite...

  10. I agree with Jean-claude - the photos of Will rescuing Hibou are amazingly realistic. And your park is beautiful - the lighting in it is also so realistic: summer morning in Paris!

  11. A fascinating story.The park and the photos are great. It was fun reading this post.
    Hugs, Drora

  12. Will is a real hero, stepping in the fountain and saving little Hibou! But I want to know more!!! Please don't let us wait too long, pleeeeease ;-)

  13. What a fantastic story! Your shots are just perfect also the daylight in the scenes looks wonderful. Ive been watching you make your birds and they are just amazing and add to your story so well!

    Looking forward to more chapers ;)