Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Adventures of Tiny Bear

Lost And Found......

You will probably not believe me, Dear Readers,when I tell you that I really had No intention of telling this tale! None at All! But Sometimes, as I think you all will agree, things just don't go according to Plan! Such was the case when Tiny Bear woke up and realized that the Little Dolls were gone! He had spent Forever, it seemed, sitting on that bench with the two Little Dolls, and he had become accustomed to not being alone. Now the house was very quiet and he wondered Where they could have gone! He carefully got off the bench, something he had never done before... and started to look for his Little friends.

He went into the bedroom but they weren't in there.
He thought he would try to have a look out the window....

So he climbed onto the bed......

And crawled over the covers to the window so he could see outside.
But he didn't see them anywhere out there.

So he jumped off the bed and 
decided to have a look downstairs.....

He didn't remember Ever going downstairs before....
And certainly not on his own.....

The rooms looked so Big.....

And it was Very Very Quiet!
There was no one in the Kitchen....

And no one in the Living Room!
He was All Alone!
Where did the Little Dolls go... he wondered?
Then he noticed that
The front door was open just the Tiniest bit....

He gave it a little push and poked his head outside.
Everything looked Very Very Big!

He stepped to the edge of the porch and looked around...
But he didn't see the Little Dolls anywhere.
They must be somewhere nearby, he thought...
Perhaps he would just look around a little bit.....

He jumped off the porch 
and slid down the small embankment in front of the house....
there seemed to be a small path... 
so he followed it along....
And before long he came to another House.

The front door was just slightly open....

So he poked his head inside....

There was a large Bear sitting in a chair just by the door!
Tiny Bear cleared his throat "Ahem..." he said.

"Excuse me, Sir, but have you seen any Tiny Dolls come this way" he asked?
"Oh, Hello!" said Teddy Bear.
"Tiny Dolls, you say? No... no Dolls at all!" he said gruffly. 
"But there are Cats," he added. 
"There are too darned many mangy old cats!"
"You better watch yourself....." he added. 
"Those cats will scratch your eyes out if you don't run fast!"
"Ah!" said Tiny Bear.... 
"I see....!" he added as he headed quickly for the door.

No need to say hello to the cats!

So he wandered on.... 
and after a little while he came to the door of an Ancient Castle.

It looked as though it was undergoing renovations.
And once again, the door stood just a little bit open....

Ever mindful of the Possibility of cats, 
he carefully climbed the last step.
He found himself in an ancient Guard Room!
There was a guard standing on duty.
Tiny Bear cleared his throat again....
"Ahem..." he said, not sure the guard would see him at all!
"Excuse me, Sir, I am looking for two Little Dolls..." he said.
"Have you seen them come this way...?"

"Dolls?" said the Guard, clearly puzzled.
"Do you mean Mannikins?"
"There are none here.... Never seen any myself!"
"But you might want to watch out for the Owls..." he added.....

"They are about ready to go out hunting for dinner..." 
Tiny didn't wait around to hear what else the Guard had to say....
He ran back outside and hurried off towards the woods nearby!

But he suddenly wasn't at all sure What direction he should go....
Or which direction he had come from!
"Oh dear," he thought....
 "Who could have thought two Little Dolls would be so hard to find!"

Just then he noticed a Truly Tiny fellow going quickly by.....
It was a Tiny Fairy riding a Racing Snail!
He'd never seen anyone That small before!
"Excuse me," he called out....
"Would you by any chance know where two Little Dolls might have gone?"
"Not a chance, Dear Fellow... not a chance!" the Fairy called back.
"So Sorry... I must be off..... it's the Snail Marathon, you know!"
And before Tiny Bear could reply, he was gone!
So Tiny Bear marched on Alone.

He had come to the edge of the Forest.....
And he couldn't decide which way to go.....
The World was So Much Bigger than he had ever imagined!
Perhaps he was just a little bit lost....
Searching for his Little friends.... 
who he thought were Lost.....
All of a sudden he heard a loud rumble of thunder....

And then he saw an Enormous Black Beast 
come rushing straight towards him....

And it stopped just before running him down!

Tiny had never seen anything so Huge....
And it seemed to have Two Heads!!!

 But then one of them climbed off the other one....
And suddenly Tiny Bear could see that it was just a horse and rider....
But he was still a little Alarmed....

 The Largest Warrior Bear he had Ever seen was standing in front of him!
"Well, my Little Friend," said Sir Orion, as gently as he could.
"My name is Sir Orion Blackthorne..... and who might you be?"

"M-m-m-my n-name is T-tiny B-b-bear..." he stammered.
(His heart was still racing so fast.... 
he thought it might have caught up with the Marathon Snail by now!)

"Well, no need to be afraid, my Friend," said sir Orion, kindly.
"We Bears have to stick together and help each other out!"
"You look a little bit far from home..." he added.
"I am looking for my friends the two Little Dolls..." said Tiny Bear.
"You haven't seen them by any chance...?" he added hopefully.
"I have not seen them...." said Sir Orion. 
"But I can help you to look for them... it will be much faster, 
and Thunder will be happy to carry you too!" he added.

And before Tiny Bear knew what was happening, 
he was lifted onto Sir Orion's shoulders, 
and then they jumped onto the horse's back!

And suddenly they were off in a thundering of hooves.....
Tiny Bear couldn't imagine anything more exhilarating!

And to tell you the Truth, Dear Readers, 
I have No idea where they are going!
I never know What I will "Find" when I am "Lost" in my Stories....
But it looks as though Tiny Bear has Found an Adventure!


  1. Dearest Betsy, what a grand tour that was of all your enchanting creations. I have been gone so long I don't even remember ever seeing that bedroom. I would have remember that pouf because it looks like what I have in my real living room :).

    I also feel a sense of connection reading about your bears, Dear dear Birgit has spread a bit of herself all over the world, hasn't she?

    It feels good being back here,:)

    1. Dear Sans! I am so glad to see you here again! I have been missing you!
      I know you have seen that bedroom... it is The Folly bed nook..... but it has accumulated more rugs and bed covers.... and the little "pouf"! (It is a bead covered pill box!) I love the bohemian mix of patterns...
      Birgit's bears have brought So Much Magic with them.... it required an entire new project... the "Cloud Palace".... I hope you will come back again to see more of it... even though it too, is incomplete!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Grandmommy! This Tiny Bear is SO small.... I was afraid he would get "lost"..... LOL! We are having fun!

  3. You are a wonderful storyteller! What a lovely post...
    All the best

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Faby! I am glad you are enjoying it! Thank you for commenting!

  5. j'adore que vos histoires n'ont pas de fin, tout peut arriver. Je suis très intrigué par les chaises transparentes dans la salle du château.

    1. Thank you so much, Jean-claude! I find that real stories never end....! I am happy that you noticed the "phantom chairs"! I bought a set a couple of years ago, but don't remember where. I googled them and have found you some... here:

  6. Hello Betsy,
    I think that if you were to publish a children's book with the amazing pictures you take it would become a best seller. I just love the adventures your minis have. your work is so realistic and your imagination has no limits. Thank you for giving me a wonderful break from reality.
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you, Giac, for your confidence in me and my never-ending stories! Maybe "someday" I will get organized enough to try to make one that is worthy of publishing! In the meantime.... I just LOVE playing with Minis.... and sometimes they run away with my imagination...! I am so glad you enjoy them so much... it keeps me going to know they are so appreciated!
      Thank YOU for your wonderful supportive comments!

  7. Oh what a story! Isn't it so we think that toys have their own life? I bet they are not the only ones. ;) I too wonder where you will go in your stories as they are always surprising for me. :)

    1. Hi Ewa! I have always thought the toys must play while we are not looking...! And it is even More fun with the toys of the toys....! As for the Stories.... I really don't always know how they are going to end...! But something always happens that seems so "right"! Maybe the toys are just playing with Me! LOL!

  8. Just like Mariah Carey sang... "and then a hero comes along..." Don't mind your blog shining bright now - that's just me beaming with happiness (and yes, I admit it... also a little bit of pride). And don't worry about the water - that's just me losing floads of eyesweat... You know I felt so sorry for Tiny Bear when being alone and abondened... but now he went out and became an explorer on the quest for the dollies. What fun to see him discover all these wonderful locations (with all their dangers, oh my... cats and owls). And while I was enjoying this newest wonderful fantastic awesome story of yours suddenly Sir Orion appeared, being the good and helpful beary knight he is (*beams-with-joy*)... and I just LOVE Thunder... *sigh* I can't wait for the story to continue... will Sir Orion take Tiny Bear with him to the Cloud Palace and will Blue give one of her wishing stars to him? But what would Tiny Bear wish for? A lifetime supply of honey (or as some flutterybeary I know well - I'm not telling names - tons of strawberries?) or will he wish to find the dollies for a reunion? Ah, the suspense is unBEARable... and my nails blame you for being in the poor state they are... *grin*


    P.S.: The tiny stuffed animals shown in Shania's favourite picture are made by German bearmaker Shirley Scheibehenne. That lady is incredible - all of these teeny tiny fellows are sewn (!) in the classical way.

    1. Hi Birgit! I knew you would LOVE the way this story goes! And It is mostly Your fault! LOL! If "Somebody" hadn't mentioned the poor abandoned bear and suggested he come to the Tree House too..... I might have just left him sitting there....! But the minute he got off the seat.... he was going on an Adventure! I just followed along taking the pictures! LOL! (And picking him back up about a thousand times!) ;)
      As for Thunder and Sir Orion.... they are a match made in Heaven! I found Thunder at the Sturbridge Fair last spring, and he was too beautiful to pass up, even though he is a bit small for the true 1:12 scale horses. He is plastic, but covered in real fur hide. I have to confess that it was only the other day that he and Sir Orion met.... (Sir Orion has been spending ALL his time with Blue, after all!) But then there was Tiny Bear needing to be rescued .... and there was no doubt Who would rescue him! Believe me when I tell you that I am as eager as You are to find out how this story goes....! :)

  9. Sweet little bear....I hope he will be in many stories :-)

  10. Such a wonderful land for the little bear to adventure in! It was nice to see the little guy wander amongst such lovely scenes!

    1. Thank you, Jane! I love to have my characters go from house to house.... even though they are not "finished" I love to play with them! Someday I might get the landscaping done! LOL!

  11. Какая замечательна история! Какой храбрый маленький медвежонок! Я очень рада, что он встретил храброго воина! Обожаю медведей, которых сделала Биргит!!! Теперь они найдут исчезнувших кукол. Интересно, а как закончится история???

  12. How very irresponsible of those two little dolls to leave Tiny Bear all alone on the bench! I hope they were very young dolls.
    Another story - yaaaaaaaay!
    I see all your blog friends are back.
    Lots of love,

  13. What a marvellous story and I love Warrior Bear!