Saturday, September 13, 2014


Getting Away.......

I hope you will not mind too much, Dear Readers, if I don't continue with Daphne's Story this week! I have been so absorbed with the Drama of this Tale... creating the Park, the birds, the clothes, the settings and taking all those photos..... that I sometimes almost forget there are other things to do! I am going to be Traveling to visit my Mother who lives thousands of miles away! So the real life adventures are going to be taking all my mini time for the next week or two! But rather than leave you "hanging on that cliff" with Nothing to do.... I thought I would fill this Intermission (every Loooonnng Story should have an intermission!) with a small update on the Tree House Nursery! Because, In spite of my obsession with the Story Telling... I have found moments in which I have worked on my other projects. 
Above you can see the Tree House as it currently stands.... 
with all the doors closed.

And here you can see all the doors open! 
The rooms are (from the bottom) 
the Kitchen, 
the Salon, 
the Library, 
the Chinoiserie Master Bedroom, 
the Abalone Shell Bathroom,
 and the Nursery, just being started.

Here you are a bit closer.... 
it is so hard to show any of the details this way!
But you get a good sense of its scale beside The Folly!
This time, the progress I wanted to show you was to the Nanny's room. 
But first, I have to show you the newest "extension" of the Tree Framework....

I needed to add another solid post at the side 
for the Nanny's Door to hinge upon!
You can see it at the right in the above photo.
And then I needed to add the Nanny's door.....
And it needed to have Tiny shutters in the window......

With Hinges!!!

So they can be opened.....

And closed!!!
(I LOVE Tiny Hinges!!!)

Here you can see I have stained the door and am adding the paper twist trim.....
using my trusty clothespins for clamps! :)

Here you can see the door with the Inner Framework for the room wall... 
so you can tell where the sections will abut when the door is closed.....
and I am adding the match stick paneling in the side sections.

Here you see the Nanny's Room door from the outside....
hinged on that new post!

Here you can see the Tree House exterior on the upper corner.....
With the doors all closed.....

And here you can see the side doors all open.....

Here you see the Nursery and Nanny's Room  
looking down from above!

And a view of the Nursery again....
before the match stick wainscoting was stained...

And with the Inner Door frame in place but not yet stained....
(sorry about the terrible lighting... it was late at night!)

And another glimpse of the bed alcove......
still waiting for the pillows and bed covers!

And in the back corridor..... 
more stairs spiraling upward.....!
What? Another level?????
Well, we will see when we get there, Dear Readers!
But for now....
We are just Getting Away with
A Little Intermission!
Be Back Soon!


  1. It was soooo much fun to see your tree house again... and stunning and breathtaking and awesome as always. But I wonder now... did you ever give us a hint before that you love teeny tiny hinges??? *LOL* Fantastic work and gorgeous additions.. and the promise of another level... *woohoo* Now I'm wishing you a great time with your Mom... and in the meantime I am going to chew my nails off because of being left with an intermission while hanging on a cliff... ;O)


  2. Hi Betsy! It is so nice to see your Tree House again, it's amazing and breathtaking how much detailed work you've put in this small house :D!! So, you see that I fully agree with our dear friend, Birgit ;o!
    I wish you a cosy and fabulous time with your Mom...........whilst we're patiently waiting for the rest of your story....;)!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. I like the variety of the rooms! Each rooms is unique and pretty!

  4. It always amazes me how on Earth you make all these teeny tiny things for this awesome house! These hinges .. you must have a paitence of a saint!
    Have a nice time with your Mom and safe trip there and back here. :)

  5. Its good to go diffrent places and create, this tree house is just fantastic work!! I love how each room is a little world to peek in.

    Fantastic work lady!

  6. The variety of rooms and décor is fabulous. But most amazing to me is the scale of teeny tiny, yet so perfect. Enjoy your holiday to your Mum, and, I think I can safely say, we all wait patiently......well maybe not that patiently.....for your next post :)
    All the best and take care

  7. Hello Betsy,
    that nursery is wonderful. I just love this fantastic project. Every room is so different and so interesting. I can't wait to see more.
    Have a wonderful time with your mom.
    Big hugs to you both,

  8. Your ambitions with this tree house never cease to astonish me! You have mad skills Betsy, that thrive on such challenges. And just like your stories, just when you think that its over, that you have reached the top, there appears on the horizon yet another twist and turn that has one begging for more! I think that you are a modern day Scheherazade, both in your gift for Buildings AND in your Stories.
    I wish you a great visit with your mom, Betsy and look forward to ALL of your resumed cliffhangers, when you return. :D


  9. And, Dear Readers, just wait till you see what Mom got at her thrift store for the tree house!
    Love from (not sunny - expecting a hurricane) New Mexico,

  10. Every room is fantastic! Like a dream!

  11. It's always great to see the treehouse!